UCC Meeting on 16th November 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-11-16



  • [AAA]
  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [BRD]
  • [TEC]


  • [MPT]


  • [MLG] ?

Other Attending

  • [TPG]

  • Meeting opened 20:25

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • No meeting held 2020-11-09
  • 2020-11-02 Meeting minutes confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Sent apologies

Vice President's Report

  • Hopes the pres recovers quickly
  • Looking forward to seeing MPT next committee meeting
  • Exams are over!
  • Time again.
  • Be nice to actually make the most of the fact that we have this time
  • Lots of time between now and next semester starting
  • Short version is: feel bad that we went into this year with grand plans
  • Member engagement, holding events
  • Then distraction from tenancy
  • Then no in-person events from lockdown
  • Now that we have this time: we hope to set up 2021 the way we wanted 2020 to go
  • That's all for today

Secretary's Report

  • First aid event management team may need a call
  • Still waiting for a reply as to whether they have an instructor available this week
  • Need to update/check membership prices on dispense and portal
  • Not sure how to update
  • [TEC] : [CFE] can/has updated UCC portal

Treasurer's Report

  • Is AFK?
  • [TEC]: Is AWOL...
  • Had sent monies for recent Phone bill to UWA and to [MVP] for recent drinks run

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Yay, exams are over
  • Haven't been on campus as much now that exams are over
  • Looking forward to camp
  • [MVP]
  • [AAA] may attend some of camp
  • Looking for a web-dev-ish project
  • Might be making a web-UI for eggman

OCM Reports


  • Might go last
  • Skips to HET
  • Apologies for being AWOL for weeks
  • Had to focus on exams
  • Haven't done anything UCC-related
  • Been relaxing
  • Been AFK/AWOL
  • That's the report
  • Keen to:
  • Get involved in anything available
  • Handball stuff to me
  • Wants to get more into database stuff
  • Can do things now
  • [TEC] actions [AAA] later to do stuff


  • Finished exams
  • Have a task that hasn't been done
  • Has come up with new ideas for a thing
  • Need to remember to do things
  • Asks for pokes from 'mitttee
  • [TEC] offers to poke


  • Camp camp camp camp
  • Camp camp camp
  • I'm doing a lot of camp things
  • Camp, camp camp
  • [TEC]: excied for camp?
  • I am very excited for camp
  • There's still a lot of camp stuff getting done
  • [TEC]: Thanks for doing so much camp stuff
  • Will talk about actual camp stuff later
  • Now's the time to talk about transport to camp
  • There will be people with empty car seats for transporty


  • Just quickly: I wanna do more stuff with eggman
    1. Eggman is currently not working
  • The server is...full?
  • Cannot remember
  • [TEC]: Eggman is 94% full

Machine Technical Reports


  • Eggman be fillin' UP
  • Eggman has a bunch of problems
  • Few people know how to use it
  • Eggman could be runnin' better


  • Nothing new
  • Not aware of any faults


  • No changes


  • Monthly reminder for webcam
  • [MVP] suggests to poke [TPG]

New equipment

  • No new equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • That big coke snek run happened
  • Run lacked variety
  • But we have many coke
  • Regular coke and coke no sugs
  • Payment been sorted to [MVP]
  • [MVP]: Thanks to [LCY] for help taking stuff up from loading bay
  • Was a big run
  • Drinks run really be a two person job in future

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • [PQZ] can check Wednesday
  • or [MPT] can check Thursday


  • [MPT] attended SOC meeting
  • [MPT] to attend Tenancy meeting Thursday

Other Affairs

  • VIP opening
  • Need to check if we can attend this Thursday 4pm - 8pm
  • [PQZ] to contact Ada from EZONE



  • Camp is basically ready to go
  • Hype camp on Facebook
  • Any ideas for talks
  • Good quiz night questions

Other events

  • Likely on hold til 2021
  • Committee work to do until then
  • Would be nice to have an early Tech-club quiz night
  • Might be hard to have something at the tav first sem however...
  • Would be nice to have an event before the AGM
  • Fresher-year friendly also
  • Joint tech club event?
  • Hoping UCC can benefit from Tech-club event
  • [PQZ]: would like to see an in-person lecture early Semester 1
  • Slightly more formal than our usual tech talks
  • [TEC]: Would like to have a non-rushed plan to plan 2021
  • Could schedule these events soon

Action Items from previous meeting


  • Monthly reminder to poke someone about webcams
  • Account locking
  • It's holidays so hopefully this be happening this week
  • At long...long...last
  • GL w exam results


  • Webcams!


  • Successfully poked about webcams
  • Has a (potentially) suitable model sitting at home
  • Stand-alone cam
  • Can give a video stream, can request a frame from the stream
  • Seems like what UCC needs

General Business



  • $70 for the camera
  • $10 for shipping
  • Powered over ethernet
  • Designed for PoE
  • Reolink Surveillance Security Detection RLC
  • This one: https://www.amazon.com.au/Reolink-Surveillance-Security-Detection-RLC-410-5MP/dp/B077MCS7SD
  • We can make it work for the club

  • [TEC]: I think we should get a few of those ones

  • One to replace the one we need, two extra
  • Thinking three webcams at $65.59 with Free Delivery from Amazon
  • Webcams has been a topic all year
  • Would be good to sort it
  • These cams also motion sensitive

  • [MVP]: motions to budget $195 for the purchase of the three Reolink webcams

  • [AAA] seconds
  • Passes unanimously 6-0-0

General Bizniz

  • Going once
  • Going twice
  • General bizniz is sold to the rest of the evening

Meeting closed 21:17

Current Action Items


  • 2021 Plan!
  • Help us plan 2021
  • Sort the room
  • Hype for camp
  • Webcams
  • Handover document
  • Headshots


  • Attending tenancy meeting thurs
  • Check mail?


  • Poke [HET]
  • Delegate to [AAA]


  • Follow up with [TEC] about Tech things in UCC to help out with
  • To help with IP block hosted/announced by UWA
  • Get the info from the right people in wheel / talk to UniIT
  • Help with the clubroom (renovations?)
  • Help with tech talk organisation...?


  • To call about UWA major pages, no reply yet from UWA branding
  • Following up with ezone about funding / opening
  • Email had not been approved to [email protected] list
  • Resent today
  • Follow up about first aid stuff
  • Poke [MPT] about acc locking
  • Check membership prices


  • Be poked by [TEC]
  • Do things

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