UCC Meeting on 26th October 2020

Meeting opened at [2020-10-26 Mon 20:18]


  • [TEC]
  • [MLG]
  • [NIH]
  • [MVP]


  • [MPT]
  • [PQZ]
  • [BRD]


  • [AAA]

The agenda for the upcoming meeting is:

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-10-19

  • Confirmed

Committee Reports

President’s Report

  • Off galivanting (till Monday)

Vice President’s Report

  • Exams coming up, don’t expect much
  • Very sad didn’t go to quiz night

Secretary’s Report

  • Last minute apologies received

Treasurer’s Report

  • Liable to jump off shortly
  • Can’t find 2019 receipts
    • Tom thinks they’re in the draw
    • Grace can’t find them
    • Might be fine, but really want ASAP
  • Did quiz night, was fun
  • Currently working on semester grants

Fresher Rep’s Report

  • Exists, but not at this meeting (apologies given)
  • Big props for carrying his Quiz night team

OCM Reports


  • Has been in the clubroom three days in a row, big deal
  • Quiz night was brilliant


  • Let’s see… I also went to quiz night
    • That Dr. Who one was a real head scratcher…
    • We didn’t come last, but actually we did
      • Logic error?
    • We got one section perfectly right: The UCC section

Machine Technical Reports


  • Serving


  • Networking


  • Desking
  • Treasurer has realised that we could do with buying some new gear
    • How about some VM-based desktops?


  • No new issues we’re aware of

New equipment

  • Remote controlled poo???

Drinks and Snacks

  • Hope they’re fine
  • Out of mountain dew
  • We got a sign up, purely because they wanted our fanta

External Entities


  • Nothing new to report


  • Tenancy meeting
  • There’s a new contract that Tenancy wants to use
    • Added a clause about temporary eviction in case of repairs
    • Has received a lot of feedback, draft still evolving
    • (accidentally?) based off 2016 tenancy agreement
  • Cameron hall communal bin emptying raised
    • Something needs to change, it’s not being done ATM
    • Omar may have volunteered to personally clean Cameron Hall daily!?
  • Repairs taking forever was also mentioned

Other Affairs

  • None



  • Hear more from james next week


  • No new updates
  • Sold out wave one
  • Focusing on individual events
  • Making sure we have gaps filled in our jobs roster

Quiz Night

  • [MLG] it was fun, would do it again
    • Thank you to everyone for coming

UCCatch Up

  • On pause, as no James + Exams

Study Event with Tech clubs?

  • Looking to do on Thursday 4:30-early evening
  • Need call guild about room booking, ASAP

Action Items from 2020-10-19


  • AF-UCC
  • Finish EZONE VIP Stall grant so we can be at the opening
  • Amend minutes from 2020-10-12 about vending machine discussion
  • Contact Leigh about EMP for Tech Clubs study night


  • Make new Discord channels and generally clean it up
    • Failed miserably
    • Will try again at some point
    • [MLG] need among us chat


  • Committee to think about approachable, easy-to-get passionate about talks/debates for camp
  • Do action items before meeting
  • Probably buy a quiz night ticket

[MPT] / [PQZ]

  • Acc locking on Fridee
    • doesn’t look like this happened


  • Figure out a ham sanitisation set up for the vive
    • had a chat with a few people
    • Wipe down visor, there are a bunch of wipes in the box
    • Similar process to that for keyboad/mice for door members, just more thorough
    • Wipe + sanitise for each user
  • It is equipment that we want to be using
  • We want a COVID-safe sanitisation guide for the vive
  • Be in the clubroom Thursday


  • Make UCC files accessible to committee members
    • Done
  • Ping people for action items
    • Eh, sorta.
  • Sort a date for joint study night
    • Done, just need a last minute EMP


  • Not around.
  • Might have to try and study at quiz night
  • It could be a good excuse for losing
  • Test on Friday, acc locking after

General Business

  • None

Meeting closed, [2020-10-26 Mon 20:51]