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scarlet: n.

  1. Colour. A strong to vivid red or reddish orange.
  2. Scarlet-coloured clothing or cloth.


How and when machine obtained:

  • Scarlet was donated by Hammersley Iron in 1999. Many thanks to them.

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • Used by Hammersley Iron.

UCC history of machine:

  • Arrived early 1999.

Current machine tasks:

  • Graphical workstation in clubroom.

Current software configuration:

  • Scarlet runs IRIX 6.5.2

Current hardware configuration:

  • 166Mhz (?) MIPS Processor
  • 64Mb RAM

Future plans for machine:

Special notes:

  • Doesn't really like SSH.
  • Does NIS authentication for users, and mounts homedirs.


  • Hammersley Iron

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