UCC Meeting on 04th February 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-02-04



  • [MPT]
  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [BRD]

Arrived Later

  • [MLG]
  • [AAA]

  • Meeting opened 19:07

Motions passed via circular

  • Motion to approve purchase of Glasgow Interface Explorer
  • Total cost of the item was $300
  • Split between others [NTU], [DAA], [MSH], [MTL] who have also made pledges
  • Estimated to be up to $80 each
  • Passed motion 7-0-1
  • Further discussion in New Equipment

Confirmation of minutes from 2021-01-28

  • [MVP]: Need to amend minutes
  • It was me who was happy about the motion regarding camp subcomittee

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Welcome to lockdown again everyone
  • Glad to have had Uncharity last weekend
  • Apparently we will have storage
  • Received an email about this today from Chloe
  • No contact tracing to forward to Guild from Monday 25 Jan
  • Things are looking up (no new cases)
  • Hopefully from Friday lessened restrictions
  • We need to plan for things
  • Will need to run through our upcoming events and talk about them
  • Also received an email from CISSA
  • Group of 8 Hackathon proposed
  • Need to check over the email after the meeting
  • Still haven't heard anything about clubroom tenancy
  • Still needs to be signed by guild executive
  • Payment to Guild for our O-Day stall was due tomorrow
  • Has been extended to the 12th
  • Discussions are ongoing about the Aus interclub union
  • Action: Reply to email about Hackathon
  • Action: Follow up on interclub union

Vice President's Report

  • Not here
  • Arrived later
  • Will be following up with Tech club things
  • Not much to say
  • That's basically it
  • Thinking about O-Day
  • Need to really wait until tomorrow's announcements

Secretary's Report

  • Haven't done much UCC stuff
  • Still wants to do python night

Treasurer's Report

  • [MLG] arrives 19:15
  • [MPT]\: Comment about square payments
  • May need to work out a different way to take payments
  • [MLG] to talk to Zac about this following up
  • Hopes to come in to count moneys once restrictions ease

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Been locked in the house
  • Still need to get around to Fresher Guide thing

OCM Reports


  • Requests amendment to last week's minutes
  • Re: camp subcommittee
  • PQZ: Shook, as remembers the section being referred to
  • Will be amended


  • Went to charity unvigil
  • Have not done anything else


  • Not much to report

Machine Technical Reports

  • [NTU], [MPT], and [MTL] sorted out new BBB functions
  • Can demo it to people later




  • There is a broken computer
  • Corydoras is the broked desktop
  • Running fine on integrated graphics
  • Need to work out whether it is the graphics card or the slot
  • Priority for replacements
  • When we do replacements when the clubroom is open again
  • Won't be able to ssh into a desktop
  • Comps are turned off


  • Electrician to fix powerpoint was scheduled to come in Monday
  • We have a logged job by campus management
  • Vending machine unplugged
  • Computers inside the clubroom are turned off

New equipment

  • Motion for circular approved purchase of the Glasgow Interface Explorer
  • The motion bot was not working but we had seven emoji upvotes
  • Met criteria for five committee members (two of which were executive)
  • [Committee] discusses amount to pledge
  • Whether to pay half or entire about
  • MVP suggests to pay entire amount, but seeks shares for donations
  • Motion by MPT to reimburse [NTU] for the purchase of the Glasgow Interface Explorer up to $400 and seek amount for members to cover the other half of the cost NTU DAA MSH MTL
  • [MLG] seconds
  • Passes 7-0-0
  • Action: [MPT] to follow up
  • Link to purchase: https://www.crowdsupply.com/1bitsquared/glasgow

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT] and [PQZ] inventoried the Best Before dates of many things in the Snek machine
  • Still need to buy more snacks
  • Might be good to figure out what to not order
  • Had a lot of poor selling sneks
  • Discount on the items? Half price suggested
  • [MPT] motion: Move to dispose of expired snacks by offering them for half price. Any snacks left after 2 weeks after the clubroom reopens may be disposed
  • [AAA] seconds
  • 7-0-0

- MPT has unplugged vending machines (before lockdown)

External Entities


  • Lockdown so no mail


  • Guild is working from home
  • We got a storage tenancy agreement sent to us
  • Still haven't heard anything about the clubroom
  • O-day deadline got pushed back by one week (Now due Feb 12)
  • Will have to wait to hear about the clubroom
  • Action: [MPT] to send out notes from tenancy meeting


  • Intention was to offer lease for three year deadline
  • However the contract will be for three years including 2020
  • So it will be a three year cycle that will expire at the end of 2022/start of 2023
  • Date will be confiremd

Other Affairs


Clean up

  • Might not happen next week
  • COVID restrictions mean large clean up won't happen
  • COVIDsafe plan will probably stay the same for a while...


  • Let's hope it happens
  • Still planning for it to happen
  • Guild may update this later

Uncharity (happened) on the 30th!

  • Went pretty well
  • [BRD]: Things went well
  • There were people there
  • Lucky it happened before lockdown
  • [HET]: wrap-up meeting is upcoming
  • [MPT]: cash donations are stored away in the safe
  • Unsure amount, did not get a chance to count it
  • MPT: Went as well as previous events
  • Vive was popular once it got going
  • People enjoy jackbox late at night
  • Had some players for minecraft
  • Screencheat went off
  • Destroying minecraft server needs to happen sooner
  • Ppl are asleep or gone after about 4AM...
  • Need a few more small silly things to get people donating to
  • Action: HET and BRD to make a wiki page about the event (including how it is run, how it went, etc)

Artemis LAN

  • Definitely worth pushing for
  • Could run it online
  • iWAN(t) play aWAN
  • Could be via discord...

Tech talks

  • Could happen online
  • Would like to run them in person
  • Need to go back through topics brought up in previous minutes


  • Need to update AGM time on Facebook
  • Action: MPT to fix
  • Also will be announced by email

Python afternoon/night

  • Could book a lecture hall
  • Python meeting
  • Could collaborate with another club

19:54 [BRD] leaves

Action Items from 2021-01-28

  • Many action items remain pending due to lockdown and COVID breakout


  • Reply to corporate emails (by 2021-01-28)
  • Cleaning
  • (Postponed)
  • EMPs for meetings / cleaning events (on weekends)
  • EMP Saturday 13th of Feb for a big cleaning event
  • (Postponed)
  • EMP for Saturday 6th of Feb for tossing out things?
  • (Postponed)
  • Is the contract for three years...?
  • See discussion above
  • Contract will be for 2020 + 2021 + 2022
  • So two years


  • Forward minutes from last tenancy meeting
  • Forward email request for Loft to Eleanor
  • Account locking with PQZ
  • After hours access request to guild


  • Chat to tenancy about UCC clubroom
  • Ideas for server room etc


  • Submit EMP for Committee Meetings
  • Submit EMP(s) for cleaning
  • Fresher guide with BRD


  • Fresher guide revamp
  • Movie night planz?


  • Look over door policy

General Business

5 Day lockdown

  • May have to wait 14 days no cases before we will go back to normal
  • Announcements to follow
  • No one permitted on UWA campus currently
  • We are in a reactive position based on advice

What form circular should take

  • Our discord bot for motioning circular items is broked
  • Financial decisions must be 'By written consent'
  • Tabled and minuted in the next committee meeting
  • MPT: Argues that emojis are a form of written writing
  • Precedent for emojis as communication exists
  • If the intention is clear, and a bunch of people gave a thumbs up
  • Screenshot of message text with screenshot of the list of names who reacted to confirm done by committee members
  • For our records
  • [PQZ]: integrating into circular motion which emoji to use to vote
  • No emoji for how to against or abstain was included in the last circular
  • Committee agrees this is acceptable
  • This is just in the case that the bot is down

[MLG] and [AAA] leave around 20:15
Meeting adjourned from 20:15 until [TEC] shows up
[TEC] appears at 20:19
Meeting closed 20:21

Current Action Items


  • Fix motion bot
  • Look over door policy

[HET] and [BRD]

  • Make a wiki page about the event (including how it is run, how it went, etc)


  • Pres email
  • Follow up payment of Glasgow Interface Explorer to [NTU]
  • Loft booking things
  • Email to CISSA


  • Tech clubs / club unions
  • Tenancy room discussions


  • Count moneys in person when clubroom opens again


  • Amend minutes to put MVP AND NOT MPT in the bit
  • Fresher guide
  • Python event planning (venue, date)
  • EMPs for things that may or may not happen (cleaning)
  • Make suggested change to constitution re: payment to management committee members by next week
  • As required by the Inc Associations Act


  • Fre\$herTeX with PQZ

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