UCC Meeting on 11th February 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-02-11

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • They exist
  • Sent today



  • [MVP]
  • [MPT]
  • [PQZ]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]


  • [MLG]


  • [AAA]

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Losing track of time..
  • Played with the VPN on Monday night
  • Received our first Amazon bill, should be
  • Wrote code to set up wireguard VPNs
  • Submitted pink slip for O-Day
  • We have been assigned our stall
  • Actually ordered the webcams
  • We got the Guild storage contract through (have sent email)
  • Received a message from Felix (Guild SOC VP) who is on the new Guild board Venture
  • Some discussion about possible collaborations
  • CS union of clubs has progressed
  • Did not get to make the time things were talked about
  • Will follow up
  • Still haven't sent the big pres email, but most of it has been written

Vice President's Report

  • Been following up with other CS clubs
  • First week Thursday or Friday
  • In a LT or EZONE
  • Each club to do a presentation and gives club info
  • Make a slide for UCC to be shown on a display with other CS clubs
  • Subcommittee for tech clubs?
  • See joint tech club discord

Secretary's Report

  • Will be in tomorrow to do things in the clubroom

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies for Monday
  • Will be around on O-day

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Hi
  • Uncharity wrap-up meeting was today
  • More to come
  • Tomorrow: will be in UCC

OCM Reports


  • Has bought masks


  • Attended wrap-up for uncharity


  • Probably working

Machine Technical Reports


  • We rebuilt the cloud server
  • Amazon bills should be cheaper
  • Previous bill exceeded our past budget
  • Nothing much else has changed




New equipment

  • Order of the Reolink RLC-410 webcams x3 came to $202.49 when GST was applied
    • [MPT] moves to approve the increase in cost of the webcams over $195
    • Seconded: [MVP]
    • Passes 6-0-0
    • I looked around when I noticed the extra cost and they still cost more
  • Glasgow Interface Explorer is ordered. Final cost $300.57 AUD with exchange
    • Have reimbursed [NTU] full amount, pending second signature
    • Final backers were: [NTU] [DAA] [MSH] [MTL] [ZAR], splitting half the
      total cost, with UCC paying the remaining
    • Shares are $30.06 each
    • Have received share from [NTU] and [ZAR] via dispense, [DAA] via EFT
    • ACTION: [MLG] to follow up with [MSH] and [MTL]

Drinks and Snacks

  • Still need to do a snack run
  • [PQZ]: Can we sell noodles?
  • Perhaps...
  • [MPT]: Will come in on Thursday 19/02 at the latest

External Entities


  • Not checked?



  • Received storage contract for Cameron Hall locker
    • Need to review and approve signing, deadline is 15 Feb (this Monday)
  • Still haven't received post-appeals room allocation details or contract
  • Needs to be signed by all four executives
  • Motion to accept contract and for executives to sign
  • [MPT] motions
  • [MVP] seconds
  • Passes 6-0-0

SOC Meeting

  • SOC Meeting on 2021-02-17 at 5:30 PM in SSLT
  • Agenda to be forwarded to [email protected]
  • [TEC] to attend

Other Affairs

  • Venture is a New Guild initiative which seeks to connect students with industry
  • [MPT] will be contacting Felix to discuss tomorrow
  • Potential opportunities to collab
  • The interclub students association seems to be taking place
  • [MPT] to update next week


Joint Camp 2021

  • [MPT] is meeting with Alistair and Merlin to discuss bookings next week (time TBA)


  • We should do some cleaning on Monday/in preparation for O-Day
  • We should get storage space before O-Day!
  • Stallholder information has been received from Guild, forwared to [email protected]
  • Should do a tech test early next week
  • Need to make sure everything works, and is tested & tagged
  • We need stickers (hope to print on Monday)
  • Keep an eye out on discord for bot (or Emoji)motions (...Emojions)
  • Need to get plenty of water for the stall

Form sign-ups

  • Forms printed up
  • Hand sanitiser
  • End-to-end test of signing someone up
  • Action: Everyone and over the weekend

At the UCC Stall

  • [MPT]
  • [MVP]
  • [TEC]
  • [BRD]
  • Will be at a different stall
  • [MLG]

UCC Attending

  • [HET]
  • Will be in the clubroom to greet people

Action: [PQZ] to make a sign-up link for O-Day

Friends of UCC

  • Have sent UniGames a marketing blurb
  • We could include one of theirs in our Fresher Guide
  • Standalone flyer for that would be good as well

Uncharity Wrap-up

  • Things went reasonably well
  • We have a budget question
  • [MPT] moves to accept the event budget (linked in Discord)
  • Passes 6-0-0
  • [HET] and [BRD] to advise the total to be split between subcommittees

Artemis LAN

  • Some discussions have happened
  • Not much has happened
  • [MVP] would like to set up a ghost crew

Other Discussion

  • Proposed changes to the constitution re: payment to management committee
  • Is it covered under other clauses?
  • Associations Incorporated Act requires the constitution to specify under what circumstances payments are made to the
  • Suggest to ensure we have rules to prevent people from self-authorising a payment (effectively making a payment one-to-sign instead of two)
  • Proposed changes to be sent before AGM with enough notice
  • Allowing comments on the wording

Action Items from previous meeting

  • [MPT] moves that all further discussion is moved to the next meeting
  • [PQZ] seconds
    Passed: 5-0-0

Meeting closed 20:03

General Business

  • Deferred til next week

Current Action Items

  • O-Day prep!!!
  • Storage space (all executives to sign contract ASAP)
  • Club cleaning on Monday
  • Charity unvigil wind-up by [BRD]/[HET]
  • [TEC] to attend SOC meeting on Wed (17/02)
  • [PQZ]/[BRD] to do fresher guide tomorrow (12/02)
  • [MVP] to Recruit Artemis LAN Ghost Crew
  • (Perhaps a recruitment request could be put out at O-Day...?_
  • [PQZ] to forward SOC Agenda
  • [MPT] to follow up on interclub happenings
  • Committee to create a blurb/display slide for UCC

O-Day Sign Ups

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