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Tool Cupboard and Projects Area

The Tool Cupboard

The UCC tool cupboard will hopefully have a fully stocked toolbox of everything we could ever need while constructing anything in the UCC. We keep this stuff under lock and key so that none of it can grow legs!

Tools we have currently got

Tools the club really needs

Tools the club would love to get their dirty little fingers on, or make

The Projects Bench

The projects bench is set up to make it as easy a possible to get your project going; it has a computer with both Windows and Debian - loaded with utility programs and useful info, also a magilamp so you can see what you're doing when working on small things, and the soldering iron is permanently set up there.

There are also a number of boxes of assorted components for members to use. If you're looking for some ideas on things to do, check out the projects page, but don't forget to check that someone else isn't working on it already. As a general rule, members may use any of these components. However it is expected that they will either replace them, or give the club some money to purchase more.

In the tool cupboard there are also boxes of mixed older parts, these may be used without having to replace them. Speak to Bob Adamson, or a wheel member, if you have any questions.

It may seem self-evident, but the projects bench is there for people to work on projects. If people are using it as a dumping ground or leaving computer parts there, let a door member or wheel member know and they will remedy the situation.

We also prefer that members do not leave gear on the bench for more than a couple of days - that way, other people can use the bench too!

The person in charge of keeping the tool cupboard and projects bench stocked is currently Bob Adamson, but you can also get in touch with the committee.

If you want to add your suggestions to this list, mail webmasters