UCC Meeting on 05th October 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-05



  • [MVP]
  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [HET]
  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]\


  • [BRD]
  • [AAA]

Meeting opened 20:07

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • No minutes online
  • Minutes are with [MPT]
  • Meeting was 12 minutes long...
  • [MPT] to confirm that next week

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Happy to report we are compliant with Aus Charities and Incorporations Act Requirements
  • Reports are all done with those
  • We should be the committee to do it...
  • Need to make sure we do not fall behind four years again
    • Reflects need to make handover good
  • Apologies for missing camp meeting
  • Have made a bunch of facebook and discord posts
    • These are about ticket sales for things
    • We have camp upcoming
    • And quiz
  • As always not everything got done
  • Event-related things have fallen behind
  • UCCatch up happening Friday from 4pm

Vice President's Report

  • Chimes in around 20:12 after fixing mic issues
  • Has f l e s h e d out an email that is ready to go
  • This has more information on the tech talk [MPT] is doing
  • This will be sent off to ucc-announce@ shortly
  • UWA CSDS Discussion about how to make UCC reach a position it can reach
    • Would like to schedule a morning/afternoon session
    • For a non-committee meeting round table discussion
    • Goal of discussion: what's going on in UCC
    • Culture, image on campus
    • What state UCC should be in
    • Where we would like to see UCC
    • The medium to long term actions required to see UCC in that direction
  • Would be good
  • Proposed session is for committee to discuss/report on improving club image and engagement
  • As a separate section in committee meetings so they don't get overrun with that
  • More included in General Business

Secretary's Report

  • Emailed EMS about inclusion on Adv Comp Sci pages
  • UCC wasn't listed but other techy clubs were, hopefully we can be added too
  • Emailed first aid again to see if they're running things
  • So we have more first-aiders at camp!
  • Been busy
  • Chairing a panel discussion on Wednesday morning also
  • Freeeeee breakfaaast!

Treasurer's Report

  • We still have money
  • Can give numbers
    • Community Acc: $3803.53
    • Cash Reserve: $5634.77
    • Credit Card: $332.32
  • Have been working more on quiz night
  • Need to figure out prizes for quiz night

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Sent apologies

OCM Reports


  • Been doing a couple of UCC-related things
  • Still not allowed on campus
  • (Restrictions are still 8am-7pm for non-campus card holders during the week and on weekends)
  • Shaved; not the last Winslade you saw
  • Re: STAR WARS: finger guns
  • Need to do what's best for the clubroom rant
  • Will be at quiz night
  • Will be at camp
  • Can probably be at other events with reasonable warning
  • Later proposes to do a LAN after exams


  • Have done nothing for the club again
  • Needs to be told what to do
  • States: "I have no initiative"
  • Has some assignments to do
  • Agree with [MVP] re: star wars quadrants
  • Also finger guns

Action: [HET] to initiate self-inquiry into level of desired self-inititative

Machine Technical Reports


  • Problems with the ucc web page solved by rebooting the webserver
  • The problem was coming from INSIDE the machine room
  • Nothing else ...




  • Vending machine progress has been made
  • There will be a cold drinks night
  • May or may not have some cold drinks...tonight!

New equipment

  • We have. Been. Given. A ASUS GeForce GTX 680
  • It's four to five gens old now
  • Free to a good home...
  • For the club or for members...
  • [MPT] moves to accept the donation
  • [MVP] seconds with a question mark.
  • Passes 8-0-0
  • Some discussion about donations
  • Consensus is that we have too much stuff
  • More discussions in General Business
  • Coming to committee later this year: a list of donated items to be donated
  • To clean up the clubroom...

Drinks and Snacks

  • Carton of drinks have been put in the machine
  • Will order a carton of still water

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • Soon to be checked


  • Next SOC meeting: Oct 20
  • Not sure when next busy bee is
  • Next theoretical busy bee is next week (Mon)
  • Club could do with a vacuum before then
  • Will be getting a tenancy agreement to sign from SOC
  • Sooner we have that, the better we are off
  • Elections have happened
    • New SOC president:
    • Eleanor White

Other Affairs

  • Things for the Dept. Commerce and ACNC have been completed
  • A reminder that these things exist and to not forget about them
  • Will be writing into the wiki what these events are


  • Can get tickets through dispense


  • Ticket sales for camp
  • [HET] may be attending
  • [MVP] new camps have been running great over recent years
  • If there are interested in people going to camp:
    • Are there any volunteers to act as RSA on the subcommittee
    • Also need responsible drivers
  • [TEC] will be sending out an email also
  • Early bird ticket sales: end Nov 6!
  • Camp is good, camp is running
  • No major hurdles to go
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/325134982052275

Quiz Night

  • We need to sell tickets
  • Early bird finished yesterday
  • We have sold a few tables
  • There's still a few tables left
  • Encouraged to get a group together to go
  • Groups are of eight people
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/642601790017490
  • There will probably be a committee table
  • [MPT]: Come to quiz night. The end.

  • Action: Committee to buy tickets for a committee-table

UCCatch Up

  • Another catch up this Friday


  • Some sort of a study night would be good
  • We have enough people with knowledge
  • Peer study night
  • Good opportunity to collaborate with some of the other tech clubs
  • Possibly book out some rooms with joint tech clubs
  • Will need to check plans with other clubs
  • Action: MPT to work with TEC

Relay for Life

  • We are at 30% of our goal of $1500 with UCCAnime
  • [MVP] won't be attending but will be donating
  • [AAA] absent but said buy ticket BUY TICKET
  • [HET] report back next week on how much money has been spent buying club related things

Nightmare LAN

  • Not related to halloween
  • Might end up playing a real game (is the danger)...
  • Might happen after exams
  • [MVP] would like to make another horrifying nightmare LAN again
  • [MVP]: wants to find a game so bad that the club can review it...
  • [MLG]: Cooperative dungeon crawl game want
  • [MVP]: Battle zombie shooter survival of the dead: lived up to ALL EXPECTATIONS

Action Items from previous meeting

  • Minutes hiddens
  • [MPT] will be releasing them before next week?

General Business

  • o6o7o6o76o57o67o5o76
  • Account Locking To Be Streamed on Friday

Discussion about UCC's Image

TEC and mitttee Discuss Engagement

  • Engagement
  • ...but not just engagement
  • Club's culture
  • Club's image
  • The way the club advertises
  • UCC isn't living up to the way the club could be
  • Sees a potential in UCC to be better

Computer Science/Engineering Students

  • UCC has the only servers on campus for a club
  • Students may be served by us better

[MVP] Comments:

  • Initial impression is biased
  • Have seen the clubs around us evolve and change how they operate
  • Glad we are increasing engagement with other Tech clubs
  • Might want to increase dicussions and promotion with the Faculty
  • Image has improved from how it was
  • Can extend project nights beyond one night a week
  • We probably should run a big 3D printer day
  • Would be good to turn it into less of a tool and more of a service


  • Gaming is good
  • Want to see more tech stuff happening in the club
  • Pushing back on gaming won't achieve this goal

Tech Bench Moving?

  • Could be put opposite the door as people walk in
  • Renovations could be locked in for this break...
  • Fix the items in the club room
  • [MLG]: "There is stuff under the benches that belongs in a museum maybe."

[MPT]'s Vision for the club

  • Would like a conversation happening at most points during the day
  • Each week running an event that draws a few people to the clubroom
  • Has been a compounding effect over the past few years
  • Pandemic
  • Club hasn't been back to how it was even at the start of the year
  • Fewer lectures
  • Need to work harder to draw people in
  • Three weeks to go until the end of semester
  • This is not a problem that will be fixed this year
  • But this is a problem that will need to be fixed next year
  • It will only take 1-2 years to get the club back to where it used to be
  • It's a fragile position to have to rely on O-Day
  • You can take it that you will get people join then
  • Had joined the club in first year and left
  • But then came back...
  • We want to keep people around from when they join
  • UCC's offering and goal isn't as well-defined as other clubs

Improving Engagement Report

  • In two weeks: We will report back
  • [TEC] to report back

[MPT] Reports about Upcoming Events

  • We should support our current member base by continuing to run events
  • Keep tryna run events
  • Tryna come up with a LAN
  • Wants to have a legacy beyond LYNX
  • (LYNX x LAN?)

Meeting closed 21:44

Current Action Items


  • Spend all your money on events and report back


  • [MPT] following up re: study night with other clubs


  • Email ucc-announce@

[MLG] and [BRD]:

  • Sort prizes for CH quiz night


  • UCCatch Up x Account Renewals

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