UCC Meeting on 31st August 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-08-31



  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC]
  • [AAA]
  • [TEC]

Other Attending

  • [TPG]

Meeting opened at 20:15

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-08-24

  • [MPT] Saw the minutes
  • Minutes confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Today was a rollercoaster ride with realizing ACNC obligations
  • We were worried
  • Have submitted the ACNC (Australian Charities)
  • Need a handover document so future committees can keep track of what they need to do
  • And be prompted to do it
  • It is unlikely that we wll be penalised as we have been acting in good faith
  • There is the potential to incur penalties
  • Best to make sure we meet requirements

Spring Busy Bees

  • Sent a few emails about clean ups
  • Facebook event now exists for this weekend
  • First busy bee for Semester 2: Sat, Sep 5 10:00-17:00
  • All are welcome and appreciated
  • EMP with Guild has been approved

Other Things

  • Other than that...
  • Last Camp meeting: Wednesday
  • More tasks got done
  • Closer to having the event approved
  • All camp roles are assigned to people on the subcommittee
  • IF other committee are planning to come to camp there are plenty of other roles
  • Trying to get back into the clubroom more
  • Will put up a facebook event to attend the clubroom on Friday
  • Will try to run more events from next week onwards

Vice President's Report

  • Wow it's week six...it does not feel like it
  • On a more UCC-related note:
  • At the wheel meeting on Saturday 2020-08-29
  • Lots of tasks that need to be done
  • These don't require too much knowledge of UCC's systems
  • Could produce some sort of newsletter-type publication
  • Something along the lines of: here's a bunch of tech-projects at UCC
  • Big issue is: everything that goes on technically at UCC
  • Ends up being internal wheel-will-sort-it-out kind of thing
  • Need to open up a lot of these projects to our members
  • No idea how sUCCessful such a newsletter would be

Secretary's Report

  • Called ACNC about requirements
  • Started our AIS Statement (Due Aug 30)
  • Sent Report to [email protected]
  • We submitted a grant for EZONE rebranding 2020-08-30
  • Hopefully we can refresh our O-Day stall branding
  • Wants video/image to ASCII on a terminal at a stall
  • So people walking past see themselves in code and stop to have a look
  • Submitted EMP for some casual hangs Sep 11 / Sep 25

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent over financial details for ACNC 2019
  • Subcommittee meeting for CH Quiz Night tomorrow
  • We still have money
  • Have not updated anything
  • Deep in assignment land
  • Very busy...
  • As of next Monday: will be done with the Intensive Unit

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Non-mittee are showing up to UCC now that we're sort of open again
  • Nice to see people using the desktops
  • Wondering about how many desktops we could dual boot
  • Created a Discussion on Desktops: see Desktops
  • Side effect of this: have lost train of thought
  • That's my report

OCM Reports


  • I've ...been doing Camp related things?
  • Did pop into the University for an Hour
  • For an event for a different club
  • The University still exists
  • Can confirm it
  • That's about it


  • Hello
  • UCC related: nothing to really report this week
  • Been mostly doing uni work
  • It's been AMPING UP
  • That's my report


  • Been doing Uni stuff
  • Has another three assignments to complete

Machine Technical Reports


  • [MPT]: can't remember anything relevant for servers


  • [TPG]: has isolated the ipv6 related problem
  • Will send an email to UniIT about it
  • [MPT]: to have a quick chat with Geoff/Paul from UniIT this week
  • Missed today as was busy with ACNC
  • Take it they were happy with the http and DNS stuff but...it didn't seem to go any further?


  • Graphics card fault on Corydoras
  • Probably need to reshuffle some of the gear we have
  • Computers sitting behind the desks that aren't being used that do have graphics cards in them that aren't being used
  • Should maybe bring our best equipment to the forefront

Discussion on Desktop Accessibility

  • [BRD]: wondering if people visiting the room want to use Windows
  • Restricted number of Windows Desktops available currently
  • May need to add stickers showing which OS is on which Desktop
  • [BRD] Action item: Put stickers on Desktops with the same operating system so new members attending
  • [BRD] Action item: Make Spec Spreadsheet of each Desktop
  • [MLG]: We can get this printed at Uni Print
  • [TPG]: We have a web service that should be doing that but it has some splice issues at the moment

UCC Branding/Accessibility Discussion Begins**

  • We want to improve branding
  • To make a budget for UniPrint items like stickers and Desktop specs
  • Aim to increase accessibility of clubroom to especially new members


  • [TPG]: I like the dual monitor set up, thinks it's very nice
  • Could use the spare monitors to also set up dual monitors on the east end also

Square Payments

  • Square phone is broken and keeps looping when rebooting
  • Current broken phone is a late 2018 Nokia 3.1 (See 2020-09-09 Minutes was in the agenda for the next meeting)
  • Will probably need to buy a new phone for Square payments
  • [MVP]: Most certainly a second hand phone that we can get that will be available
  • [MPT]: thinks we should do a bit more research before we budget for that
  • For for the moment : committee can set up square reader on their phone as they have access to the account with the adapter
  • For [Door]: If Square isn't working, ask for cash payments or help member pay through memberdb with square and ensure username is set up
  • Alternative: Members can bank transfer and email [email protected] after

New equipment

  • Comfy blue chair from Shenton House thanks to [MPT]
  • Compressor fan is on the way from [BOB]

MOTION by [MPT] to reimburse [LCY] for the purchase of two lots of paper towels needed to clean the clubroom
- Total reimbursement: $4.50
- MLG Seconds
- Motion Passes unanimously 8-0-0

Drinks and Snacks

  • Budget: $150 per week for the snack machine
  • [MPT] to get receipt to report on that...
  • Will do another shopping run this week
  • $45.20 on items for the snack machine from the UCC Club Card
  • Still have some spare spots, do we have anything else we want to put in it
  • Idea to have a graphic of the vending machine to tie in with dispense...
  • Would be nice to get it looking full

Coke Machine

  • More work is being done on our coke machine
  • Evaporator fans are also on the way out
  • May be okay for a while
  • $300 budget should cover some other things that may need to be done with the machine

External Entities


  • [MPT]: Checked
  • Checked twice!

Westpac Letters

  • Received four letters all from Westpac
  • One was about Grace taking admins off the account
  • Two from July and August 2020 which are Term Deposit statements
  • These mature at the start of 2021

External Mail not to us

  • Had mail to Mark Robert Anderson
  • Received written permission to open it
  • There's was card in it with Chris Forbes on it (Former president)
  • Dated 2020-07-03
  • Card being sent to his address
  • Urgent need to contact Westpac
  • [PQZ]: Had emailed Westpac several times in April regarding who is admin / named on accounts ...

Westpac Meeting

  • Westpac is still closed at UWA
  • [MPT] and [MLG] to meet with Westpac as currently they are still showing as the only admins on UCC accounts
  • Even though committee handover happened at Westpac in April this year...
  • For some reason it is ...still not processed
  • [TEC] and [PQZ] are added but just as approvers and not admin
  • Action for Pres/Tres to meet with Westpac ASAP


  • Tenancy meeting moved to Thursday
  • [TEC]: Shook.
  • [MPT]: Presumes it's 15:30 and can't make it.
  • [PQZ]: Will attend.
  • [MPT]: Spring Busy Bee dates sent to [email protected]
  • Facebook event made for these also
  • RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/386708645646993
  • All help with inspections apreciated
  • [MPT]: Action to transcribe the notes from last tenancy consultation


  • No word on appeals

Other Affairs

  • Aforementioned ACNC stuff
  • Contacted them and we are unlikely to incur a penalty for not updating details of new committee
  • Were advised today all committee details
  • Next urgent action: Incorporated Association
  • [MPT] muses about how interesting Western Power is


Tech Talks

  • Likely to be on Tuesday next week
  • First one to happen next Tuesday
  • How to Unversity Computer Club From Your Couch
  • How to remote access to UCC from your home
  • Online
  • Next talks: in person and streamed online

UCCatch Up

  • A thing is going to happen
  • Would like to do a catch up this Friday
  • Because why not
  • Have requested a booking in the loft for September 11 and September 25
  • Alllll Semester Fridayyyyys [UCC]
  • The one for this week (Sep 4) to just be a small movie night in UCC
  • Likely to happen between 4pm - 7pm

Camp Subcommittee Reports


  • Have been doing a lot of camp-things
  • Preliminary budget for the camp
  • Would like someone to check over math
  • Had been asked to stop doing university-level math at one point...so is waiting for others to check off
  • Need to fill a bunch of camp-related roles
  • Re: main camp things, Leigh from Guild Events has been bothered and will get us a real camp meeting eventually
  • EMP has had an initial review and has been updated based on feedback
  • We are closer to getting our meetings
  • Have settled on a poster design mostly
  • Will link the google document for the Camp Role roster to committee
  • Haven't yet had a chance to chat to door members on who would like to also attend
  • Can't "advertise" the event yet until EMP/Event meeting is approved


  • Next meeting Wednesday, not much else to report til then


  • First aid is expensiiive
  • $140 pp...through SLSWA
  • UWA aren't running any First Aid on campus this Sem
  • Or don't seem to be...
  • $50ish more expensive than Uni prices...

Other committee members keen to attend:
- [HET]
- [BRD]
- [AAA]: Has First Aid, but may have to work on those dates in Nov

Quiz Nights

CH Quizmittee

  • Nothing has really happened
  • $110 to be sent to UniSFA for quiz costs
  • Still updates to follow on the $50 prize item we would like to have

Action Items from 2020-08-24


- Sent an email about upcoming Saturday busybees and checklist


- Ezone grant
- Event hustle for UCC


- Info statements
- Follow up with Guild about Tenancy and appeal


- Help [MPT]


- Make FB event for big busy bee and do emp (Sat Sep 5)
- Send door email about busy bee (?)
- Do committee work in person at UCC this week


- To do Charity ACAN statement
- And help with info statements


- Continue being all over camp


- Hustle to help make UCC catch up /wb event

General Business

[TPG]: Major trouble is not here

Account Renewals

  • This will require manual coding
  • Some manual tweaking going on at the moment
  • Emails to be sent
  • [PQZ] wants to write a script
  • [PQZ] doesn't know how to code
  • It might happen
  • [MPT] to help


  • UCC-standard font:
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Source Serif Pro
  • What do members want to see

Panto Halloween Event

  • Panto are having a Halloween event that they're organised
  • Willing to give out discounted tickets to it so that people can go
  • Said they would share to our Facebook page tomorrow

Meeting closed 21:46

Current Action Items


  • Bring ideas to next week for how to make the clubroom more accessible
  • Update item from panic to hey this is what the club do
  • [BRD] wants to make it this Friday to UCCatch Up, woo!
  • [HET] Mayhaps
  • Think about starting that handover doc
  • Do the Inc Association Things


  • Let us know if you'll be coming to Saturday's spring busy bee

[MPT] and [MLG]

  • Go to westpac to do things
  • Sort reimbursement to [LCY]


  • Manual email tweaking
  • Transcribe the notes from last tenancy consultation


  • Get this Newsletter started


  • Attend Tenancy meeting
  • Attempt a super basic script for account locking


  • Stickers
  • Friday event


  • Send google doc through to committee re: Camp items
  • Poke people to review Camp budget


  • Relay teams?


  • Come to clubroom! : )

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