UCC Meeting on 28th January 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-01-28

In Person!! Attendance


  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]
  • [MPT]
  • [PQZ]

Appeared at 19:16

  • [TEC]


  • [AAA]
  • [MLG]
  • [HET]

Meeting opened 19:07

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • [MPT] to look over draft minutes
  • Should be sent very soon

Motions by circular

  • [MPT] moves that we budget $181.50 for O-Day stall cost + GST
    • Motion passed 7:0:1

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Working through various requests required to set up beginning-of-semester
    events (EMPs, bookings, authorizations, etc.)
  • Actually ordered the webcams
  • Attended the Tenancy meeting today at 5pm
  • Spoke with Gavin from Monash WIRED about a proposed union of computer clubs
    from campuses around Australia
  • We have some outstanding correspondance from corporates looking to
  • Action: tomorrow
  • Expressed our willingness to collaborate on another joint camp to Unigames and UniSFA

Vice President's Report

  • [TEC] not around
  • TEC later appears for TEC-report just before Tech-Reports (19:17)
  • Met with other Comp Sci clubs yesterday about O-Day things
  • Holding a big CS Department event was discussed
  • Big event for CS students
  • General info session with UWA CS clubs included
  • O-Day: A5 leaflets for us
  • Include other Tech clubs on the list
  • Implemented the best solution for PDF-highlighting that exists today
  • Moving on to other kind of /tek/ report

Secretary's Report

  • Signed pink slip for O-Day
  • Someone also volunteering at the observatory went to camp!!!
  • They went with UniGames but said the event was great
  • Perth is smol

Treasurer's Report

  • We have money
  • Sent apolgies

Fresher Rep's Report

  • "I did nothing"

OCM Reports

  • [AAA] and [HET] sent apologies


  • 5th year in a row charity ungvigil appears the weekend after payday
  • Maximum dollars and minimum responsibility
  • Big clubroom changes

Machine Technical Reports


  • Serving


  • Working
  • Net-working
  • Nothing broken


  • Sitting


New equipment

  • Reolink webcams have been ordered
    • Reminder to [MPT] to get final price for the minutes
  • If someone in the club feels like writing a re-vamped webcam script
  • Can be people outside of wheel
  • Anyone who may be up for it

Drinks and Snacks

  • We have a critical shortage of null-coke
  • Otherwise similar status as last week

External Entities


  • Not checked since last week


Tenancy Meeting

  • The loft bins and loft may be cleaned by tenancy
  • To be continued
  • [MPT] attended Tenancy meeting
  • [MPT] to forward minutes

Room allocations

  • Have not been sent out officially, but we have a draft contract
  • For storage, clubs with a room were last on the list
  • We were initially offered storage, but then this was corrected to not having storage
  • There are several appeals happening
  • They can't reveal the final allocations while those are being finalised
  • Moving out timeline for other clubs has been delayed due to appeals

Safety and cleaning things

  • Keep clubrooms safe
  • Nothing blocking walkways and doorways
  • Busybees will resume after Semester starts

Electrical tagging

  • Haven't received an invoice from the last tagging yet
  • Another lot of tagging to happen?

Tenancy Contract drafts

  • Was circulated at the meeting
  • Draft contract exists
  • Not finalised as it must be run through the managing director and Guild execs

Non-students in Cameron Hall

  • No clarity on this yet
  • If we continue to submit EMPs for things it will be okay
  • Need to have a (currently enrolled) student supervising at all times
  • After this we will submit an EMP for the committee meeting

Other Affairs

IT Student Clubs Union in Australia

  • Had call between [MPT], [TEC] and Gavin from Monash WIRED
  • See https://wired.org.au/
  • TL;DR they are contacting clubs and aiming to start a loose union of computer clubs from universities around Australia
  • Benefit of communicating ideas between committees across Australia
  • Opportunity for sponsorship
  • Opportunity to collaborate on events
  • Hackathons
  • Coding challenges
  • Idea to get everyone together to work out what we all want from such a union
  • Constitutional Convention of some sort

[MVP] thoughts

  • Union needs a capacity to act on behalf of all the clubs
  • Way for clubs to voice opinions
  • Subcommittee regulations may be useful
  • Would like to see it as something more than a large Facebook-type group



  • Form submitted
  • [MPT] has filled out a pink slip, just need another exec signature then we can hand it in to Guild Finance to pay for our stall
  • Signed by [PQZ] 2021-01-28
  • To be submitted
  • Flyer and poster planning - discuss

Uncharity (happened) on the 30th!

  • Vive set upppp
  • Many hype

Fresher Welcome

  • Loft booking requires SOC approval because it's techincally after hours
    • ACTION: [MPT] to forward email request to Eleanor
    • Then EMP can be completed and submitted


  • GCMR booking and EMP confirmed
  • Facebook event has been posted

Joint Camp 2021

  • Expressed interest to Unigames and UniSFA
  • Proposal is to set up a preliminary three member subcommittee to handle
    initial setup and booking/deposit, then punt organization to our respective
    committees next year and appoint new reps after our AGMs

Motion about Joint Camp 2021

  • [MPT] moves that:
    • [UCC] joins the Joint Camp 2021 subcommittee; and
    • [UCC] appoints [MPT] as the club's representative
  • [MPT] requests minutes to state how happy he is
  • Seconded by [MVP]
  • Passes 5-0-0


  • [MVP] reminisces about bad (good) wifi

Action Items from previous meeting


  • Finally here

Mittee Things (All ongoing)

  • Decide on 3D shapes
  • Fresher guide...
  • Artemis Lan Specific Date
  • Whacky dice shapes?


  • Pres email (One sent)
  • Snack run (Done Fri Jan 29)
  • After hours access request to guild (Ongoing)
  • O-Day things (Pink slip to be returned by Feb 12)


  • Charity unvigil things


  • Associated incorps act


  • Movie night for first week

General Business

Silent salute

UCC Clean-ups

  • [MPT] Discuss cleanups for 2021, subject to planned Guild busy bees
  • They are coming during semester
  • Should clean the room before then

Covid Things

  • [MPT] Is it time for us to revise our COVID safety plan?
  • Contract tracing
  • Vive set up/pack down still requires full care


  • Will be plugged back in
  • Can plug good ones in
  • More headsets with mics 2021

When People Enter UCC

  • Door members and people coming in
  • Door members need to be aware when people enter the room
  • Important for contact tracing to check people check in
  • Also to say hello1!!
  • Let's make the nice computer the one next to the door
  • Best computer there and door members get priority for the best computer
  • Update our expectation of door
  • Have door Training

Ideas for how to identify door person

  • High vis vest
  • Hat
  • Door hat
  • High vis beanie
  • lol, what to do
  • People attending room to check in
  • Sit at the computer next to the door
  • Idea MVP had yeaaaars ago
  • Time for this idea to shine
  • [TEC] sees it as beneficial
  • Refresh door members
  • Could have door training on the clean-up day
  • Door members will need to reapply
  • Will fit with updated rules

Door Things

  1. Keep the clubroom open
  2. People who are there and trust and who are there for a long time
  3. Hard to promote objectives of the club when only door member is facing away from door
  4. Proper door training 2k21


  • Door needs to make sure people wear shoes...
  • Wants brackets for monitors
  • Suggests mirrors under shelves?
  • On one side of wall
  • Could see behind as people enter
  • Too hard to make this happen
  • Agrees with committee on moving good computer to be next to door
  • So door members see who is entering and makes sure they check in

Talks about Door lead to an in-depth discussion of Renovation Things

Big Chats

Cam Hall Changes

  • Big shakeups in Cam Hall
  • What does this mean for us?

UCC now has 3 years

  • Contract is now for three years
  • Fewer people on campus in general due to COVID

MVP rants

  • Wants to shuffle where things are in the room
  • Make project bench and 3D printer More visible
  • Will have to take a lot of things out of the room
  • Tool cupboard should be near the project bench

UCC's Things

  • Wants to throw out a bunch of stuff
  • This is the stuff we're getting rid of
  • Like UniSFA does for book removals
  • Compel me to keep it

UCC's Wall

  • [MVP]: "I want to paint the wall"
  • Shouldn't tenancy be painting the walls?
  • Unlikely to happen soon
  • Need tenancy approval
  • Need to take out a lot of things out of the room
  • May need to happen mid-year or end-year holidays

The Machine Room

  • Now is the time to tackle the machine room
  • Can't move stuff outside
  • Create a new Machine room
  • Machine room is something to be shown off
  • Have walls people can see through ?
  • How prominent can we make the servers while securing them

How small can we get the server room

  • Can we remove the server room then make a perspect cover
  • Access from outside?
  • We could do RGB lighting!
  • We can BEAUTIFY it
  • Can make it smaller and limit access

Server Racks

  • We will definitely need two racks
  • Could be a air-conned rack
  • Sell our old racks
  • Some things are in there to be locked away
  • Some things need to be cold

Things for 2021 Committee

  • Don't want to lock 2021 into a strict plan
  • Take everything out of machine room out that doesn't need to be there
  • Could get a second tool cupboard
  • Could have severs 'on display' through clear wall (somehow)
  • In a smaller cabinet (somehow)

Talking to Tenancy

  • Advice from tenancy about what to do with the machine room
  • Preliminary chats with tenancy have gone well
  • Easy to do, won't cost anything

Lots to do

  • Will take a mountain of time to do all the things
  • Some things are marked for sale
  • Some things obviously broken
  • Would be good to find e-waste bins
  • Big skip should happen with tenancy
  • UCC as a hobbyist club
  • Providing services or encouraging members to do stuff
  • Here is a thing that isn't anywhere else
  • More hands on events/workshops

Current Action Items


  • Reply to corporate emails (by 2021-01-28)
  • Cleaning
  • EMPs for meetings / cleaning events (on weekends)
  • EMP Saturday 13th of Feb for a big cleaning event
  • EMP for Saturday 6th of Feb for tossing out things?
  • Is the contract for three years...?


  • Forward minutes from last tenancy meeting
  • Forward email request for Loft to Eleanor
  • Account locking with PQZ
  • After hours access request to guild


  • Chat to tenancy about UCC clubroom
  • Ideas for server room etc


  • Submit EMP for Committee Meetings
  • Submit EMP(s) for cleaning
  • Fresher guide with BRD


  • Fresher guide revamp
  • Fre$herTeX
  • Movie night planz?


  • Look over door policy

Meeting closed 20:37ish

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