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marron: n.

  1. a type of freshwater shellfish indigenous to Australia.


How and when machine obtained:

  • Arrived at UCC around June or July 1996 thanks to Malcolm Evans.

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • This machine was previously operated by the University of Western Australia's Centre for Water Research.

UCC history of machine:

  • Machine was semi-operational and was tweaked back into existence in mid-August 1997. It's never been terribly happy, though.

Current machine tasks:

  • No current tasks assigned.

Current software configuration:

  • Currently running no OS as the hard drive has died. Was running NetBSD, and might be running SunOS, depending which way the wind is blowing.

Current hardware configuration:

  • Sun 3/60
  • 20Mb RAM
  • Diskless

Future plans for machine:

  • With its semi-spectacular 16" monitor, it is intended to use Marron as an X terminal via Xkernel or similar.

Special notes:

  • Sun supply nice monitors with their workstations :)


  • [MAL] for discovering/donating Marron.
  • [WAZ] for chasing [MAL] down and transporting it to the ucc.
  • [AHC] for early *BSD frobnostication.

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