UCC Meeting on 24th August 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-08-24



  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]
  • [PQZ]
  • [TEC]
  • [AAA]

Full-mittee. Woo.

Meeting opened at 20:15

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-08-17

  • Four sets of minutes

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Busy bees and clubroom inspections every week
  • Attended busy bee, there was a checklist this time
  • We passed all the items
  • Not feasible to do a Saturday busy bee every week
  • Do need to vacuum and dedust
  • Should set some busy bee dates
  • Also should clean in the weeks between busy bees
  • Not much else to report on the UCC front...
  • Will publish Facebook events for tech talks
  • Attended the latest subcommittee meeting for camp, can update later

Vice President's Report

  • Haven't done any UCC things this week
  • Had a last-minute what do I need to do this week thought
  • Had asked MPT a thing, but no reply...
  • But yes...this week shall be better
  • This week: not frantically working on an assignment
  • Clubwise a quiet week

Secretary's Report

  • Guild ezone grant due Aug 30
  • Would be nice to get a new tablecloth for O-Day
  • Poster stand/Banner stand...
  • Still wants holographic UCC laptop stickers...
  • Need to think of interactive things to have at our stalls that the grant could cover
  • Maybe cardboard cutouts of the faces of billionaires in tech...? Photo-opz
  • UCCans: if you're reading this, what would you like to see at future stalls...
  • Haven't done much mmittee-stuff, had to do a big . . . report . . . thing

Treasurer's Report

  • Have also been extremely busy
  • Have done a couple of things for UCC
  • CH quiz night: ball has started rolling
  • Could look for sponsors...
  • Came into UCC today

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Made a ticket for CH quiz night
  • Waiting for more information to put on the ticket
  • Attended today's busy bee
  • One thing overheard was: if we wanted door members to help we probably should let them know...
  • Unfamiliar with busy bees
  • Got a glimpse of the checklist

OCM Reports


  • Hasn't done anything
  • But did this:
  • Observed the busy bee from the webcams
  • Two of them went into night mode


  • Non-club things have been progressing in a good way
  • Ran a D&D game in person! It was good
  • It was like running it online BUT IT WAS LOUDER
  • Will talk about club stuff when club stuff occurs


  • Is here
  • UCC-wise nothing much has been happening
  • Nothing much to report

Machine Technical Reports


  • Backup server is on its way to being rebuilt
  • Is more done than it was last week
  • [333] more 10 GB/s stuff being installed


  • Meeting with UniIT probably a good idea
  • Everything seems fine currently


  • Sittin'
  • Being used a bit


- C o m e. s e e. t h e. d u a l. m o n i t o r s.

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • Drinks machine still out of order
  • May need to put out a call to see what help we can get with it
  • Can't put all the work on [BOB]

Motion by [MPT]: Motion to budget $150 / week for the snack machine

  • Seconded by [MVP]
  • Passed 8-0-0

External Entities


  • [MPT]: Sorry to have to repeat this but...not checked
  • RIP mail
  • Hopefully not literally RIP'd


  • SOC meeting and tenancy meeting happen

SOC Meeting

  • SOC Meeting happened last week on Tuesday
  • [MPT] went to the SOC meeting on Tuesday
  • Will send out notes from that meeting
  • Items discussed: Club carnival, various grants, reimbursements
  • Reimbursement for executives: potential transcript recognition
  • Cameron Hall feasibility study results due by the end of the month
  • There will be an inspector coming in tomorrow (25/08)
  • There are three new club rooms being divided out
  • That is a separate process from the reallocation
  • However, will have to tie into the reallocation process somehow
  • Reminder also was to continue to social distance
  • Some other discussions about other events
  • Nothing that is immediately urgent or relevant to UCC
  • Quite a bit of money dedicated to wave two SPG's so hopefully our SPG grant will be approved
    • So we can fix our beloved coke machine

Tenancy stuff

  • We now have a checklist of items to tick off for busy bees
  • Neatness, tidyness...etc
  • Need a somewhat weekly schedule for [email protected] / committee
  • Suggestion to have a once a month larger busy bee
  • Suggestion to dedicate the first Saturday of each month to a large busy bee
  • Next one then: 5th September (2020-09-05)
  • [MPT] to send out a list of these things to [email protected]
  • Busybee next Monday at 13:00 (31/8)
  • Tenancy meeting next Monday 15:00 (31/8)

Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • [MPT] to publish upcoming talks on facespace soon

UCCatch Up

  • [MLG] volunteers to do catch up or anniversary dinner
  • [BRD] to fresher reprasent at one of these

Game Night / Movie Night

  • Fridays as a target for this to be happening
  • Aug 28 / Sep 4 / Sep 11


  • Leigh from Guild Events has looked at our Camp EMP
  • [MLG] is doing a camp budget based off [TAY] notes
  • Budget incoming, stay tuned
  • We have a LAN-plan of sorts
  • Overall: have locked in as much as we can at this point in time
  • Poster/ticket design being finalised
  • Need to wait for meeting with Leigh before advertising

Quiz Nights

Tech Quizmittee

  • Usual slow progress

CH Quizmittee

  • Things are happening with this
  • BRD designed some good tickets for this
  • Starting to make quiz questions

Action Items from 2020-08-17


- Send through COVID certs


- Think of events to do


- Info statements
- Tech Talk: Publish the first one
- Is it in person? At UCC? Online? Date? Time?


Shifted to [MPT]
- Follow up with Guild about Tenancy


- Webcam quotes
- Account renewals (Monday)
- Ad hoc in person event(s)

Failed to happen:
- Will be around Mondays generally


- To do Charity ACAN statement
- And help with info statements


- Hype the Relayforlife train
- Link has been updated


- Come into the clubroom


- Help with $50 quiz item decision

General Business

  • o7
  • Webcams!


Committee disappeared at 21:11

Current Action Items


  • Look out for an email about upcoming busybees and checklist
  • Will have a busybee on first Saturday in September (05/09)


  • Help with ezone grant (due VvVvvvV SOOON)
  • What would make our stall stand out
  • Event hustle for UCC
  • Committee-action-items-in-person possibly happening Wednesday (16/08) at UCC


  • Info statements
  • Follow up with Guild about Tenancy and appeal


  • Help [MPT]


  • Make FB event for big busy bee and do emp (Sat Sep 5)
  • Send door email about busy bee (?)
  • Do committee work in person at UCC this week


  • To do Charity ACAN statement
  • And help with info statements


  • Continue being all over camp


  • Hustle to help make UCC catch up /wb event

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