UCC Meeting on 19th October 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-19



  • [MPT]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC] arrived 20:20
  • [AAA] arrived 20:20


  • [MLG]

Meeting opened 20:04

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-10-12

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Softball grand final
  • We won!
  • Super busy on the weekend
  • Marking papaers is taking the life out of me...
  • Has written the same comment on about 100 papers...
  • Haven't done much UCC stuff
  • The EZONE Grant is on it's way
  • It's been started
  • Aiming to have it done tonight before going home
  • There are things that need doing, but...
  • Hoping for a quick meeting
  • Talk about tenancy things between clubs
  • Some clubs have started to get tenancy things mailed to us
  • We haven't received anything yet to our official emails
  • Need to check student email
  • Was busy last Friday but will post another event (catch up) this week

Vice President's Report

  • Tim arrives 20:19 from under his desk
  • Has done nothing UCC-related
  • Has pinged other clubs recently in the Tech Clubs discord
  • Asked about CompSci study night
  • CFC and Hacking club are keen on the idea
  • Has had a chat with [MPT] this afternoon
  • Committee meetings as the place we say yes these things should be done
  • No time to work out how things are going to be done
  • Often things end up not happening, etc
  • Action items seem to stall
  • Committee meetings becoming lengthy
  • Need to separate out what should be done and how to make it happen

Secretary's Report

  • Have contacted EMS/EMS Branding people about inclusion on clubroom pages
  • Has been busy
  • Can't go to camp, withdrew from subcommittee
  • ([BRD] sent as replacement for subcommittee)

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies
  • Sent a report:
  • Working on final quiznight stuff
  • We have money
  • Community account: $3559.29
  • Cash Reserve: $3,634.77

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Yeah
  • Been in the clubroom a lot
  • We don't need to be as worried about clubroom not picking back up
  • Have had the fun UCC experience of having a fun technical chat with a few people
  • It's picking back up
  • Played a board game with some other freshers in UCC today
  • That was fun

OCM Reports


  • Will be around campus this week
  • Has things to discuss re: camp-mittee
  • Need to find another subcommittee rep


  • Has achieved nothing
  • Has gone to the clubroom
  • Should probably come to a weekly thing

  • Action: [MPT] actions HET to make new Discord channels and generally clean it up


  • Forgot to send apologies last week
  • Relay for life: No one else from UCC came
  • Did a bunch of laps
  • Professional computing course all done
  • That's twelve weeks of my life donw
  • UWAnime: had people jogging from the start to the end basically all of the time

Machine Technical Reports


  • Still some issues with active directory
  • Things still disconnecting
  • Main issue was resolved last week
  • Maybe things



  • Network issues with Chubsucker with desktops


  • Ongoing webcam problem exists
  • Webcam dead
  • [TPG] has made progress on webcam quotes
  • Has found and purchased a potentially suitable candidate for himself
  • Will arrive soon and test it and potentially recommend it if it works well

Ongoing Reminder About Webcam

  • There is now a header

New equipment

  • No new equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • People like chocolate
  • This weekend was hot enough that we might need to consider alternatives to chocolate...
  • We could probably get away with another load
  • We are running low on things, people are coming through
  • May need to consider things that won't melt
  • Drinks have been selling again
  • Need to keep an eye out on the good deals

External Entities


  • Not checked by [MPT]
  • Has not been checked by anyone else either


  • SOC Meeting tomorrow
  • [MPT] will be attending that
  • Others are welcome to attend


  • Other clubs have started to get tenancy things emailed to them
  • Something had been sent to Catherine
  • Need to do a bit of research on what's been told to other clubs
  • Need to be prepared for tomorrow
  • Plan is to chase it up hard tomorrow

Other Affairs

  • Nothing else really...
  • New office bearers haven't taken office yet
  • Same old guild

  • [AAA] leaves 20:26 temporarily

Ezone Grant

  • [MPT] will be finishing the EZONE grant
  • We have $500 for branding from the grant
  • Would be good to get the other half of the grant
  • That will let us have a presence at the EZONE VIP Opening



  • Has been recorded
  • Went through all sorts of different ssh things
  • Had only a couple audience members but they were highly interested
  • Successfully transferred knowledge
  • Was worth doing
  • Probably 'it' for the year re: Tech Talks
  • Except for camp!


  • A few things
  • [PQZ] leaves camp subcommittee, [BRD] joins
  • Discussion about camp events

Camp Subcommittee roles

  • [PQZ] is withdrawing from subcommittee as will be unable to attend camp
  • Do we want to send another person to the subcommittee
  • Who to send if we do
  • We should send a third person
  • Ideally someone who intention of being on UCC committee 2021
  • The obvious benefits of what we gain on running in a camp
  • The sort of stuff we want to put in a handover doc and give to next year's committee
  • If we have someone else who has a bit more first hand experience in a camp it would be a bit more beneficial

  • [MPT]: Who to dob in with camp...

  • [BRD] is coming to camp
  • [HET] is uncertain about camp

  • [MVP]: A lot of heavy lifting has been done already with camp

  • Not a lot of decisions left to be made

  • [BRD]: Agrees to be in camp subcommittee

Tech Talks at Camp

  • [MVP]: Subcommittee would like us to confirm how we are planning to do Tech Talks at camp
  • Probably won't be running a serious for-your-benefit informative tech talk
  • Would also like to sneak in some UCC-style debate questions
  • Even if we can have some stuff up our sleeve
  • Would like some pre-prepared content

  • [MPT]: Had seen that come up but hadn't yet had a chance to respond

  • Didn't get any candidates for serious-y tech talks
  • Action: Committee to think about approachable, easy-to-get passionate about
  • [TEC] would say editors
  • Eg/ 5G/Wifi is just as reasonable as an ethernet connection. Discuss.

  • We need to make sure we are seen to be contributing

Lan Set Up at Camp

  • [MPT] to follow up

Quiz Night

[MLG] says...

  • Quiz night is upon us
  • Buy tickets
  • People should bring at least one UCC member to each table
  • Is super excited


  • We have sold...drum roll 2-3 tickets at UCC
  • Also...we have got the prizes in the clubroom today


  • Do we have a committee table?
  • Quiz night is definitely a good time
  • Highly recommends
  • [TEC]: I am not going, but I could go...
  • [HET]: Might go to Quiz Night

UCCatch Up

  • Didn't happen last week, [MPT] was too busy
  • MPT will be around this Friday
  • This Friday?
  • Come to the clubroom!
  • Facebook event will be made
  • [MPT] tries to action [HET] to make a fb event
  • [HET] doesn't have facebook

Study Event with Tech clubs?

  • [TEC] has had a response from CFC (coders for causes) and Ethical Hacking Club
  • Would like to propose a date soon
  • [MPT]: have seen successful study nights run
  • From each club they had some more experienced people who had done well in certain units
  • People who can give tips and share their experience
  • Would be good to pin down a day soonish
  • Need to submit an EMP
  • Exams start 31st
  • Can contact Leigh to see if we can do a minor EMP sooner

  • [AAA] returns 20:48

Relay for Life

  • Find a way to get a lot of members next year
  • Or if no one is interested at all: don't bother
  • Check if people would be keen

Action Items from 2020-10-12


  • This Friday (2020-10-23):
  • Account locking

  • Reimbursements on Westpac

  • Tonight:

  • EZONE Grant pt. 2


  • Happened during meeting today:
  • Talk to [AAA] about Relay


  • Done:
  • Follow up with branding re: including UCC on adv comp sci page


  • [MPT] doing:
  • Hype EZONE grant VIP opening interactive stall writing
  • Do evil things


  • Ongoing:
  • Find out if you can come camp!

General Business

An UnMotion by TEC

  • Motion that the club formally say that the pres should get a new microphone
  • [MPT] argues that it's the club's microphone and that the microphone should get itself a new microphone
  • [MLG]: suggests that members can make donations to the club in the form of new equipment
  • [TEC]: In view of that that, would like like to amend motion to ...
  • Proceeding statements sounded like suggested changes to UCC's constitution
  • This is hard to follow
  • More points about donations
  • Multiple points being made in the one motion
  • Now it's not a motion but a game
  • [HET]: What about TEC can't use Emacs for the full year
  • [MPT]: Do we have a serious motion here or not
  • [TEC]: We could do with a microphone if someone has one lying around

  • A note from [PQZ]: We should probably go through every single clubroom item during the Summer clean up and motion on whether to keep it around...

  • That way we can address...all relevant items

[MPT]: Moves that the committee thanks [BOB] and all else involved that helped out with the vending machine! Committee recognises and appreciates the work involved.

  • [AAA] Seconds
  • Passes: 7-0-0

Vending machine

  • Minutes last week to be amended to include appreciation
  • To be done by [MPT]
  • Discussion had been cut short but some points had not been included

Vive Use Request from UniSFA

  • Request from Cam to use the vive
  • Not pandemic-clear
  • Still concerned about covid-safety issues
  • [MVP]: thinks we should lend it out
  • Discussion was had
  • Vive hard to use in UCC currently
  • [PQZ]: feel that we would need a contract
  • Vive is expensive, if it were damaged would prefer a written agreement if lending out
  • Also thinks it should be for UCC members, or use for UCC events first
  • Had thought that we had decided not to use it during COVID because of COVID-safe concerns
  • As a previous camp meeting everyone had been against bringing it to camp
  • So if it is used again, would like to see use given to club-members first
  • Vending machine is for members only
  • Does think it should be used at camp
  • [MPT]: we should talk about this more but maybe defer this discussion to next week
  • Likes the idea of lending out the vive
  • Would like to see it get used
  • But don't let that stop you from objecting or raising important ideas
  • [MVP]: would like to make a COVID-safe plan for the VIVE
  • Also thinks it would be good to lend out
  • Space in UniSFA is more appropriate for use
  • Believes the risk is low
  • Would prefer to see it get used and appreciated
  • UniSFA can also cross-promote the club

Account locking

  • Discussion about half-price membership
  • Some concerns about when 2021 membership would start
  • Would likely be from our new financial year (from Jan 1) and not sooner
  • Has usually been discounted later in the year for members
  • [MPT] moves that we halve membership prices until the 2021 membership period
  • [AAA] seconds
  • Passes 7-0-0
  • Account locking to happen Friday
  • ([MPT] had been going over the lists sent by [PQZ] some weeks ago)
  • Hadn't happened on 2020-10-09 as other issues (mail) had taken priority

Meeting closed 21:19

Current Action Items


  • Finish EZONE VIP Stall grant so we can be at the opening
  • Amend minutes from 2020-10-12 about vending machine discussion
  • Contact Leigh about EMP for Tech Clubs study night


  • Make new Discord channels and generally clean it up


  • Committee to think about approachable, easy-to-get passionate about talks/debates for camp
  • Do action items before meeting
  • Probably buy a quiz night ticket

[MPT] / [PQZ]

  • Acc locking on Fridee


  • Figure out a ham sanitisation set up for the vive
  • It is equipment that we want to be using
  • We want a COVID-safe sanitisation guide for the vive
  • Be in the clubroom Thursday


  • Make UCC files accessible to committee members
  • Ping people for action items
  • Sort a date for joint study night


  • Might have to try and study at quiz night
  • It could be a good excuse for losing
  • Test on Friday, acc locking after

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