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beige: n.

  1. a very light brown, sometimes with a yellowish tinge, similar to the colour of undyed wool.
  2. a fabric made of undyed or unbleached wool.
[C19: from Old French, of obscure origin]


Other pictures: [laser printer] [external drive]

How and when machine obtained:

  • [?]

History prior to arrival at UCC:

  • [?]

UCC history of machine:

  • [?]

Current machine tasks:

  • [?]

Current software configuration:

  • NeXTstep OS version [?]

Current hardware configuration:

  • 68040 chip running at 25MHz
  • 5600 DSP chip running at 20MHz
  • 20Mb RAM
  • 2.88Mb floppy drive
  • 1Gb internal hard drive
  • 1Gb external hard drive
  • External double speed [?] CD-ROM drive
  • 400dpi laser printer
  • Megapixel monitor
  • Built-in 8-bit microphone and 16-bit speakers
  • NeXT keyboard
  • NeXT mouse

Future plans for machine:

  • This machine will probably be used mainly for learning about the NeXT development environment, and disk space for our greatly expanding plethora of data we keep on hand.

Special notes:

  • This machine is called beige because it is black. It was a choice between magenta (because it starts with M) and beige -- the final decision was determined by the toss of a coin.


  • [?]

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