Happy 50th Birthday UCC!

UCC is one of UWA's oldest clubs, celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We are a open and welcoming club, dedicated to all kinds of computing, such as; a inviting computer lounge, a project space, a place to learn new and old technologies as well as make life long friends.


In preparation for our 50th anniversary event later in the year, we are doing a couple of special events throughout the year!

Nostalgia Box

Date & Time:

Saturday 16th March 11.30am


The Nostalgia Box, 69 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth WA 6005


  • The Nostalgia Box is Perth's video games museum, featuring the vast history of gaming from its humble beginnings in the 70's, all the way up to the late 2000's. Revisit your childhood or learn where your favourite games started out!

  • We are having a party here this Saturday (16th of March) from 11.30am.

  • For a price of $30pp, you get 2 hours to take a self-guided tour around the museum, have unlimited free plays on many of the consoles in the museum.

  • You don't have to purchase tickets ahead of time, just come and join us on the day!

  • We hope to see you there!

  • thenostalgiabox


Date & Time:

Semester 1 holidays




Sit Down Dinner

Date & Time:

Saturday 21st September, time TBA




  • This year marks 50 whole years (that's 32 for you hexadecimal nerds) since UCC came into this realm! To celebrate, we've decided to throw a fanciful sit down dinner for all of you computer-touchers to come down and enjoy!
  • We bring to you our save the date announcement, so mark your calendars for the 21st of September, since we're gonna be having a blast remembering how we danced the night away! We're still confirming the venue, so make sure to check your inboxes for a full invitation!

Fundraising Goals

To celebrate our 50th anniverary, it would be awesome if we could upgrade some of our old and failing technology like the Loveday server or some of the clubroom PCs.

$500: Getting a minifridge

$2000: Upgrading the Loveday server

$4000: Upgrade 1 clubroom PC

$6000: Upgrading 2 clubroom PCs

$8000: Upgrading 3 clubroom PCs

$10000: Upgrading 4 clubroom PCs

$25000: Enclose the server racks in airconditoning


Committee and members of UCC have come up with some merchandising creations, such as stickers and t-shirt designs.

T-Shirt Design Competition

  • We're thrilled to kick off the new semester with an exciting event: our T-Shirt Designing Competition 🎨

  • Starting Monday 26/02 until week 3 Wednesday (13/03) UCC will be accepting designs for our newest UCC T-shirt! The design and colour is entirely up to you, we will try to accommodate whatever you create (this can include designs on the sleeves, back, and/or front)! The only thing to keep in mind is that the design should fit a plain T-shirt such as the one attached. Multiple submissions are allowed!

  • After this time, the committee will look through the submissions and ensure only appropriate 🤨 designs are selected for voting. More information on voting will be released closer to the due date of submission, but in short: every dollar you spend in the clubroom (either through the vending machines, or through donations) gives you a vote that can be spent on any design you like!

  • Please submit your designs in our discord committee channel or to [email protected]! We can't wait to see what our incredibly talented members create!!

UCC Polo T-Shirts

  • Committee would like to spruce up our polo shirts with an updated version! The updated version will switch out the white logo embrodiery with gold embroidery.
  • Polo shirts will be available later in the semester.


  • Along with our T-Shirt Design Competition, we will be selling stickers later in the semester!
  • Some submissions are a pixel art image of our coke machine, as well as a pixel art version of our machine room doors. If you have a sticker design related to anything UCC please submit your design in our discord committee channel or to [email protected].