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Scully, Special Agent Dana: fict. pers.

  1. Character in the Fox Network television series The X Files played by actor Gillian Anderson.
  2. Agent Scully is an FBI agent assigned to monitor and report on Agent Mulder's work in the FBI's inexplicable case division. She is dedicated to objectivity and common sense, but open to extreme possibilities. Scully is not only a medical doctor with a specialty in forensics, but a firm believer in reason who thinks there is a scientific explanation behind every X-file. Far from being a spy for the bureaucrats who hinder her and Mulder's work, Scully is a full partner in the X-Files focusing on assembling the hard evidence that will prove the truth is out there.
[Source: The X Files, Fox Television]


How and when machine obtained:

  • Obtained from the South Australian Government at a very very reasonable price.

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • Was used by the South Australian Government.

UCC history of machine:

  • [?]

Current machine tasks:

  • Used as a graphical-interface user terminal

Current software configuration:

  • [?]

Current hardware configuration:

  • 17" Labtam 256-colour monitor
  • 16Mb RAM
  • Labtam keyboard

Future plans for machine:

  • [?]

Special notes:

  • Arrived at the UCC with mulder.


  • [?]

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