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skipjack: n.

  1. Any of several marine food fishes of the genus Euthynnus, related to and resembling the tuna, especially an economically important striped species (E. pelamis) occurring in all tropical areas.
  2. Any of various fishes, such as the bluefish, that habitually leap out of the water.
  3. A small sailboat having a bottom shaped like a flat V and vertical sides.


How and when machine obtained:

  • [?]

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • [?]

UCC history of machine:

  • Was once a Solaris 2.51 box, but it got FITHed several times and was changed to OpenBSD 2.6

Current machine tasks:

  • General conolse box in clubroom.

Current software configuration:

  • OpenBSD 2.6

Current hardware configuration:

  • [?]

Future plans for machine:

  • [?]

Special notes:

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Related sites:

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