UCC Meeting on 12th October 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-12



  • [MPT]
  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC]
  • [MLG]


  • [BRD]


  • [AAA]

Meeting opened 20:10

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-10-05

  • Minutes confirmed from 2020-10-05
  • [MPT] forgot the other minutes

Committee Reports

  • "The reports"

President's Report

  • Checked the mail last week
  • No mail


  • EZONE Grant
  • We were successful in getting the grant for marketing materials ($500)
  • Weren't successful for the grant for activation for the EZONE VIP Opening
  • We can still submit an application for this
  • VIP Opening is on 2020-11-19
  • Unigames
  • We can get involved


  • No meeting last week
  • Need to see who on mittee is coming to camp
  • [BRD] will come
  • [HET] to confirm
  • Have sold a few non-mittee tickets
  • Have 6 unreserved tickets left
  • If you're keen: time is now

Tech Stuff

  • Went down a massive rabbit hole to fix mail
  • It was a disk problem!
  • The rabbit hole is still ongoing
  • Will rant about it another time
  • Spent a long time on Friday 2020-10-09 also looking at account locking
  • Still not done...
  • Some accounts had been locked

Tech Talk

  • Is tomorrow

Vice President's Report

  • We don't send enough emails on ucc-announce
  • Compared to maths union: 2-3 emails per semester
  • 'What's going on' emails
  • We could do a little bit more
  • Will help people know what's going on
  • Especially with less people around the club
  • The email has been sent with a little update
  • Would like to help James or get on James' back...
  • Regarding: the IP block
  • See what we can do with UniIT
  • Also re: clubroom and what's happening with Cameron Hall

Secretary's Report

  • Did a drinks run...
  • Some discussion re: drinks
    • [MPT]: We try and sell at 30% mark up
    • May keep an eye out at Coles for cheap coke
    • Cans be expensive when not on sale
  • Emailed EMS about inclusion on UWA site
    • EMS replied to say to follow up with UWA branding
  • Happy to hear EZONE grant was (part!) successful!
  • Might need to update regulations with specific room regulations
  • Pls don't take shoes off in club...

Treasurer's Report

  • Mic troubles
  • Commented in chat during meeting

Motion: [PQZ] Motions that we reimburse the $3 spent by [MLG] above the $50 allocated for quiz night prizes

  • [HET] seconds
  • [MLG] abstains
  • Passes 5-0-1

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Sent apologies

OCM Reports


  • Went to the clubroom
  • Opened the door
  • The door was open anyway
  • A ticket was sold while I was there
  • Found some weird stuff related to the auto-IP bans
  • IP-banned UCC's own wifi...
  • Other than that...that's everything I did


  • Bought a camp ticket in the clubroom
  • Will be back in the clubroom at next opportunity

Machine Technical Reports


  • Mail and authentification log in issue fixed with help from others in discord
  • The VM storage was really slow
  • We are working on it
  • Cephhh
  • Certainly has a learning curve
  • Some more details to [email protected]
  • Some more maintenance and fixes to do




New equipment

  • Vending machine bits (see motions below)
  • A new drill bit, wire brushes, and silicone
  • From the vending machine project

Drinks and Snacks

  • Cold drinks are B A C C
  • Small drinks run happened 2020-10-09
  • The day Coles had an IT error...
  • $45.55 spent by [PQZ] for:
  • 30* solo
  • 10*fanta
  • 10* coke no sugar
  • 10* coke
  • Has been sent in Westpac under standing budget for drinks and snacks

Coke machine reimbursements to [BOB]

Motion: [MPT] motions to reimburse $367.99 to reimburse [BOB] for the vending machine

  • [MVP] seconds to cover the amount
  • 6-0-0

  • [MPT] summarises the cost of the vending machine

  • Started off as a project to replace the plan
  • Then became a project to fix broken wiring and rust
  • Cost includes consumables for repairs
  • Some electrical connectors

  • [MVP]:

  • Some concerns about extra spending not having been brought back to committee
  • Should have been brought to committee before going ahead with extra bits
  • The problem is not with the work that has been done
  • Worried that it sends the wrong message and sets the wrong precedent

  • [BOB]:

  • The repairs were absolutely necessary
  • Asking for reimbursement for parts paid for with own money

  • [HET]:

  • Procedure comments

  • [TEC]:

  • Spending money without approval...
  • If it's done without expectation of being paid back
  • If you're doing something for the club and a complication arises
  • If it was the case that the money was directly spent from the club's money
  • Do not really see an issue with this current case
  • Is appreciative of the work having been done

Motion: [MPT] motions that we fan adaptor plate for $20 purchased by [BOB]

  • Receipt will be sent
  • Seconded by [MLG]
  • Passes 6-0-0

External Entities


  • Was checked, no mail

[MLG] left 21:00


  • SOC meeting Tuesday week (20/10)
  • [MPT] will be around Wednesday to follow up on new lease

Other Affairs

  • EZONE Grant success
  • Need to resubmit idea for VIP opening of EZONE
  • VIP opening is 2020-11-19
  • From 4PM - 8PM
  • Will need 2-3 people to run the stall
  • [MPT] has a few ideas
  • Some members also have given input today
  • Goal to get the grant in Wednesday 2020-10-12
  • [MPT]: has put a Google Drive link to help write the EZONE grant
  • Feel free to join in discord




  • Limited early bird tickets left
  • Literally six tickets left
  • If you wanna come to camp: buy now!
  • Ern Halliday Nov 20-23
  • Next camp meeting on Wednesday

Quiz Night

  • Get your tickets!
  • Still some tickets left
  • Happenin' Thursday week (22/10)

UCCatch Up

  • Had tech problems last week
  • People busy with study and exams but
  • Keeping it regular
  • Fridays from 4pm

Study Event with Tech clubs?

  • Not much has happened

Relay for Life

  • Happened on the weekend! (Oct 10/Oct 11)
  • See #events in discord for link to donate
  • [AAA] not here to hype

Action Items from 2020-10-05


  • Spend all your money on events and report back
    • [PQZ] purchased quiz ticket
    • [MVP] bought quiz night and camp ticket
    • [MPT] will get through dispense sooon


  • [MPT] following up re: study night with other clubs


[MLG] and [BRD]:

  • Done:
    • Sort prizes for CH quiz night


  • This week...
    • UCCatch Up x Account Renewals

General Business

  • [BOB]: please reimburse me for the coke machine parts, and vote on the part missing a receipt
  • Motions passed, see above

Meeting closed at 21:10

Current Action Items

- Account locking
- Reimbursements on Westpac
- EZONE Grant pt. 2

- Talk to [AAA] about Relay

- Follow up with branding re: including UCC on adv comp sci page

- Hype EZONE grant VIP opening interactive stall writing
- Do evil things

- Find out if you can come camp!

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