UCC Meeting on 28th May 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-05-28



  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MPT]


  • [BRD]
  • [MLG]


  • [AAA]


  • [TEC]

Meeting opened at 19:37 AKA 7:37

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-05-21

  • Confirmed and believed to be correct

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Configured and installed a new server: the Cisco
  • Next step for technical things: fix backups as they are full and/or failing
  • A bit urgent
  • Will discuss some of the things from the Wheel meeting a bit later
  • Next Week: MS Teams meeting with Guild President/Geoff about network stuff
  • Network changes happening mid to late June
  • Committee stuff: a bit of a nothing week
  • Have not yet finalised Charity unVigil monies
  • Tomorrow is the last day of work

Vice President's Report

  • Running late
  • Appears at 19:58

Secretary's Report

  • Been doing math
  • Will put up wheel minutes in a bit

Treasurer's Report

  • Has a test tomorrow and is therefore absent
  • Sent apologies
  • Also sent this report:
  • Been updating our books
  • All of our income from the last month has come from interest
  • That's no income from new memberships
  • No income from dispense (drinks/food)
  • On the upside: no expenses on food/drinks?
  • $5,758.48 in Cash Acc
  • $5,633.62 in the Reserve
  • $229.01 on the Card
  • Still have funds from UnCharity
  • Action: To transfer the funds to the charity once the exact amount is confirmed.
  • Wants to be on quizmittee

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Sent apologies
  • Has a bunch of work due tomorrow

OCM Reports


  • Camp stuff: will discuss later
  • Work office: going in once a fortnight... -___-
  • Has been alone in the office...
  • Keen for quizmittee (CH quizmittee)
  • Keen for camp stuff
  • Waiting for things to reopen again


  • Haven't done much apart from normal Uni stuff...
  • Exams in a week...
  • Likes to say breakpoint


  • Probably doing 1 of 6 assignments or all 6 assignments at once?
  • Forgot to send apologies

Machine Technical Reports


  • [MPT]: Points to the wheel minutes
  • Ran over some examples of the ethical guidelines of what to do in certain scenarios
  • Upgrades continue: mostly done, a few things left to do
  • Backups: mostly backed okay...but they'll fill up again soon
  • The old server can only take 2TB drives
  • (The server at Christchurch SHS as the off-site backup)
  • Have a server but we need new drives...
  • Might also email people with big directories about cutting those down...
  • Later motion passes to budget for 2 12TB for extra space*
  • Couple of power outages: some things needed fixing
  • [333] helped to restart servers using 4G-backup link
  • New drives all put to use!
  • More fast storage space is good


  • [MPT] continuing to work through with Wheel and UniIT
  • 4G Backup Link is working: money is going to good use


  • Desktop go brrr come home


  • Account locking after Semester 1 exams
  • Emails likely to happen by the end of June

New equipment

  • Nothing new this week
  • We have things to get

External Entities


  • Not checked


  • Guild Council meeting yesterday (27/05)
  • Not much happening

Other Affairs

  • Potential for collaboration with other clubs

[TEC] silently appears at 19:58 and asks if [\MPT] is giving a 30 minute report.
Surely not...


Tech Talks

  • [TEC] + [MPT] stepping up
  • [MPT]: finding people are struggling to debug their code
  • Thinking some educational talks/workshops about how to Breakpoint
  • Basic debugging / Version Control / How to Git / Editors / Scripting
  • Goal: deliver a series for CS students of important things that are not formally taught
  • Can also link up with units offered S2: Systems programming
  • Could aim to be similar to the talks on 'Missing Semester of CS Education'
  • See https://missing.csail.mit.edu/


  • There are now two quizmittees
  • Sem 1: Tech-mittee
  • Sem 2: CH-mittee
  • [TEC] + [MLG] for Techmittee
  • [MVP] + [BRD] for CH-mittee

Charity UnVigil

  • [MLG] to send monies by bank transfer once details are confirmed
  • Refer back to previous minuted value that is definitely right



  • Tried to get subcommittee reps organised by the end of the weekend...
  • 20th - 23rd November there is a booking at Ern Halliday Rec Camp (located in Hillarys)
  • UniSFA has some concerns - there are pros and cons
  • Believes it will be worth being apart of
  • Dobbed in [MPT] ...it is the way
  • Need 3 subcommittee members


  • Likes to collect certifications
  • Knows a bit about the Guild side of camp-planning
  • Helped organise the camp That Was Not in 2019
  • Can be an Event Manager as has done Student Leadership Training
  • Camps need two Event Managers at all times
  • Is an advocate for an abundance of camp managers
  • Next training is scheduled to come up in June

Camp Subcommittee

  • [MVP]
  • [MPT]
  • [PQZ]

Action Items from 2020-05-21

All Committee

  • Attend upcoming Wheel meeting and/or read Wheel minutes
  • Join Quizmittee, or don't join quizmittee
  • Done


  • Call IT
  • [MPT] called
  • Git Commited to -all the talks
  • Needs to make short descriptions of each talk


  • Call IT
  • Called!
  • Network deadlines postponed til June


  • Square report fun time x Charity UnVigil!
  • [MPT] to send information to [MLG] tomorrow


  • Report back about camp things (the ...2021 camp?)
  • Done at meeting!


  • Finish media release(s)
  • Ongoing

General Business

From [BOB]:

  • Item from wheel meeting: budget $1300 for two 7200RPM 12TB SATA disks for backups machine upgrade
  • This helps to keep two copies of data for security purposes
  • [MPT]: We need the drives
  • Might put off voting for the decision this week as it's a fair chunk of money
  • Motion later passes to budget for them

From [NTU]:


  • Doesn't sound like a rapsberry pi with 8GB of ram...
  • Might need to hold off
  • It's a lot cheaper than a server but...do we want to spend that $200


  • Unsure if it's super imperative to do either
  • Might have to err on the side of no unless yes
  • Telling people we've run out of storage is bad...
  • Don't want to limit people's storage...
  • 2* 12TB is 6x what we have available at the moment
  • This is a good investment as it will last a long time

Motion: Approve the request made at the Wheel meeting for $1300 for backup drives

  • Passed 5-0-0
  • Will need to email Tech@ with the ones we want to buy
  • Cheapest one that will meet the specs that we want
  • Action [MPT]: to email which ones to buy before purchase is made

Meeting closed at 20:44

Current Action Items

All committee:

  • Read wheel minutes

Quizmittee (Tech: TEC / MLG ; CH: MVP / BRD)

  • Report back on subcommittee formations and any happenings

Campmittee (MVP / MPT / PQZ)

  • Report back with any happenings


  • Attend MS Teams meeting with Bre/Geoff about network changes
  • Email Tech@ about 2* 12 TB and other matters
  • Send MLG the information
  • Choose dates for Tech Talks in Semester 2 / ensure no clash with PCS


  • Make short descriptions of all TEC talks to help with online advertising
  • Guild leadership training?


  • Put wheel minutes online
  • Sort out member logs on dispense
  • Put TEC's TEC talks up as online events
  • Also look into the Guild Leadership training


  • Transfer charity monies when the right info is received


  • Formally accept quizcommittee nomination over voice chat


  • ...

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