UCC Meeting on 25th February 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-02-25



  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]


  • [HET]


  • [PQZ]


  • [MLG]
  • [AAA]

Meeting opened 19:26

Confirmation of minutes from 2021-02-18

  • Minutes confirmed by [MPT]

Motions by circular

  • Ed: insert drink motion

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Nice to see people around

Vice President's Report

  • Not too long until FW, AGM, changes in the near future
    • Interesting to see how things go
  • Fresher Welcome last year, a few things could have been better
    • Aim to improve on that
  • Tech clubs/Intro to CS event has yet to happen
    • Not cancelled, just postponed
    • Other people were the contact for that, ball is in their court
  • Have happened across a few UCC posters around campus, pleasantly surprised

Secretary's Report

Report submitted via Discord.

  • Sorry, was too tired to hang back til late today
  • There's a nomination we received put into the agenda
  • I will be at AGM to take minutes but wont be running
  • Did my first tiny python code today

Treasurer's Report


Fresher Rep's Report

  • The freshers are here!
    • Been in the room quite regularly this week
    • Seen a fair few freshers
    • Sitting at the door has been good
    • Haven't signed that many people but have showed people around
  • Freshers getting screwed by opening hours this week
    • Problem noted down last year when I was a fresher
    • No direct solutions now, but worth noting
    • Communicate better with door?
  • Fresher welcome: can we put stuff in the loft?
    • We have a booking
    • Computers in the loft?
    • Could do, especially with the social distancing of PCs
    • [TEC]: need to cut down on aimless standing around
    • Need to speak about this in Events

OCM Reports


  • Full time work continues to be the death of [MVP]
  • Was happy to be helping out at O-Day
    • Should talk about O-Day recap
    • Goals achieved: New marquee
    • And were there early to set things up!
    • Thank you to everyone who showed up to help!
  • Will continue to help with Artemis things

Machine Technical Reports


  • No changes
  • Still could do with increasing storage over time


  • Nothing to report
  • UWAnime sadly no longer have UCC connectivity after their move to Guild Building
    • They've been relegated to Unifi


  • Still haven't diagnosed Corydoras graphics issues
  • Have moved Christmas to the door corner to encourage door to be more visible
    • And to see people as they enter
    • Could move the second monitor over there, too
  • [MVP] did testing for Cerberus
    • It doesn't seem to be talking to its monitors
    • Monitors independently all tested and working
    • It's not being looked after by being out there on the vending machine
    • In theory and machine that can run the 3 outputs can be Cerberus
    • Further diagnosis required
    • [MPT] could even be swapped to 3 Raspberry Pis
  • [MVP]: Cerberus for "Build and Break a PC" event
    • [MPT]: Have talked to people interested in that event, so definitely
      should run it


  • New webcam installed, see new equipment
  • Found PS1 does not have a power cable
    • We should figure out what needs to happen and use it again
  • We should do Eggman things
    • Should have a guide/shill it in the clubroom
    • Also UI improvements if possible

New equipment

  • We have the 3 webcams we ordered, one is installed in place of the broken cam
    • New cams are very nice, could consider swapping out another
  • Pull-up banner: we have one, it's got a School of Indig. Studies banner on it
    • We should find out where it came from
  • Black toner to be done by circular

Drinks and Snacks

  • Running very low on snacks
    • Should do that before FW
    • [MVP] good for run on Sunday, with [MPT]
  • We're fine for stock of drinks, although vending machine needs a top up

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • Soc meeting read out a list of clubs with uncollected mail
    • We weren't on it


  • Tenancy contract is signed and returned
    • We can now officially occupy the room
  • Tenancy meeting this Friday, 5-7 pm
    • [MPT] will attend
    • Opportunity to talk about year ahead with Tenancy/Guild peeps

Other Affairs

[HET] arrives 20:03

  • Go8 hackathon proposal

    • We let them know we were considering it
    • ACTION: [MPT] to offer to discuss details further
  • Remember regulatory requirements


O-Day Recap

  • [MVP] moves committee thanks our O-Day volunteers

    • [HET] seconds
    • Passes unanimously
  • Seriously is a big thank you to have people to help us

    • Ed: insert list here
  • No O-Day plan survives James Oval
  • New gazebo is An Good(tm)

  • [MVP]

    • Was mostly at the clubroom not the stall
  • Stall went alright

    • [HET] felt it was busy
    • No cause for concerns
    • Limited connectivity for online signups
    • We definitely want clipboards
    • Battle-test online signup on James Oval beforehand
    • [MPT]'s idea to do self-serve signups didn't work for a couple of reasons
      • People had internet problems on their own devices
      • Having a stall volunteer more directly interacting with potential
        signups helps the conversion to signup
  • Clubroom felt pretty quiet

    • Only a couple of OD account creations
    • Didn't convert members to accounts as
    • Thus show off our clubroom tour didn't happen
    • Talk in FW section
  • Should aim to have Cerberus at O-Day

    • Other clubs had vertical banners
    • We should get a new banner
    • They were far more readable at a distance
    • Taped posters wasn't the best, definitely
  • Nice to have people out an interacting

    • Not nice standing out in the sun
    • [TEC] thinks we should steal the parasol idea from PCS
  • Tours to the clubroom didn't fire

    • Need to be prearranged
    • Talking O-Day with other clubs beforehand is not a bad idea
  • Stall depth

    • [TEC] thinks we were a bit far back
    • Good to have people signing up in shade
    • Have some sort of presence at the front of the marquee
  • Having people out front is definitely good

  • [BRD] was at UWAnime. Any ideas?

    • Had a line
    • Had committee with clipboards working around, getting people to sign
      forms outside and letting them know about the club
      • "Clipboard duty" is important
    • Then bring people in to pay
  • Ran out of tech clubs flyers

    • Up from 75 to 150, they all went
    • UCC flyers worked well (though 300 is maybe a bit too many)
  • Committee wants feedback! (Seek this out in email)

Fresher Welcome - Tuesday, 4PM

  • Need account signup line on the day to get through those
  • Things to do for FW:
    • Signups
    • Have things to do when people arrive: let's be games!
      • Screencheat
      • Old console - PS1, [MVP]'s N64
      • LAN/some machines upstairs
      • Other party style games (there's always Jackbox, probably later)
    • Welcome to UCC speech/presentation
  • Encourage AGM attendance at there

  • Proposed run schedule:

    • Ed: remember what I said
  • Pizza budget

    • Free for all? Encourage current member attendance - ultimately decided against
    • Need individual pizzas under COVID rules
    • Definitely should give perks for returning 2020 members
    • Should get Uncharity pizza list
    • Pizza order sign-in
  • [MPT] is driving the pizza order, I guess

  • [MPT] moves to budget $8 per person for Pizza served at the prices

    • Free for freshers
    • Free for returning 2020 freshers
    • $5 for other members
    • [MVP] seconds
    • Passes unanimously
  • Need cutting-edge tech

    • VR
    • Have the 3D printer running
      • Resin printer?
  • Poll Freshers and members in emails what we should get into

  • Mass 3D-print something to give to freshers

    • Logo, keychains, etc

AGM: Thursday, March 4, 5PM

  • Need advertising blitz
  • Should line up potential returning officers

Standing Nominations

Fresher Rep

Natasha Nicole


Natasha Nicole

Tech Talks

  • Decided on a rough schedule
    • Linux intro, week 3
    • Git, week 4
    • Linux 2, week 5
    • LaTex, week 6
    • Linux 3, week 7
    • Study break
  • Build and Break a PC (week post study break)

  • ACTION: [MPT], [MVP] publishing events on Sunday

Artemis LAN

  • Previously Saturday week 4, (March 20)
    • Book loft
    • Talk to unisfa
    • EMP
    • 1pm arrive for 2pm start
  • Artemis WAN setup
    • Field test the OpenVPN setup if needed?
    • Firewall punching?

Joint [redacted]

  • Report from subcommittee:

    • Booking for Manjedal, 19/11 - 22/11 is preferred
    • Deposit of $1000 will be split three ways, UCC to pay and be reimbursed
    • [WIZ] to book on behalf of UniSFA
  • [MVP] moves to approve preliminary camp budget

    • [MPT] seconds
    • Unianimous
  • Note to subcom: read terms and conditions fully

    • Check for fees

Action Items from 2021-02-18

[MPT] and [MVP]

  • O-Day float
    • Done


  • To sign the form for money to distribute to other clubs from CH Halloween 2019
    • Done


  • O-Day sunscreen and snacks
    • [MVP] done
  • Python workshop!
    • In progress
  • Follow up on interclub happenings
    • Ongoing
  • Present shirts to committee/volunteers to wear
    • Done
  • Network things for Unigames' webcams
    • Done


  • AGM email
    • Done


  • Forward SOC meeting slides (done)
    • done
  • Follow up on date for CS Students Faculty welcome
    • ongoing
  • Make a slide for UCC display at the Faculty welcome
    • Not done


  • Visit the IGA before O-Day tomorrow
    • Done


  • Confirm recent invoice payments
    • Done

Purchase List

  • Ed: UCCBot needs fixing for motions
    • Insert in relevant sections


  • Charity unvigil wind-up by [BRD]/[HET]
    • Ongoing, needs mutual approval
  • Move Corydoras away from door and replace with a gud PC
    • Done
  • Tech club flyers (print 75)
    • Done

General Business

  • Handover
    • UCCpass, ensure regulatory post-AGM notifications are done
    • Arrange time after AGM for newmittee inductions and meeting organziation
    • Post 2020 handover meeting: things we should do meeting
    • Transfer admins post-AGM

Meeting closed 21:13