UCC Meeting on 14th July 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-07-14

  • We need committee


  • [TEC]
  • [PQZ]
  • [GMB]
  • [MPT]


  • [MLG] filled in the whenisgood
  • [BRD] on holiday


  • [AAA]
  • [HET]
  • Please fill in the whenisgood

Other Attending

  • [BOB] (20:45 - 21:15ish)

Meeting opened 20:02

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-07-09

  • Minutes confirmed

Circular Motions

Bot Motion to budget $220 replacement HDD for motsugo passed 5-0-0.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • It's been less than a week
  • New meeting time so far: not great
  • Happy to not be missing softball training

  • Went to the clubroom and organised the machine room a bunch

    • Have been labelling boxes!
    • There are lots of things to sell or throw out around the club
    • Some cool old things around, but are hidden away in boxes...
    • So many things that we do not know about
  • Have some emails to send out to members about the club

    • Online Door meeting might be on the cards
    • Need to follow social distancing rules in Phase 4
  • Other updates discussed below

Vice President's Report

  • Must See Talk of The Year

    • First talk: 20 people showed up
    • Only one attendee today
  • Might be good to put talks up on Youtube/Facebook for accessibility

Secretary's Report

  • Cleaned lots of dust off things in the club
  • Keyboards definitely needed a clean
  • Sorted the filing cabinet (well, the third draw)
  • We have a lot of things
  • And a lot of cables
  • Has been told no one uses old patch leads
  • We probably want to assess our build-up of cables
  • They are breeding
  • Wants a shirt
  • Wants TEC to help streamline cataloging clubroom items
  • Other news: sent email to [email protected] about account locking

Treasurer's Report

  • Filled in the whenisgood
  • Can't do nights

Fresher Rep's Report

  • On holiday

OCM Reports


  • Is making do
  • Things are progressing with camp
  • Will discuss event things below
  • Has been dealing with stuff


  • Thanks for coming in on the weekend
  • [HET] is Nyet
  • TLA is 'no' in Russian
  • AWOL


  • Also AWOL

Machine Technical Reports

Network stuff: no further updates currently
- The main struggle is over
- Some things still need fixing
- Will be in contact with UniIT over the coming days


  • Murasoi is now on RAILZ
  • Ty to first aid kit


  • A lil broken due to UWA changes
  • It passes the screen test
  • Nothing is broken that is immediately obvious
  • Some of the lesser used things may be more broken
  • Nothing is on fire


  • Keyboard cleaning happening
  • Are still topping desks


  • The ~IPv6~ [edit] IPv4 range is closer to being used

  • Drinks Vending Machine: broked

    • Will need fixing
    • Drinks Vending machine is now turned off
    • Needs diagnosing ...
    • [edit] Functional and cold on 2020-07-12 , non-functional and warm on 2020-07-13
    • When it was power-cycled on Monday - it got cold...
    • Compressor fault? ($$$)
    • Thermostat? (less $$)
    • [MPT] to send an email to [email protected] about this
      • Worst case...need to find a vending machine husk...

New equipment

  • New cleaning supplies

  • Motion to reimburse MTL for printer paper
    -[MVP] seconds

  • 4-0-0

Things to get:
- Need to buy that replacement HD for motsugo
- Also need a few more cleaning supplies
- List is on the whiteboard

Drinks and Snacks

  • Would you like a warm coke
  • Need a small drinks run if vending machine is fixed
  • /See comments from pres report about [edit: drinks] vending machine being broked/
  • [MPT] describes the Vending machine as a uniting force and therefore Top PRioRity

External Entities


  • Need to contact Westpac about card account names
    • Recently received mail from Westpac about a new card sent out
      Action: Executive members to ensure UCC's cards are correct


  • Got some updates from the SOC meeting
    • The meeting covered relevant things
    • We are good to open from the 20th of July
  • Tenancy \un\suspension will be happening again...
    • Tenancy consultation meeting to occur within a month
    • Feasibility study on CH should be coming from UWA at some point
  • UCC awaits word from Guild

Other Affairs

  • UWA Media Team has a draft of our Media release

    • Waiting to hear back from UWA as to whether it is something they would like to publish
  • Briefly discussed desire to demonstrate value to the University directly

  • Cybersecurity bootcamp: could offer a unique environment at UCC for course attendees
    • Exec to follow up


TEC Talks

  • Two to go
  • Last content one next Tuesday
  • Q&A Tuesday week

Tech Talks, by Jarcus

  • Nothing further since Thursday
  • Goal was to have the action item done by the end of the week...
  • (by Thursday)
  • [MPT] been doing clean a few things

Quiz-mittees: 1 and 2

CHALL: Quiz-mittee 1

  • [MVP]: A meeting plan exists

TECHQUIZ: Quiz-mittee 2

  • Discussion ongoing, but mostly postponed to 2021

Cameron Halloween 2019

  • [MPT] has the documents

Charity UnVigil Payments

  • [MPT] to talk to [MLG]



- Why is UCC paying for UniSFA's camp?
- Incredibly rare for camps to make profit
- Camp isn't targeting UCCans as there is no LAN
- UCC camps started going downhill because they are overregulated
- Examples given:
- Regulations on alcohol
- Excessive number of student leaders/etc in charge
- Space might have enough room for a LAN
- Recommends committee checks out Ern Haliday in person

- UniSFA has an existing booking for the end of the year
- Understanding that the offer was made in goodwill
- Camp can make money
- Camp can offer social connection for people who have missed out
- There is a cross-over in the member base
- Joint camp is not specifically one way or another
- Good opportunity to experiment
- UniSFA and Unigames have run successful camps
- Itinerary of events has been drafted

- There was never going to be a 2020 camp
- Partly based on pandemic
- Also due to losses in previous years
- Would like to see a 2021 UCC camp that is our own
- Does not have to be in exclusion of this joint camp
- Alcohol does have a scheduled time, as with food

- Campmittee to follow up on whether there is actually room to fit a few compys at camp for LAN
- Advertising to happen soon also
- We can make it work!
- Is a good opportunity for people who have been starved of events and social time


Relay for Life

  • [AAA] Absent
  • [MPT] had a chat with Samson
  • Need to make sure advertising goes out early
  • Attendance issues in past due to lack of knowledge of event
  • Relay for Life UWA 2020 is Oct 10/11 (Sat/Sun)

Get a Prospectus

  • Ongoing

Account Renewals

  • [MPT] to send a PRES email
  • Renewal stuff to be sorted in the clubroom Saturday also

Action Items from 2020-07-09

All committee:
- Banned members list from UCC
- [MPT]: We should probably make a database for it
- Currently do not have any BANS

  • To help with clubroom cleaning EMPs when possible
    • Thanks to MPT, TEC, PQZ, HET
    • LCY, DBA, MTL, NTU

- Tech Talks: Create titles, make brief descriptions
- Will be done by the end of the week
- Attend SOC meeting Tues 14/7
- Done
- Get cleaning supplies or pass on UCC card to a committee member to get
- Will do Saturday

- Make sure FB advertising posts for next week's talk are up (at least two)
- Done
- Quiz?
- Has been poking people

- Media release
- Sent draft to Media team, ongoing
- List of recommended CS clubs on UWA website
- Ongoing
- First aid certs/date
- Have not heard back from Events team re: First aid
- Facebook posts/advertising
- Will be putting up photos of upgrades etc soon
- MHFA to do
- PQZ is certified

- Charity statement requirements
- Charity Unvigil payments
- Report back on grants
- Report back on your holiday down south
- Is not here

- Calendar for events?
- CH-quizmittee
- CH-halloween: follow up with Jackie?
- Also...report back on holiday?
- Ongoing

- Relay the relay
- Absent

- Report on the clurbroom
- Ask for more tasks
- Came to the clubroom

- Enjoy Margaret River!
- Is away

General Business

  • We still have to budget for the big backup disks
    • [edit:] An initial budget motion was recorded on 2020-05-28
    • Need to work out how to run them now
    • What server to put these into
    • Could use one of the other (old) servers with a HBA card
  • Motsugo was having a fault
    • Them disks old
    • Circular motion passed earlier to get a replacement HDD

Meeting closed at 21:36

Current Action Items

- Come to the clubroom over the weekend if possible to help get it ready for reopening

- Follow up with Westpac about club cards (ensure name is updated to current committee)
- Banned member database (set up or plan to set up)
- Reimburse MTL for printer paper

- To send a PRES email
- Also send a [email protected] email re: uniting red force (the coke machine)
- Charity UnVigil
- CamperonHalloween 2019

- Help MPT with the things
- Streamline the cataloging process / help [PQZ]
- Get talks up on Facebook or Youtube

- Follow up list of CompSci clubs
- Call Events team about First Aid and pick a date
- Finish the SLT
- Learn how to do the acc locking Saturday
- Post social media pics for engagements
- Fix dispense and membership payments (make sure they add up...)

- File loose receipts found in filing cabinet (have been placed in one blue folder and labelled)
- Charity Statement Aug 31
- Report back on Margaret River

- Help work out whether mini-camp-LAN is possible

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