UCC Meeting on 30th November 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-11-30



  • [MPT]
  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [MLG]
  • [TEC]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MLG] left early
  • [AAA] (arrived at ??:??)

Meeting opened 20:05

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-11-16

Committee Reports

President's Report


  • Headline activity: Camp
  • It was a good experience
  • Positive feedback from people post-event
  • Need to schedule all bits of camp
  • Like cleaning dishes
  • Other duties were otherwise written up ahead of time and worked well
  • Next time: set up a bit sooner
  • Other than that: enjoyable, would support doing another joint camp

Account locking

  • Spent a lot of time doing account locking today
  • Fixed up little inconsistencies all over member db...
  • eg. usernames that don't exist
  • Incorrect names (memberdb vs dispense)
  • Mostly fixed


  • Attended tenancy meeting about two weeks ago
  • Will forward the agenda and minutes from that when they come out
  • Many things got mentioned

  • Took feedback on board with new tenancy agreements

  • Governance has not yet approved the amendment
  • Clubs opted to defer voting the amendment
  • Mostly relates to temporary vacation during maintanance or renovation


  • Had a call from Guild about grants
  • Wasn't sure what an oscilloscope was
  • So they wanted to check a few things
  • Things are looking good on most of our grant claims

  • Guild acknowledged the problems the guild website has

  • Guild is keen to utilise student clubs/members to help fix this
  • Raised the possibility for UCC to help with tech stuff
  • EMPs could be faster/fixed!
  • Would be good to be involved

  • Eleanor is the new SOC president as of tomorrow (2020.12.1)

  • Hope to be in contact soon

  • Helped UniSFA with their switch

  • Also broke and then fixed UWAnime's wifi
  • We now know what devices are where...
  • Some emails to come to tech@

Super Misc

  • [MVP]: Asks if MPT has fixed signing in with his full name
  • [MPT]: No
  • [MVP]: Good, don't fix that

Vice President's Report

  • Have not emailed Tech/Guild yet
  • Will (try) to do soon^{TM}
  • [MPT], badger me and I'll badger you
  • Props to [PQZ] for getting stuff done
  • Continuing talking to committee members one-on-one
  • Has been good I think, worthwhile conversations that just don't happen in meetings
  • Committee should interact outside of meetings I think

Secretary's Report

  • Submitted EFT form for EZONE Grant
  • Once that is approved we have 28 days to spend the funds on branding things
  • EZONE VIP opening delayed to 2021
  • Filled in an EMS Student Association Council (SAC) form as requested to be considered for the Adv Comp Sci pages
  • Hope to hear back soon
  • Submitted project night EMP to cover Dec through to March (Mon 5pm - 10pm)
  • Account locking stuff

Treasurer's Report

  • Profit from quiz night: $322.22 total
  • UCC to receive 1/3 of profit
  • Committee to look at excel spreadsheet showing cost breakdown
  • This will be sent to committee@

Motion by [MLG] to accept the financials from the CH Quiz night held in October

  • Seconded [MPT]
  • Passes unanimously

Motion by [MLG] for UCC to spend 1 cent to cover the rounding error

  • Seconded by [MPT]
  • Passes unanimously

  • [MLG] to send through financial report for quiz night

  • [MLG] leaves at 20:12

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Not here

OCM Reports


  • Outlive my task
  • Gave Magnets
  • Talked to Tim


  • Lots of things to say regarding camp
  • I, too, had a good time at camp
  • Have been five years running
  • Camp's been the big thing
  • Camp had a bunch of feedback forms
  • Good vibe about camp all things considered
  • Yeee


  • Not here
  • Appeared later??

Machine Technical Reports



  • Been some problems with some desktop logins
  • Caused by network disc issues NFS
  • Somewhat resolved
  • All the other remote storage protocols also cause problems...
  • Seph was also causing problems before...



New equipment

  • [NTU] has bought in one of the drives previously budgeted for in May
  • Details in General BizNiz

  • [TPG]: Has played around with the webcams that we have budgeted for

  • We budgeted $195 last meeting for 3 webcams
  • [MPT] or [MLG] to purchase using club card

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT] has purchased many drinks and sneks to fill up vending machine
  • $184.20 spent on drinks and snacks
  • Has been reimbursed through dispense
  • [MVP]: Camp financials still in flux
  • Have a dozen cans of left over pasito, mountain dew
  • We ended camp with one...additional pasito?

External Entities


  • Has not been checked
  • Still waiting on the Westpac club cards


  • New Guild Tomorrow
  • Tenancy meeting earlier this month
  • Agenda/mintues from that will be sent by [MPT] to the committee@ list


Stall Size

  • Do we want a double width stall
  • [TEC]: I don't think so
  • Queue makes things interesting
  • [MVP]: I don't think so
  • Would like to look into getting a better marquee
  • [MPT]: We have a single marquee 3x3m
  • Later: Committee decides a double stall would be good if the vive is vive-able for O-Day

Stall things

  • What will we print out
  • What displays are we gonna do
  • May need to express a preference for stall to be on North/South side (or near corner)
  • To avoid morning or afternoon sun if harsh
  • Preference to stay near Cameron Hall clubs
  • Cross-promotion important

The Vive

  • [MVP]: The vive the vive
  • Let's set up the vive
  • The vive slays every time it comes out
  • We require adequate shading
  • Need to find a marquee with appropriate shading
  • Could test that during summer to check marquee shading/set up

Pre-Oday Run Throughs

  • Idea to have a few practice set ups a week or two before O-Day
  • Practice 3D Printer / Vive
  • Could be part of a vigil event in January
  • Could have 3D Printer running in the clubroom
  • Need to improve signage around Cameron Hall before O-Day
  • Discussion to continue on discord

Other Affairs

  • Do we want to be involved with the EMS Student Association Council? (SAC)
  • Probably
  • Committee to investigate
  • Most mittee hasn't heard of SAC



  • CAMP!
  • Happened last weekend
  • Event ran really well
  • Success also attributed to [MPT]'s and [BRD]'s contribution
  • UCC Committee Represents a part of Tech Talks and Debates was important
  • Really happy with how the events ran
  • We had Starwars spaceship things set up it was neat

Pros of event

  • There were a lot of pros to the event
  • Event sold out super quickly
  • In part due to COVID restriction
  • There was a waitlist

The Venue

  • Was super good by Camp standards
  • Some venues don't clean/vacuum after. Ern Halliday Does.
  • Dishwasher existed
  • Huuuuge

Joint Camp Runs Better Than a Normal Camp! :)

  • This is the feedback received!
  • This is positive
  • Events was more diverse
  • More opportunities to engage with different events and people
  • Had some people interested in UCC who were not interested before
  • Working on getting feedback form available to committee

In your opinion, did the collaborative aspect of joint camp improve your experience?

  • All positive answers
  • Only a few people who had not previously been on a camp before
  • [MVP]: Guys, they called us cool.
  • Stoked about camp.
  • Really hype
  • Still hyped

Things to be improved

  • Camp subcommittee was operating on less time than a club would give a normal camp
  • Some preparedness or time lacking
  • Advertising and online presence lacking by being three clubs
  • Could improve online presence pre-event
  • Post-camp: all super tired
  • Delegation could have been better
  • Might need more volunteers for specific things, like snacks or drinks
  • Subcommittee was a bit on auto-pilot
  • Some things got overlooked
  • But do not let the criticism take away from the hype

Camp Money Things

  • There is one bad thing that I have to talk about
  • This relates to money
  • Had projections of making a $40 profit
  • When Ern Halliday sent the invoice
  • Self-catering charge had not previously been present on the quote
  • Have drafted an email

  • [PQZ]: Would have suggested ticket prices to be slightly higher to cover margins

  • Hard to predict what charges or expenses could pop up
  • Cost of less than $35/night for camp, food, and events is so cheap
  • Putting ticket prices up by $3.30 a night ($10 extra per ticket) could help cover costs in future
  • Profits could go towards charity post-event

  • [MVP]: thinks running camp with a predicted break-even cost is in the best interest for members

  • Is a big event with big benefits
  • Approximately $220 unexpected charge which is only $60 per club
  • Not too bad
  • Previous camps loss had been much higher (like $600)
  • Cheaper and better than Lake Leschanultia
  • Definitely better to price tickets this way to benefit members
  • Not looking to make a profit on camp

  • Can put some of the profit from quiz night to cover the $60 cost between clubs

  • [MPT]: Thinks running camp at a small profit (as predicted) is a good move

  • [MVP]: Other unexpected costs probably would have been covered by specific cases
  • Ie. if someone breaks something, they would be paying
  • This unexpected cost was hidden in terms and conditions
  • Cost will be split between subcommittees
  • Will pay the invoice
  • Have emailed Ern Halliday to dispute cost
  • Want to maintain relations
  • Terms and conditions have been looked over

Other events

  • Events pre-O-Day and post O-Day
  • Event ideas for EZONE opening
  • V i v e ...?

Action Items from 2020-11-16


  • 2021 Plan!
  • Help us plan 2021
  • Vigil, pre-O-Day and O-Day things
  • Sort the room
  • Ongoing
  • We need to de-museum UCC
  • Hype for camp
  • Done
  • Webcams
  • To be purchased with club card by [MPT] or [MLG]
  • Handover document
  • Headshots
  • Ongoing


  • Attending tenancy meeting thurs
  • Check mail?


  • Poke [HET]
  • Delegate to [AAA]


  • Follow up with [TEC] about Tech things in UCC to help out with
  • To help with IP block hosted/announced by UWA
  • Get the info from the right people in wheel / talk to UniIT
  • Help with the clubroom (renovations?)
  • Help with tech talk organisation...?
  • Stuff hasn't happened


  • To call about UWA major pages, no reply yet from UWA branding
  • Have replied to Geeta, see committee@
  • Following up with ezone about funding / opening
  • Done
  • Poke [MPT] about acc locking
  • Currently doing...


  • Be poked by [TEC]
  • Do things
  • Next week

General Business

  • single silent o7

Cyber Monday

  • [NTU]: Planning to action the https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/minutes/2020/2020-05-28.txt drive purchase, hoping for good sale prices
  • [NTU]: ...plus a secondhand LSI 9207-8i HBA
  • [NTU]: and a replacement SSD for molmol?
  • [NTU]: and use some https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/minutes/2020/2020-07-09.txt standing cloud budget towards https://zfs.rent/ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25148000

  • Good exchange rate today

  • Cyber Monday sales
  • 16TB suggested for backup drives

  • [NTU]: Wants to test a $60 drive then committee can decide whether to purchase

  • We need bigger drives because we need more space
  • Buy new servers
  • Or buy cards that can talk to the older servers
  • For the backup servers: this second option makes more sense
  • Just really need to make sure it works, then can support buying it
  • [MPT]: $60 sounds like a good price
  • Would like to action this once tested

  • [MVP]: Can we use the existing budget?

  • [NTU]: Is proposing 4 items in total
  • [MPT]: We can probably roll (some items) into the previous budget
  • The SSD is backed up but can see pain incoming...
  • We need upgrades...
  • Can complete via circular for other items

  • Another Item:

  • Cloud service
  • VM with a disk
  • Larrrrge storage
  • committee to follow up in #committee

Meeting closed at 21:34

Current Action Items


  • EZONE Grant incoming: decide on designs/things to purchase
  • Gather thoughts on Council
  • Gather thoughts for signs for Cameron Hall
  • Finalise O-Day Activities and complete form
  • Likely to be vive set up
  • Backup disks


  • Delegate things to [HET]


  • Send financial report
  • Keep an eye out for EZONE grant remittance advice sent to treasurer@


  • O-day pre events/sign up?
  • Follow up on recent emails with grants
  • Prepare for account renewal emails


  • Do a camp write-up
  • Something suitable for wiki / socials would be nice
  • Book time off for O-Day


  • Handover car details for O-Day
  • Vrrrm
  • Or van details

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