UCC Meeting on 21st January 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-01-21


In PerSoN MeETiNg!11


  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [MVP]
  • [HET]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MLG]
  • [BRD]


  • [AAA]

Confirmation of minutes from 2021-01-11

  • Yes. Proofed by [MPT] and taken by [MVP]

Meeting opened at 19:13 in the circle

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Busy week doing club things
  • Went to the SOCPAC meeting on Wednesday
  • Lots of intro stuff
  • [PQZ] has forwarded on the minutes from the meeting to [email protected]
  • One thing that was reiterated was that non-students cannot attend club spaces after hours
  • (After 7pm)
  • Hoping to address this as we want to stay more open for non-students to come in
  • Discussed the Calendar layout for collaborative events
  • Will be discussed later
  • Also went through proposed revisions for inter-club event regulations
  • A bit more work to be done before the final revision
  • Nothing big has changed
  • Just added bits to clarify sections
  • Unigames and UniSFA both interested in doing a Joint Camp next year
  • Two camps...
  • There is a tenancy meeting next Thursday 2021-01-28
  • We should have the UCC contract given to us by then
  • Will need another exec around to help sign

Vice President's Report

  • Not much has been happening recently
  • Has been nice
  • With the AGM coming up, we should think of changes we want to make in the club
  • Thinking about what we want to propose
  • O-day is coming up
  • [MPT] has submitted the application
  • Need to work out what we would like to do
  • Nothing has happened with IPs
  • Guild wise: some follow up with Guild about club spaces needed

Secretary's Report

  • Well, the years keep comin and they don't stop comin
  • Would like to do a Python study night
  • Lots of first years have to take CITS1401 for Physics major
  • Maybe early in sem
  • Has a few things to do

Treasurer's Report

  • We have money
  • Cash reserve: $5,635.46
  • Community Solutions: $1,193.55
  • Other than that everything is pretty normal
  • Some cash on hand
  • Westpac closes at 4pm, haven't been able to go in yet
  • Would have liked to be around more but has been busy

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Waiting on next (sic) year for more fresher's
  • Wait it's...this year
  • Been doing some charity unvigil meetings
  • [HET] We're getting the posters printed

OCM Reports


  • Has come to uni more times this week than all of S2 2020
  • Has come to uni...TWICE
  • Went to the meeting about planning timetable stuff
  • [Mittee] Praises [HET] for going Above and Beyond
  • Also went to subcommittee meeting for the upcoming uncharity vigil
  • *there are things to discuss


  • Can UCC reimburse me for vacation days
  • Lol jks
  • Has O-Day booked off
  • Has two days after Uncharity booked off
  • Super happy to be at an in person meeting

[MPT]: Let's keep this (in person meetings) up

Some discussion about who will be running for committee in 2021


  • Not running for pres
  • Might run for OCM


  • Might run as OCM


  • Wishes to return to the void until a big need appears


  • Is leaving uni and hopes to only come back for quiz nights and events
  • Also starting a new job


  • Might be a bit busy to run for a position
  • Has been hard to do clubroom stuff through COVID
  • Has some other club commitment this year also


  • Might go for a non-exec position
  • Sure hope meetings aren't online next year
  • Organising events is fun


  • Will likely stay around...
  • May run for pres

Machine Technical Reports


  • Backup server is BACK
  • Installed and ready to go


  • Web content filter from Uni: ongoing
  • Cloudflare/DNS ongoing


  • No known issues


  • Webcams will be bought tonight

New equipment

  • New items incoming

Drinks and Snacks

  • We need to do a snack run
  • Snack run to happen tomorrow

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • Will be checked tomorrow



  • President's email about tenancy stuff coming tomorrow
  • Tenancy meeting will be a chance to check things
  • PCS are getting a room
  • UCC not allocated storage

SOCPAC Meeting

  • We need to do all of the procedural things
  • We need to ask for access to the Guild Council room
  • Have a look through the slides and minutes sent to [email protected]
  • The PDF has relevant things

Ezone grant

  • Still has not come through
  • Other clubs have also reported they have not received it

Interclub events

  • First two weeks are full of Fresher welcomes and AGM
  • Charity vigil (not the uncharity one) is set for week six
  • Club carnival March 2
  • Same day as fresher welcome
  • Another halloween event scheduled
  • Relay4Life maybe not happening
  • LARP is probably a no go
  • Some enthusias for Artemis LAN
  • This could run early in Semester
  • Might not be able to run it overnight
  • More in Events

Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • [MVP]: We had weekly TEC talks this year...in our VP reports
  • Heh Heh


  • March 4

Artemis LAN

  • [MLG]: We should run a LAN this year
  • [MVP] agrees
  • Committee agrees
  • Early Sem 1
  • End of Week 3 or end of Week 4

Uncharity Vigil

  • There's Charity Vigil in Week 6 and
  • Uncharity vigil on Jan 30
  • Committee keen to run more Charity vigil events

UCC Events at Uncharity Vigil

  • Vive
  • Vive
  • Vive kills
  • Run vive before pizza
  • Jackbox running later in the evening
  • Screencheat
  • Need to make sure loft booked
  • Creative minecraft server
  • Make a scene applying TNT at the end
  • Donate to blow things up
  • Auction off Garbage
  • 3D Printer
  • Keychain printing
  • Quest book for printing?
  • Unigames has this


  • Friday 19 Feb
  • We should 3D print some things for O-Day
  • Have a checkbook / Guide book with a to-do list for new members
  • Have 90% of things to do on the day

Fresher Welcome

  • Same day as club carnival
  • Tues of week 2
  • Happening March 2

Joint Camp

  • With Unigames and UniSFA
  • Nov 2021
  • Nov 19 - 22 preferred dates for Joint Camp

Movie night

  • Run by [BRD]
  • Week one

Python Intro night

  • Very early Sem 1
  • For freshers

Action Items from 2021-01-11

  • [MPT] have sent in O-Day form
  • Has [TEC] delegated?
  • [MPT]: Yes
  • [MLG] is here
  • Keeping an eye out for EZONE grant money
  • Have not yet spent EZONE grant money
  • [MVP]
  • Has booked off time for O-Day

General Business


  • Pres email tomorrow will include how to sign up for 2021
  • How to sign up will be included
  • Paying now will be valid through to AGM 2022

Current Action Items


  • 3D printing shape ideas
  • Whacky dice shapes
  • Artemis LAN date(s)


  • President's email
  • Snack run 2021-01-21
  • After hours access request to Gulid
  • O-Day things


  • Things for charity unvigil


  • Check mail
  • Account things
  • Check incorporated associations act re: changes around payment to management committee


  • Movie night for first week

Meeting closed at 20:23

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 16:54 on 2021-02-04