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meito: n.

  1. Inhabits clear lagoon and seaward reefs; often in areas with mixed coral, pavement, rubble and sand substrates (Ref. 1602). Occurs singly or in small groups (Ref. 9710). Feeds on filamentous algae, diatoms and fine algal film of compacted sand (Ref. 1602). Relatively uncommon throughout Micronesia; rare on Great Barrier Reef.


How and when machine obtained:

  • Meito was built from parts at the same time as cybium, utilizing two spare 80 gigabyte harddrives that were purchased.

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • None. Born and Bred right here, in the Real World.

UCC history of machine:

  • Meito was somewhat harder to set up then other UCC machines. The SunOS implementation installed on meito didn't like the IDE controller. The IDE controller was summarily removed.

Current machine tasks:

  • Export \\meito\DumpFolder over SMB.
  • Export /services over NFS.
  • A place to store MP3s for maroon, as well as a place to store videos.

Current software configuration:

  • SunOS 5.8 x86

Current hardware configuration:

  • 2x 80 gigabyte IDE harddrives.

Future plans for machine:

Special notes:

  • None.


  • trs80 for installing it and making it all work.

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