UCC Meeting on 21st September 2020

Minutes from the meeting 2020-09-21

Meeting opened 20:03


  • [MVP]
  • [HET]
  • [AAA]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [BRD]


  • [TEC] appeared later

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-09-14


Motions via Circular Bot

  • Two motions passed

1. Cleaning supplies:

  • $20 for more cleaning supplies
  • Passed 6-0-0

2. SD Cards for 3D Printer

  • Needed new printer SD Card
  • Passed 5-0-1

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Cleaned UCC
  • Wrote email to Bre
  • Currently supervising project night

    • Vending machine being worked on...
    • Is currently being sanded
  • 3D Printer!

    • Printed a cup that drains after it fills to a certain point
    • Is working well
    • BRD helped to print
  • Westpac cards / Finances

    • Have cancelled all the cards
    • Except one
    • Need some new authorisations

Vice President's Report

  • Not here yet

  • Later arrives:

  • Done with mid-sems
  • Drafting an email, feedback welcome
  • Hoping to follow up on longer term tenancy things
  • IP block...
  • Attended SOC meeting

Secretary's Report

  • Needs to study

Treasurer's Report

  • Went to Westpac last Thurs
    • Will have another meeting this week
    • Hopefully will have everything sorted
  • Working on writing questions
  • Bought a cherry BLUEEE Mech Kb

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Report remains just general UCC-things
  • There are no freshers...
  • Helped someone 3D print something last Saturday
    • That print failed due to a lack of an SD card
    • Updated the wiki page for the 3D printer
    • To help with accessibility
    • [MVP] volunteers to be a moron for print tests

OCM Reports


  • 0 - 70 hours a week of Uni/Work
  • Has been Interesting...
  • The link has been dead for Relay4Life
  • Buy yo' ticket
  • RELAY4LYf buy ticket


  • I have achieved, once again, nothing for UCC
    • I have no initiative
    • Have been doing Uni Work last minute every time
  • I have not submitted the photo
    • Probably will tomorrow


  • Got to come to an event on campus
    • Then the event ended...
  • Also has not done the photo
  • Will be at UWA Saturday morning
  • In terms of UCC-things: am in the loop with camp stuff
  • Still waiting to come into

[AAA] semi-exits at 20:18 to vaccccc

Machine Technical Reports

  • No real updates here





  • 3D printer: Working!
  • Vendy machine is one step closer to being operational again
  • A couple more session to go til it's up and running

New equipment

[MPT] does purchases

  • Out of the $20 cleaning supplies budget

    • $11.75 spent
  • Out of the $25 SD budget

    • $13.99 spent on a 32GB card
    • Twas the smallest on offer

Drinks and Snacks

  • Vending machine should be back soon: stay tuned
  • No more warm drink special

  • From standing budget, purchased some snacks like chocolates

    • $62.20 spent to refill snack machine

External Entities


  • Not checked this week


  • No SPG moneys it seems

SOC Meeting

  • There was the SOC meeting that we all managed to miss
  • [MPT]: unable to check email so missed notice
  • Thanks to UniGames for the notice
  • Thanks to [TEC] for attending SOC Meeting 2020-09-15
  • Think they're running once a month
  • Let's try to not miss that next time

[TEC] appears at 20:25 to give report

SOC Meeting Notes

  • SOC Meeting: had been half an hour late
  • Name was checked off for the meeting
  • Was around to vote for new clubs
  • Three clubs to vote on History Club, CI (Chinese Information) club, Climate Change Action club
  • Clubs seemed to fail to distinguish from other existing clubs

Tenancy Inspections and Busy Bees

  • No inspection today
  • Schedule has not been updated yet...
  • Might be an inspection next Monday?
    • Stay tuned...
    • If you're door, expect Mondays for busy bees
  • We still have an EMP for Sat 2020-10-03 10:00 - 17:00

Other Affairs

  • [MPT] Will be submitting financial statements tonight


UCCatch Up

  • Will run again Friday from 16:00
    • Because why not
    • Will check out another game and play it
    • Hopefully because it's past mid-semester
    • Show up if you're interested and have time

Tech Talks

  • Facebook event is going up tonight
    • [MPT]: Because I always do things on Monday...

Camp Subcommittee Reports

  • [MVP]: We had a meeting!
    • We have progression on Leigh-based meetings (Guild Events)
    • Initial feedback is positive
    • Will link the food budget back to committee


  • Tickets: $100 early-bird, $110 normal-pricing
  • Assuming all 50 tickets get sold at early-bird prices
  • Costs are on a per-person basis
  • Aren't doing online ticket sales
  • Due to extra cost/points of failure
  • Will need to send through info to door
  • Things need to be signed
  • Things need to be provided
  • There will be a process
  • Will We Have An Info Pack!

Next Camp Meetings...

  • Next meeting on Wed 2020-09-23
  • Meeting with Leigh on Thursday 2020-09-24
  • More to come after these meetings...

Quiz Nights

CH Quizmittee

  • [BRD]: We have tickets now!
    • There are online tickets also, but these have a surcharge
    • Cheaper to buy in-person
    • Facebook events have gone up
    • Will need to send infos to door
    • So they can find the tickets

[AAA] appears 20:55 for ABIT

[AAA] reveals he knows nothing about Winslade

Action Items from 2020-09-14

  • Weren't appended
  • See Current Action Items

[AAA] leaves to get ready for work at 20:58

General Business

  • Westpac: cancelled the things that shouldn't have existed
  • Previously had Oscar Hermoso, Forbes, Thatcher
  • All had the right to have a card despite not being admin
  • Some weird third party access was floating around
  • Has all been cancelled
  • Had to cancel seven people off...

Motion to make a Debit Mastercard for the President

  • [MLG]: Make a Debit Mastercard for UCC's Westpac Account Number 321488 with James Arcus
  • Seconded [PQZ]
  • [MPT] abstains
  • 6-0-1

Motion to make a Debit Mastercard for the Treasurer

  • [MLG]: Make a Debit Mastercard for UCC's Westpac Account Number 321488 with Grace Rosario
  • Seconded [MLG]
  • 6-0-1
  • [MLG]: Abstains
  • We don't want too many

Motion to appoint all executives of UCC as signatories

  • [MPT]: James Arcus
  • [TEC]: Timothy Chapman
  • [MLG]: Grace Rosario
  • [PQZ]: Alexie Wallace

  • Seconded [MVP]

  • 7-0-0

[MVP]: Asks about When General Meeting
- Will probably happen later this year
- Account locking has to happen first

Meeting closed 21:07

Current Action Items


  • Get photos taken for whoismittee
  • "Mugshots"...
  • See shared handover Doc pinned
    • Things you wish you knew
    • Things new committee should know

[MPT] and [MLG]

  • Continue with Westpac


  • Emails


  • Emails


  • Accounts

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