UCC Meeting on 28th September 2020

Minutes of Meeting 2020-09-28

M e e t i n g S p e e d R u n

Meeting Opened 20:06






Confirmation of minutes

  • Prev Minutes Exist (2020-09-21)
  • They are good

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Started doing things
  • Not finished them all
  • Wrote up tech talk descriptions
  • SM Blitz
  • Vending Machine Things are being done

Camp Things

  • No Quorum for latest Camp meeting
  • Tickets exist
  • Process needs to be explained
  • Promote event more
  • Note: As of 2020-10-27 event has sold out

Westpac Things

  • Went to westpac with [MLG]\
  • Bank Contact people are correct
  • Compliance compiled with accounts
  • Doing multiple things, most of the things that needed doing

Vice President's Report

  • Hoping someone would follow through on (tech) project descriptions
  • Will attempt to do
  • Upside on delays on this email, can include Camp
  • Nothing new to add
  • Reiterating what was said last week
  • OH! And Single Tear because no-one helped with project descriptions

Secretary's Report

  • Apologies Sent
  • No Secretary
  • Assumed Documents

Treasurer's Report

  • Apologies Sent
  • No Treasurer
  • Assumed Money

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Apologies Sent

OCM Reports


  • No Report
  • Relay 4 Life incoming
  • Needs People to show for it to work


  • Speed Run Report Tech
  • Up Down Left Right Glitch thru the wall
  • No Report


  • Did look at projects decriptions
  • Was spooky, so pretended it didn't exist
  • No Other Report

Machine Technical Reports




  • [BOB] (in the background): This desktop doesn't have Calculator installed

New equipment

  • Stuff Bought?

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT]: Will be ordering More Can Water

External Entities


  • Not checked


  • They still exist
  • Assume a new meeting sometime
  • Anything Else?
  • Silence
  • ...Moving On



  • Not running, study break and MPT Can't run this week, so probs next week

Tech Talks

  • Ongoing prep


  • Tickets Exist
  • Posters Exist
  • Event Exists
  • Could use a hand spamming Discord/Mailing List
  • Door Group Needs to be told how to process Ticket Sales
  • Tickets have since sold out

Quiz Nights

  • No-one from Quiznights SubComm Present
  • Tickets Exist
  • Event Exists
  • Door Group Needs to be told how to process Ticket Sales
  • *Event happened Thur 2020-10-22

Action Items from 2020-07-21

All [committee]

  • Send MugShot
  • Shared Handover Docs want work to be done on them

[MPT] and [MLG]

  • Westpac Done


  • Emails


  • Emails


  • Acct Blocking?
  • Waiting for [MPT] to return with edited list of emails
  • Memberships have since been reduced to 1/2 price for the 2020 season

General Business

  • o7
  • Silence
  • No Matters for General Business

Meeting Closed 8.18PM

Comments on Meeting


  • 12 Minutes
  • Didn't think we would get the time that low at the end of reports
  • Saved a lot of time on Events
  • Camp can be a real run killer
  • Sometimes better to restart the meeting and hope for better RNG
  • The Community (Committee?) still haven't decided whether No Treasurer No Secretary is a real category
  • Path doesn't show off the Account Balance Skip.
  • Treasurer and Secretary contribute a lot to the meeting
  • No Treasurer No Secretary really lowers the skill ceiling on this kind of speedrun

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 12:08 on 2020-10-27