UCC Meeting on 07th September 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-09-07



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  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC]

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  • [TEC]


  • [MLG]
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Probably Apologent

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Other Attending

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Meeting opened at 20:15

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-08-31

  • They exist

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • We got some good news to our email
  • Have confirmed from Guild exec that our tenancy appeal was upheld
  • Doesn't say much more than that
  • We're not getting kicked out
  • Seems to be worded as if UCC is staying in the same room
  • However this hasn't been confirmed entirely
  • Tenancy also have three additional rooms to work with in regards to their
  • There are still some unknowns
  • We need to sit down with Guild to work out where we're going from here
  • Will reply to Bre (Guild Pres) to approach the topics of complaints/breaches
  • We don't know what they are
  • We are willing to put in time/effort/money to make our room more suitable
  • The fact the appeal has been upheld gives us some confirmation
  • Need to know where they're coming from
  • What can we do to make this work
  • Will start with a reply to the email and see where we go from here
  • Didn't do much else...
  • Coke machine closer to being back together

- Will be sending an email to Geoff from IT
- Email Bre about Guild thing

Vice President's Report

  • Fantastic to hear that the Guild/Tenancy issues have been resolved at this point
  • Given the appeals process...this is the best outcome
  • The next steps otherwise would have been a pain...
  • Very happy we have gotten things resolved at this point
  • Fairly certain this (UCC losing clubroom) relates to the planned renovations for Cameron Hall
  • Might be good to discuss with Tony Goodman
  • Other than that: hopefully we can kick up some more engagement with the club
  • We have had some issues with this for a while
  • I think that we should see what we can do to amp up engagement
  • Plan on sending a newsletter soon, not finished yet
  • With the news that we got today...could time the newsletter to go out at the same time

Secretary's Report

  • Went to tenancy meeting 2020-09-03
  • Minutes were sent to committee@
  • Where did the last week go
  • Joined choir last week
  • Has PHYS study to do
  • ......which mostly involves revising what and when is a triangle......
  • ...but tomorrow: helping show people from icrar Saturn and Jupiter
  • ...how to procrastinate doing physics by pretending to know physics around actual physicists
  • Forgets what actual report was
  • Happy to hear the appeal outcome as we can now focus on MU(cc)GA
  • Put UCCatch Up events on Guild Calendar
  • Regular events to M(ake) U(cc) G(reat) A(gain)
  • Happy to run some more online Jackbox on a Saturday
  • Also wants to play Geoguessr
  • Misses playing Factorio
  • Is too scared to open Factorio because time will disappear
  • Save only has two trains and only two traffic lights
  • The railway must go on

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Sent apologies

OCM Reports


  • No apologies but probably busy with uni


  • Don't have a lot to talk about
  • Happy stuff is going our way for once


  • "I existed"
  • Doesn't have a pile of assignments anymore
  • Pile of assignments due ASAP has now spread out
  • Yay
  • Can actually do things now

[MPT]: I m p r o m p t u E n g a g e m e n t H y p e S p e e c h

  • Let's have a cracking 2020
  • Start of the year was crackin', then ... pandemic
  • Let's make that our 2021 goal instead
  • [TPG]: Weekly games night event again
  • Enjoyed the Jackbox game nights
  • Those were previously Saturday afternoons
  • Things will get cracking
  • Soon^TM

Machine Technical Reports

  • Not much new to report...




  • Corydoras
  • Didn't get actioned last week
  • Hopefully will be done this week
  • [MPT] to unchain it


  • Action: move working desktop into place of Corydoras

New equipment

  • Tenancy appeal u p h e l d
  • Valuable email was valuable

Drinks and Snacks

  • More vending machine progress
  • Might be done within a week

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • "How did a week pass..."


  • See pres/vp reports
  • Appeal upheld!
  • Need to do something about the 'compliance issues'
  • We still haven't had clarification on the issues
  • Glad to be in this position: we can fix the issues now
  • Can't fix being evicted
  • Action: [MPT] to follow up as pres

- Guild election comments

- The joys of no longer being a student...


Tech Talks

  • Next one is moved
  • Will be next Tuesday...15th
  • Event to be posted on Facebook/Discord

UCCatch Up

  • Has been started from this Friday 4-7
  • COVID restrictions 11 pax
  • We are running an event
  • This is nice

Camp Subcommittee Reports

  • No meeting was had last week
  • Still waiting on Guild EMP things

Quiz Nights

CH Quizmittee

  • No one from CH Quizmittee this week

Action Items from 2020-08-31


Committee is generally Ongoing


  • September busy bee has become October busy bee
  • Stay tuned for more

[MPT] and [MLG]

Not done
- Go to westpac to do things

Has been done via dispense
- Sort reimbursement to [LCY]


- Manual email tweaking
- Transcribe the notes from last tenancy consultation


  • Get this Newsletter started


- Attend Tenancy meeting

Probably not needed as [MPT] to send a general announcement email instead:
- Attempt a super basic script for account locking


- Stickers
- Friday event (UCCatchup Attend)


- Send google doc through to committee re: Camp items
- Poke people to review Camp budget

General Business

  • Door pictures
  • Pictures of the door
  • This wasn't really a discussion...
  • We want to have pictures of door/committee members available in the clubroom so people know who to poke
  • Also for approachability and appearance of clubrooms

Meeting closed?... 20:52

Current Action Items


  • E v e n t s
  • Send pictures for Whoismittee page needed for clubroom
  • Enter the shared handover document


  • Next busy bee: first Saturday of October

[MPT] and [MLG]

  • Go to westpac to do things
  • Check guild account for SPG?


  • Polite poke about how we can resolve any issues with clubroom/Guild
  • Send email about CLUBROOM and... include tech talks info / account renewals
  • Transcribe the notes from last tenancy consultation
  • Unchain corydoryz and shuffle some Desktops


  • Get this Newsletter started in heeEEeerrreEEE
  • After your midsems


  • Help with the things
  • Help make the things happen


  • Stickers
  • Friday event


  • Will send stuff through for camp things


  • Come to the UCCatch up


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