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UCC Committee Regulations 2018

This document constitutes a complete list of all current UCC Committee Regulations. It is recommended that these regulations be reviewed and explicitly replaced or reapproved during the first meeting of a new Committee immediately following an Annual General Meeting. Included are appendices for any technical details or guidelines pertaining to club operations that are not appropriate as regulations.

Appendix A: Club Service Usage Guidelines

Any services provided by the club are provided with the understanding that the user will behave in a responsible manner. These guidelines are in addition to the conditions of any external services accessed using the club's services. Ignorance of any guideline or rule is not considered adequate excuse for the violation of that guideline or rule. Account security and activity is considered the responsibility of the holder of that account.

Fundamental guidelines include but are not limited to:

In general the following uses are considered to have priority corresponding to their order:

  1. Club work
  2. University work
  3. General education
  4. General computing including gaming

Appendix B: Door Group Manual

The following is intended as a quick reference guide for Door members

Appendix C: Wheel Group Ethical Guidelines

As a UCC Wheel Member I will uphold the ethical ideals and obligations which this entails. I am committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of computer systems which we manage, for the benefit of the Computer Club members. These guidelines below are not intended to cover all situations, but to outline the ethics the UCC expects from Wheel Members. Common sense must dictate how things are dealt with, when difficulties arise.

Fair Treatment

I will treat everyone fairly. I will not discriminate against anyone on grounds such as age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or national origin.


Private information of users will be accessed only when necessary to do so to ensure security is not compromised, and only to the extent required to ensure security. Private information will be treated confidentially, and forgotten when it does not affect security.


I will keep users informed about computing matters that may affect them --- such as conditions of acceptable use, sharing of common resources, maintenance of security, occurrence of system monitoring, limitations of electronic media, and any relevant legal obligations.

System Integrity

I will strive to ensure the integrity of the systems for which I have responsibility, using all appropriate means -- such as regularly maintaining software and hardware; analysing levels of system performance and activity; and, as far as possible, preventing unauthorised use or access.


I will cooperate with and support fellow Wheel Members, and abide by rulings of the UCC Committee. I acknowledge the community responsibility that is fundamental to the integrity of local, national, and international network resources.


I will be honest about my competence and will seek help when necessary. When my professional advice is sought, I will be impartial. I will avoid conflicts of interest; if they do arise I will declare them.


I will continue to update and enhance my technical knowledge and management skills by training, study, and the sharing of information and experiences with my fellow professionals.

Social Responsibility

I will continue to enlarge my understanding of the social and legal issues that arise in computing environments, and I will communicate that understanding to others when appropriate. I will strive to ensure that policies and laws about computer systems are consistent with my ethical principles.

Environmental Quality

I will strive to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy, productive environment for all users.

Any Wheel Member may be requested to justify an action by other Wheel Members or Committee. It is expected that when Wheel Members affect users that they give an explanation to the user(s) concerned. If a Wheel Member acts in a way contrary to the Club's interests, they will be removed from Wheel. Further action, as per UWA Network Policy and other such agreements binding the Club, may be taken if necessary.