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UCC Membership 2019

If you're interested in signing up for a UCC membership in 2019, you've come to the right place.

You'll need to be a UCC member if you want to keep your account in 2019, vote in any General Meetings or access any UCC services. You don't have to be a member to hang out on the mailing lists, or even to come to events, but we'd really appreciate your support (it'll also make events cheaper).

Signing up as a new member

If you have not been a member before, currently the best way to sign up is by finding the clubroom, finding a door member and asking them to help you out.

If you wish to sign up but for whatever reason can't make it to the clubroom, go to the new MemberDB website and then send an email to the committee.

Renewing your membership

Note: this only applies to those who have a working UCC account and know their login details. If you cannot log in (as you would to access webmail or any of our clubroom desktops), please go to the clubroom and talk to a door or committee member (or contact the committee).

If you have been a member before, and wish to renew your membership, please go straight to the new MemberDB website. Log in with your UCC username and password, go to the Renew page and enter your details. Payment can be made online with card through the website, and for other payment methods please go to the clubroom and talk to a door or committee member.


Please put your account login name as the description field

Feel free to send any comments or queries to committee via email.