Welcome to the University Computer Club!

As of 12 July 2021, UCC has returned to full capacity under Western Australia's COVID Roadmap Phase 5.

The University Computer Club is a University club located in Perth, Western Australia on the Crawley campus of the University of Western Australia and is run by a student-led team with the objective of advancing computer science. Many students call the UCC home and spend numerous hours hanging out, working on personal projects, gaming, coding and trying to finish assignments in the clubroom.

If you want to see things the club has done, have a look at our networked coke machine and Internet enabled doors.

The clubroom is generally open from around 9am till 10pm on weekdays and from around 1pm till 10pm on weekends. Opening times may vary wildly depending on weather, schedules and holidays. The easiest way to check if someone is around is by using the webcams. We have directions for getting to the clubroom from Stirling Hwy and the Guild Village.

Want To Contact UCC? See how to do that here.

Interested in joining? See our 2021 membership information page. The 2020 Fresher's Guide is here!

Keen to have a chat? There are usually people on our IRC channel/Discord to talk to and maybe even answer your questions, if you ask nicely.

How else can I stay up to date with UCC?

Join our Facebook group and follow our Facebook page.

We also have a new LinkedIn group and LinkedIn page.

See our status updates on Twitter.

More Information

  • About the UCC
  • The club has been around for over 40 years. Check out some of our history, and what our members have done. Also find contact details for the club and how to find our clubroom.

  • Information Base
  • Most of our information can be found here; including committee minutes, fresher's guides, our constitution, and

  • Machines
  • A partially up to date list of machines in the UCC past and present.

  • Services
  • Services and facilities available to members of the UCC. Including, but not limited to E-mail, mailing lists, newsgroups, WWW, IRC, FTP, networked drink and snack machines, toolbox, reference library, flame BBS and online games.

  • Projects
  • A partially updated list of club projects.

  • Members
  • Find out about some of our members. See postcards, member's websites, and browse the TLA list.

  • Planet UCC
  • Read the blogs of UCC members, old and new.

  • Webcams
  • To satisfy those voyeuristic urges, the UCC has five webcams online in the clubroom, giving you a view from every angle. We also have archives online.

  • Sponsors
  • The UCC would be absolutely nothing without the generous sponsorship it receives from companies, organisations and individuals, both in Perth and around the world. Through them, the UCC has been able to get hardware, software and other requirements for its members that it would otherwise be unable to afford.

For other University computing societies in Australia and around the world see our list.

The University Computer Club Inc. is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 98843368069.