UCC Meeting on 11th January 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-01-11



  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [MVP]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]


  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]


  • [AAA]

Other Attendees

  • [BOB]
  • [TPG]

Meeting opened 20:22

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-12-14

  • Confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Was sick from Tues onwards until the weekend
  • Not been in
  • Should be OK tmoz
  • Being stressed from the Tenancy application didn't help
  • Tenancy App is in, as of 10/01/2021
  • Applied for a room and for some storage
  • Expressed desire to retain same room
  • Applications are being looked at today
  • Next update should be before end of week
  • Did some hacking
  • The code for the Charity unVigil donation portal is a mess
  • Re-working it in a more sensible way, so it can be used for other events
  • Talked to other committees
  • Interclub committee meeting to talk calendar 2021.
    • Collab events
    • Avoid clashes with major events
    • Tues 19th of Jan, 4-7pm
    • If interested, show up (but let me know so we don't flood the room)
  • Unigames and UniSFA have already locked in AGM and Fresher Welcome.
  • Action Items
  • Drafted O-Day form
  • Worked out new meeting time from whenisgood and discussion: Thurs 7pm, weekly

Vice President's Report

  • Wanted to help more with Tenancy application
  • Proofread it and believe its well written
  • [MPT] for Best Committee Member (of the week, at least)
  • Happy to see Tenancy sorted and behind us
  • Want a year to focus on the club, rather than external 'nonsense'
  • [MPT]: Focus on goals of the club, rather than emergency admin
  • [TEC] proceeds to say "if on committee for 2021"
  • Uni and club will have to adjust
  • [MPT]: Wasn't studying last sem, what's the plan for semester?
  • [TEC]: O-Day is normal, but mostly online lectures
  • Going to be hard to have a campus presence
  • For O-Day:
  • No Chance of getting a sign up for C-Hall
  • We can artisically approach this with tape and A3 paper

Secretary's Report

  • Apologies
  • Did still check-in in and made James do things
  • It's appreciated

Treasurer's Report

  • Apologies
  • [MPT]: Sorry for not getting whenis good sorted earlier
  • Account balances:
  • Cheque: $2,089.82
  • Cash Reserve: $5,635.46
  • Mastercard: $1,193.55

Fresher Rep's Report

  • So... I haven't been in the clubroom much recently
  • Almost the end of the 'year'
  • Are the Freshers still Freshers? Are they second year?
  • There are new members for 2021 in the discord
  • [MPT]: If they sign up now, it counts for up to the AGM next year (2022)

OCM Reports


  • Absent


  • It only took me 10(?) years but I did UCC wiki
  • Joint Camp 2020 wiki page
  • Still lingering in Camp Discord
  • Full Time Work is Full Time Work


  • Also not been able to go the clubroom
  • Learning C
  • Needs to be told to do things, so can contribute more.
  • [TEC]: Says what things he could do in C
  • [MVP] doesn't know what that is. Neither does [HET]

Machine Technical Reports

Wheel Meeting 2021-01-10

  • Minutes available and will be sent out
  • Bunch of updates
  • Nothing hideously broken


  • Back Up Server is still in desk, needs installing back at CCGS
  • [BOB]: It's ready to be shipped back
  • [TPG] finished upgrading molmol today
  • Motsugo crashed on 2020-12-08
  • Restarted remotely


  • Cloudflare/DNS sync project is ongoing
  • Uni has added web content filterings
  • More complicated than just changing DNS server
  • As yet to be determined if it's IP level, how it handles https
  • Worth taking a minute to consider tech and politcal options and outcomes
    • There are couple of options


  • No known issues, as of this meeting


  • Webcam replacement
  • [TPG] has tested his, works well with our setup
  • It has been approved (But amounts escape us atm)

New equipment

  • Soon(TM)
  • Some outstanding budgets
  • Webcams
  • Large back up HDD
  • Stuff incoming

Drinks and Snacks

  • Some expired things in the vending machine that need to come out
  • Should do a new snack run for O-Day
  • Need things that don't melt
  • [TPG]: No Coke Zero boxes left, one box of Coke - could do with more of that

External Entities


  • Not Checked
  • [MPT] was sick


  • Tenancy applications in
  • [MVP]: Do we need to add Tenancy 2024 as a permanent item?

  • O-Day coming up

  • Dates for Student Leadership Training are in

  • https://uwastudentguild.com/clubs/executive-training
  • If planning on being exec for 2021, doing this early is best
  • We need at least two exec to have done this each year
  • Next session: Jan 19th/20th

  • Semester Grants received

  • Amounts to come

Cameron Hall Calendar 2021

  • Tues 19th of Jan, 4-7pm
  • If interested, show up (but tell [MPT] you're coming)


Camp in 3D

Uncharity Vigil

  • Meetings had
  • Advertising going out now
  • Planning is in progress
  • [MPT]: Do you have minutes?
  • Yes. [MPT] to follow up that
  • Dates sent
  • [MVP]: Other clubs have events on Facebook.
  • [HET]: Don't have that done.
  • [MPT]: Confirm FB admins, then [BRD] can do it
  • Facebook admin fixed
  • ACTION: [BRD]: Make UCC Uncharity Vigil event on FB, also promote to the discord
  • [MVP]: Copy shamelessly from the other events. "It's actually intended."
  • Masks are recommended for the event


  • Vive was deemed impractival
  • Single stall
  • Application due 28 Jan
  • [MVP]: We should look at getting goons to help with set up and running the stall
  • [MPT]: Will send out an email to remind about re-joining and ask for volunteers
  • Sooner we know how many people are in, sooner we know how much we can get done
  • ACTION: [MPT]: Send above email


  • UniSFA and Unigames have events all thru week 1
  • UCC should run week 2
  • [MPT]: Try for Fresher Welcome Tues, AGM for Thurs?
  • People seem to agree
  • Fresher Welcome 4pm on
  • AGM 4pm?
  • Can run long
  • A few Comp Sci units have lectures until 5pm
  • [MPT] Makes the call for 5pm.

  • [MPT] moves to set the 2021 Annual General Meeting for 5pm Thursday 4th March, 2021

  • [MVP] seconds
  • Motion passes 5-0-0


  • [MPT]: Book the Guild Council Meeting Room for the AGM
    • Will need After Hours Access Form for the AGM
    • [MVP]: We should probs have After Hours Access for the clubroom
  • [MPT]: Get After Hours Access Form signed for the clubroom in 2021
  • [PQZ]: Send notice of AGM at the appropriate time
  • [committee]: Create a Facebook event, and promote on the Discord

Fresher Welcome

  • Needs event page
  • Needs EMP, and book loft for space
  • Confirm capacity of loft
  • Plan should be:
  • Welcome
  • Speech
  • Icebreakers
  • Tour + demo
  • Food, if permissable
  • $5pp if not a fresher
  • Normally we run $5 pizzas for attendees
  • Can budget for pizzas in a future meeting
  • From FresherWelcome2020
  • Need more things to do
  • Want to avoid a bunch of new members milling around with no direction
  • Seeking volunteers
  • Looking at you, Door and Committee
  • ACTION: [MPT]: Call for Fresher Welcome volunteers in email

Events for 2021

  • Tech Talks will return
  • Build and Break a PC
    • Should check hardware and figure out how much we want to spend
    • Normally spend $3K
  • Try to get back online social nights
  • Would like to see Artermis again
    • Mostly thanks to [DIE]
  • Vive event/Arcade event
  • Most collab events
  • See Cameron Hall calendar meeting

Action Items from 2020-12-14

All [committee]

  • Spend Ezone grant money
  • Cameron Hall signage?
  • Finalise O-Day activities
  • Kinda


  • Complete O-Day form
  • To be reviewed and submitted


  • Delegate things to [HET]
  • Ongoing


  • Send financial report
  • Keep an eye out for EZONE grant remittance advice sent to [email protected]
  • All ongoing


  • O-day pre events/sign up?
  • Follow up on recent emails with grants
  • Grants have come through
  • Prepare for account renewal emails
  • Ongoing


  • Do a camp write-up
  • Done
  • Book time off for O-Day
  • Ongoing


  • Handover car details for O-Day
  • Ongoing

General Business

  • No Matters for general business

Meeting closed 21:44

Outstanding Action Items

All [committee]

  • Spend Ezone grant money (when it appears)
  • Finalise O-Day activities
  • Create FB events for O-Day, Fresher Welcome and AGM


  • Submit O-Day form
  • Call for volunteers for O-Day and Fresher Welcome
  • Book the Guild Council room for the AGM
  • Get signed after-hours access forms for AGM and clubroom generally


  • Delegate things to [HET]


  • Send financial report
  • Keep an eye out for EZONE grant remittance advice sent to [email protected]


  • O-day pre events/sign up?
  • Prepare for account renewal emails
  • Send AGM notice at the appropriate times


  • Make UCC Uncharity Vigil event on FB
  • Promote Uncharity on the Discord


  • Book time off for O-Day


  • Handover car details for O-Day

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