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The UCC Library is an extensive collection of reference materials.

Someone really needs to update this page. It would be really swell if our books could be catalogued somehow, but we haven't got high hopes, there really are a lot of books there.

If you want to borrow a book, email books-@-ucc.asn.au to tell us that you're borrowing it.

UCC has come into possession of many manuals and periodicals which are invaluable when using UNIX operating systems. We possess a copy of the SunOS 4.0 manuals, the StarOS manuals, the BeOS manuals and various other documentation.

The club also owns other books on subjects such as electronics, networking and systems administration.

Acquisitions 17 December 2001

The following paperback publications are currently being held on campus, but not in the club room. If you would like to borrow something from this list or wish to have an item made available at the clubroom, email devenish@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au to make arrangements.

(There may be some typos in this list.)


OSF/1 v3.2

OSF/1 v2.0

OSF/1 v1.3

OSF/1 v1.2

OSF1 v1.0




Open Software Foundation

Application Environment Specification (AES)



Desktop SPARC



SunDisk Corporation