UCC Meeting on 18th February 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-02-18



  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC]
  • [BRD]


  • [HET]
  • [AAA]

Meeting opened 19:09

Confirmation of minutes from 2021-02-11

  • Minutes exist and are confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

O-Day Printing Report

  • Did a lot of printing today
  • Is holding a Fresher Guide in hand
  • There is a typo in the guide...that's how it goes

Ended up with:

  • 300 double sided flyers
  • 75 Fresher Guides
  • Also have 100 posters split between A4 and A3
  • Guild have put up some of our A4 posters
  • Also some posters up in the CS/engineering building (with permission...)
  • 50 have been put up around UWA already

Other O-Day Things

  • We have a float for our O-Day stall tomorr[ow
  • Will be sending another email to sign-ups for O-Day

Clubroom Things

  • We now have the clubrom tenancy agreement
  • Filled out a bunch of EMPs
  • Made some Facebook events
  • Some emails in from some other clubs
  • Group of 8 Hackathon
  • Also sorted money from unCharity Vigil
  • Need to sent out notice for AGM
  • Will have a welcome to UCC email sent out next week

Vice President's Report

  • For the past week have helped out with posters and UCC material
  • An info sheet has been made for some Tech-Clubs-At-UWA
  • Clubs include: UCC, PCS, and Coders for Causes
  • Membership and club info, QR code for discord
  • Would be good to offer these at O-Day tomorrow
  • Action: Print 75 Tech-Clubs flyers

[TEC] at O-Day!

  • O-Day tomorrow: will be there from around 10AM
  • Looking forward to O-Day
  • Hope it goes well

Secretary's Report

  • Restructured Fresher Guide to include DESKTOPS!
  • Thanks to [BRD] for the OS logos
  • Had a bit of a week, didn't get to help finish the guide
  • Thanks to [MPT] for finishing and printing the Guide
  • [MPT] said it 'might be time for yellow'
  • Picked CYBER YELLOW for the sticker background with [BRD]
  • In case anyone is wondering 'But why yellow...'
  • Will be around at O-Day but at another stall
  • Can help out early on and after

Treasurer's Report

  • Been working a lot this week
  • Paying some invoices now
  • Got a new job this morning
  • Exciting
  • Commmittee is also excited for [MLG]
  • Will still be in Perth for the AGM

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Been in UCC a couple times recently
  • Weird to see campus full of people again
  • No longer 'Fresh'...
  • Interested to see who will join and who will get involved with committee
  • Sorry about the fresher guide: did work on it but thanks [MPT] for fixing it up

OCM Reports


  • Messaged apologies
  • Cannot make the meeting
  • Short report: 'I achieved nothing, but I will be there on O-Day from 9AM, I will assist with setting up the stall as well as staying in the clubroom as long as I can (hopefully until 3)


  • Having trouble connecting to the meeting
  • Connects
  • Is in clubroom for in-person meeting
  • Most of committee didn't make it
  • O-Day tomorrow, is ready to do stuff
  • [MPT] and [MVP] will be around to do stuff
  • See you all tomorrow


  • Status is 'away' online...


  • Sent apologies, has not been home
  • Will be around from 6am on O-Day

Machine Technical Reports


  • Nothing is broken...
  • Some of the main servers are getting quite old
  • (Wheel) were discussing possible upgrades on Monday
  • Considering something that would equal motsugo's storage with SSDs
  • We still have a newer machine sitting in the server room not being used
  • Difference in drive size makes it awkward though
  • Estimated cost of $2000 to go for the upgrades we need
  • Not yet a proposal to do this yet, but is something to think about this year
  • Also need some money for desktop upgrades


  • Bits are being unplugged and moved around at the moment
  • UniGames has moved into UWAnime's old room
  • Some work to do with their webcams
  • [MPT] to help sort after the meeting


  • Corydoras is still having graphics problems
  • Will have to move a better PC next to the door for O-Day


  • We have one flakey webcams and one dead one
  • The new ones are on the way
  • Printer is running out of ink

New equipment

  • I guess the Reolink cameras are still on their way
    • Would have been nice to get them installed before O-Day, but oh well
    • They have been shipped

Glasgow interface

  • Won't be ready to ship until mid-year

Drinks and Snacks

  • We have lots of coke zero
  • Thanks to [NTU]
  • Also got some flavoured water
  • Still need to do a snack run
  • Would like the appearance of a full vending machine for freshers :D

External Entities


  • Not checked


SOC meeting

  • [TEC] attended SOC meeting on Wednesday (17/02)
  • A few finance things to get sorted with clubs
  • Guild may take time to get lockers sorted with clubs
  • Clubs allocated lockers can come and grab their keys
  • Clubs need to provide hand sanitiser at O-Day
  • (May need to bring own sunscreen for O-Day volunteers)
  • [TEC] to forward slides from the meeting


  • Room contract has been emailed to us, is now due Monday 22nd after some
    further delays with club moves
  • [MPT]: Motion to authorize the executive to sign the Clubroom Tenancy
    Agreement on behalf of UCC
  • Seconded by [MLG]
  • Passes 6-0-0

Other Affairs

  • CISSA has asked if we are interested in a Group of Eight (distributed) hackathon
  • Would be a bit to organise, hard to commit with upcoming AGM
  • Would be great to be involved though
  • There would likely be lots of students at UWA who are interested
  • Action: [MPT] to follow up


CH Halloween 2019

  • $605.03 profit was made at Cameron-Hallo-ween-2019
  • Money to be distributed among four clubs
  • Thanks to Jackie for doing a comprehensive budget breakdown!
  • We need to split the funds to the other clubs

Motion by [MPT]

  • [MPT]: Motion to accept the Cameron Hall halloween distribution and budget as presented and to authorise the required payments to UniSFA Unigames and Panto
  • Seconded by [MVP]
  • Passed 6-0-0


  • $102.16 (Unigames)
  • $113.40 (UniSFA)
  • $102.15 (Panto)

  • Execs to sign and send off to Guild Finance Tomorrow

Joint Camp 2021

  • Still an action item: talk with other club execs about booking


  • $3 cost for tagging an extension cord for O-Day
  • Now we have enough extension cord for power!
  • [MPT]: "No receipt for this though...guess I'll eat the cost.*
  • We have tables and gazebo
  • Square still want more confirmation from our account
  • Might be due to the name on the Square account
  • Square usually made for small businesses who have one owner
  • May have to recreate the account with new committee names

O-Day Float

  • Action [MPT] and [MVP] will be doing the float for tomorrow

O-Day Flyers

  • Spare people can walk around with flyers to hand out
  • Posters were quite cheap ($20 for 100 posters)
  • $170 for printing all up
  • More flyers this time, they're cheaper and people take more of them
  • Most of the fancy things at UniPrint are done off-site
  • Means you can't do some things the same-day
  • Weren't too busy for general printing
  • We got 600 stickers instead of 300 stickers!
  • They're lookin' a vibrant (CYBER) YELLOW (#FFD300)

O-Day volunteers

  • Bring a laptop if you have a decent one
  • Can use for sign ups
  • Bring food and plenty of water
  • Sunscreen
  • [LCY] will be around in the room
  • Skami has also signed up on the sign-up link
  • :)

O-Day Attire...

  • We have old shirts
  • Committee can wear a UCC shirt
  • [MPT] to check sizes/prep shirts for wear

Other O-Day Notes

  • We will be renting chairs from Guild
  • [MVP] will bring cash for the chair deposit
  • Want to try and cycle volunteers through the stall
  • Important to shake things up and give people time to have a break/eat food/etc
  • Can probably get away with using a bit more space at the front
  • Make better use of the shade provided by the marquee
  • Might see some other members come down who haven't signed up to help out

Clubroom Tour / Sign ups

  • [MVP]: Do we have a plan for showing off things in the clubroom?
  • Showing freshers how to use the desktops and dispense
  • Hope people in the clubroom can help members
  • Could be busy, would be good to have a few people around

Fresher Guide Event Guide Talk

  • Computer Science students welcome run by the faculty
  • No date for that exists yet...
  • Will be Week 1 or 2...
  • The faculty also wants a slide from UCC to show on their screens

Fresher Welcome: March 2 from 16:00

  • EMP is done
  • [BRD] will be there
  • Meet and greet, tour while the pizza is being ordered
  • Pizza budget
  • Need to use projector screen
  • [BRD] leaves at 20:14
  • [MVP]: We should set up the vive again
  • Still have some tape marks on the ground from uncharity

AGM: Thursday, March 4, 5PM

  • Notice of meeting to be sent via email this week
  • Notice of proposed changes to constitution to discuss at the AGM


  • [MPT], [TEC], [MLG], [PQZ], [MVP] (will be there late)

Not present to discuss (but will likely be there)

  • [BRD], [HET], [AAA]

AGM is an AGM

  • Other than that: it's an AGM

Other Events Coming Up

  • Linux talk by [MPT]
  • Python Workshop
  • We should advertise at CITS lectures
  • Need a volunteer to do the advertising
  • Probably [MPT]
  • Artemis LAN Week 4
  • Date still to be confirmed
  • [Will be happening early semester
  • First Movie Night
  • Week 2?
  • Could be after the CS Students/Faculty welcome
  • Need to confirm after the date

Other Discussion

  • Probably time to revitalise door
  • [MVP]: STaRtS viBratInG iNteNseLy "We got distracted from this by lockdown..."
  • D O O R | | P U R G E | | F O R | | T H E | | A G M
  • Current and former committee to remain on Door for a week after AGM
  • Then they can resubmit application for Door if they want
  • Expecting some change in committee

Door Motion by [MVP]

  • Note: this would be done by new-mmittee but this is to encourage reapplication before handover
  • [MVP] motions to call for the reapplication of Door members by the proposed deadline of 8PM on the day of the AGM (04/03/21)
  • [MLG] Seconds
  • Passes 5-0-0

Action Items from 2021-02-11

  • Storage space (all executives to sign contract ASAP)
    • Done
  • Club cleaning on Monday
  • Not done...
  • Charity unvigil wind-up by [BRD]/[HET]
  • Ongoing
  • [TEC] to attend SOC meeting on Wed (17/02)
    • Done
  • [PQZ]/[BRD] to do fresher guide tomorrow (12/02)
    • Done in part, [MPT] finished off guide and flyers on Wednesday night
  • [MVP] to Recruit Artemis LAN Ghost Crew
    • (Perhaps a recruitment request could be put out at O-Day...?_
  • [PQZ] to forward SOC Agenda
  • [MPT] to follow up on interclub happenings
    • Ongoing
  • Committee to create a blurb/display slide for UCC
    • Nearly there...

O-Day Sign Ups

General Business

  • Meeting closed at 20:39

Current Action Items

[MPT] and [MVP]

  • O-Day float


  • To sign the form for money to distribute to other clubs from CH Halloween 2019


  • O-Day sunscreen and snacks
  • Python workshop!
  • Follow up on interclub happenings
  • Present shirts to committee/volunteers to wear
  • Network things for UniSFA's webcams


  • AGM email


  • Forward SOC meeting slides (done)
  • Follow up on date for CS Students Faculty welcome
  • Make a slide for UCC display at the Faculty welcome


  • Visit the IGA before O-Day tomorrow
  • For goods


  • Confirm recent invoice payments

Purchase List

  • Black Ink


  • Charity unvigil wind-up by [BRD]/[HET]
  • Move Corydoras away from door and replace with a gud PC
  • Tech club flyers (print 75)

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 21:15 on 2021-02-18