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A number of policy and procedure documents exist covering the operation of the UCC, including the UCC Constitution. You can find many of them right here.

UCC documents:

UCC Constitution: The present constitution of the University Computer Club (source).
UCC Constitution Appendix: Policies made under section 23 of the constitution.
UCC Unix/Network Account Form: Policies regarding the usage of the UCC computer facilities.
UCC Group Guidelines: Guidelines for all of UCC's groups
UCC Group Admission Guidelines: Guidelines for admission into all of UCC's groups
UCC Wheel Group Ethical Guidelines: Guidelines relevant for UCC Wheel Group members
UCC Coke Controller Policy: Policies relating to the UCC Coke Controllers and Coke accounting.
UCC Door Group Policy: Notes for Door Group Members: Information relevant to Door Group members, their duties and security responsibilities.
UCC Account Locking Guidelines: Guidelines to determine when accounts should be locked, and subsequently unlocked.

Guild Policies

Guild Policy Book: The Guild has policies on a range of issues ranging from the SSAF fee to Same Sex Marriage. This is the full booklet of policy that has come out of Guild Council over the years.
Guild Regulations: The rules governing the operation of the UWA Guild of Undergraduates.
SOC Rules: The rules that govern the Societies Council.

UWA Policies

UWA Computer and Software Use Regulations: UWA computer and software usage regulations, as approved by the UWA Senate.
UWA Network Security and Privacy: Draft policy on network security and information privacy.
UWA Policy Governing Affiliation of University Societies
UWA Policy Governing: Affiliated Societies Membership
UWA Policy Governing Registration of University Societies

Other Documents:

WA Associations Incorporation Act 2015: As an incorporated body UCC is subject to this under Western Austalian Law.
Robert's Rules of Order: Rules of debate for Committee Meetings and General Meetings. By Clause 15.7 of the UCC constitution a committee member may demand that a meeting follows these rules.

Other Less Relevent Documents:

WAIA Code of Conduct: Code of conduct for members of the Western Australian Internet Association.
WA Censorship Act (1996): Text of the Western Australian Censorship Act.
AARNET Acceptable Use Policy: Policy governing traffic transmitted across AARNET network links.
Computer Ethics Commandments: Proposed commandments from the Computer Ethics Institute on computer usage.
SAGE-AU Code of Ethical Conduct: Ethical guidelines from the System Administrators' Guild of Australia.
Standing and Sessional Orders: Rules of debate for Committee Meetings and General Meetings, from the Australian Federal Government - House of Representatives.