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History of Amendments to the Constitution and Policy

The constitution is version-controlled in git. See the commit history

4 June 1976

Section 4, Composition, and Section 5, Affiliation, were added to the original Constitution.

16 February 1996

The Executive and Committee were renamed, Cancellation of Membership added, Affiliation removed, and clauses on Voting added to the Constitution

23 January 1998

The election of vacant committee positions was transferred from the Committee to a General Meeting.

6 October 1999

A number of changes were made on 6 October 1999, including the provision for purchase decisions outside of committee meetings, changes to procedures for special meetings and the requirement to keep an up to date online copy of the constitution.

16 December 2010

The club voted to incorporate under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987, necessitating several changes for compliance with the Act - so we took the opportunity to fix up several other problems at the same time. Spelling, grammar and formatting changes have been omitted.