UCC Meeting on 17th August 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-08-17



  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MVP]
  • [AAA]
  • [MPT]
  • [HET]


  • [BRD]
  • [TEC]


  • None

Meeting opened 20:05

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-08-11

  • Were only sent today (2020-08-17)

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • No more updates from Paul
  • See Guild section for more updates re: tenancy
  • Had a think about a couple of events we could run
  • Read a bit more about legislation
  • Not too much to say currently - nothing to action this week
  • Has credentials for the Associations online account
  • We have access
  • Is currently at UCC
  • Missed the branding workshop

Vice President's Report

  • Not much to report
  • Nice news: someone from Data Science Club in joint UWA Tech Clubs Discord
  • General enthusiasm for potential collaboration in the future

Secretary's Report

  • Push all the minutes
  • Hopefully people can work out what to do with an email
  • Event plan submitted to Guild for Mondays 12-10
  • For UCCans that are non-campus card holders
  • Guild branding workshop last Wednesday: went to it
  • See pinned Word Doc in #committee-chat (Due Aug 30)
  • General advice (given to all clubs) was to be more consistent with branding
  • And to add 'The University Computer Club' next to our logo
  • Or just include it MORE so people can REMEMBER the name
  • Have to take the perspective of not knowing the club...
  • Helped draft SPG for vending machine (Fri 2020-08-14)

[BRD] flies in AT 20:15

Treasurer's Report

  • Thank you to [MPT] to [PQZ] for doing the SPG
  • We still have money
  • Have not yet made it to UCC yet in person
  • Plans to count the safe on Wednesday
  • Check: $4,049.18
  • Cash Reserve: $5,634.31
  • Mastercard: $77.52
  • Wondering: phone costs per month are $22
  • Can we justify it?
  • Deferred to General Business

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Came to UCC to help with busy bee
  • Lots had already been done
  • Swept up one pile of dust
  • Signed up a new member
  • That was fun

[TEC] appeared at a time

OCM Reports


  • Hello
  • Report wise: Not much
  • Went in today to empty the vending machine
  • Got the cans out
  • One can burst


  • Couldn't help out today
  • Haven't done much with UCC


  • Haven't been able to do stuff on campus
  • Tired of finding out about busy-bees from other clubs
  • Doing mostly good

Adjournment from 20:29 - 20:35

Machine Technical Reports


  • Backup server that lives off-site is currently at UCC and is being worked on
  • Will have a new system disk and more RAM by the time it leaves
  • Still leaves...what to do with storage discs
  • Still has a 2TB cap
  • We will have backups working again soon!


  • No updates on that
  • Some of the website host names have been a bit scrambled
  • Needs to be fixed up and documented
  • A to do wheel/[MPT] thing
  • Still things to do under the cloudflare changes


  • Had Zak (zv_odd) fix a sound issue on one of the computers


  • Backup server and vending machine currently being worked on

New equipment

  • System Disc SSD in the backup server drives need a replacement
  • [NTU] has a near-new 120GB $30

[MLG] Motion that we purchase the near-new still-under-warranty 120GB from NTU

  • MVP Seconds
  • 7-0-1

Drinks and Snacks

  • Thanks to [AAA] for emptying the Vending Machine today
  • Powerpoint tripped out
  • [BOB]'s diagnostic: Radiator Fan has died and needs replacing
  • Cost $35 USD up to $50 depending on which one
  • Could be a lot higher for a branded name

Committee discusses whether to budget a large $$ for vending machine
- Still need to figure out what fits
- Consensus was to budget higher, aim for high quality replacement
- Want to fix well the first time and not have a cheap replacement break

[MVP]: Motion to budget $300 for the replacment fan for the vending machine compressor.

  • Seconded: [AAA]
  • Motion passes 8-0-0

External Entities


  • It was thought about
  • Not checked


  • Things happened

Today's Busy Bee 2020-08-17

  • UCC is tidy
  • Omar had not been working off a checklist
  • Had said 'breaches' had been 'noted'
  • But we do not have notice of what and by whom and how urgent and etc
  • Hope we can work this through with Guild if there are issues to be resolved
  • Might actually be worth cleaning the stuff off the top of the Machine Room
  • Will likely put in EMPs for Busy Bee cleaning on weekends so non-campus card holders can come

Special Project Grant Application

  • This was to get items/help to fix our beloved coke machine
  • Sent to [email protected] and SOC-treasurer
  • SPG happened, submitted 2 minutes before the bell
  • Thanks to [MTL] and [PQZ]
  • [MPT] basically rewrote the draft though
  • Felt nice to get it in on time

Teh Tenancy Meeting Taht Happen at 3:30 AM Today

  • [MPT] took notes by hand (laptop died)
  • These will be typed up

Some things:

  • 15:30 was the start
  • Some argument ensued
  • Some yelling involved between SOC members...
  • Guild are waiting on some things before the next steps can be taken...
  • Omar yet to respond to a request for information about reallocation
  • Do we know if we are moving? Not really
  • [PQZ]: Did overhear someone say during today's busybee that we would be moving
  • Nothing has been said however
  • Maybe they said would have been? Maybe this was misheard?

Can has a divine intervention in UCC's favour please

The Tenancy Reallocation Process: When

  • The Story: We were denied a clubroom
  • We submitted an appeal in March
  • Then tenancy reallocation was suspended until September due to pandemic
  • Then tenancy reallocation was resumed at end of July
  • Then tenancy reallocation was suspended again
  • Now tenancy reallocation is to resume from next Monday 2020-08-23

What this means

  • We still don't know things
  • Any moving to happen won't happen until December or January - if this happens to any club
  • We have to trust in the process...
  • ...or just ensure a process happens
  • Worst case: have to submit more appeals
  • The case: more waiting for now

Other Agenda Items for the meeting:

  • Agenda items had been forwarded to us from UwaAnime Pres...
  • Some important things only...came...a few hours before the meeting...
  • These will be forwarded separately
  • Aside from the revised reallocation plan, other agenda items were:
    • Busy bee (they're somewhat weekly now)
    • Tenancy consultation hours (Thursdays)
    • Feasibility study about CH accessibility (to be completed by the 31st of August)

So, Information We Did Get:

Busy Bees: Every Monday: 1-2
Thursdays: Tenancy Consultation Hours are 11-12

[AAA] Left at 20:52

An example of the tightness of rooms on offer at UWA

  • UWA reaquired a room because it was spare
  • That room was being used in the reallocations...
  • Has complicated things more

Cleaning of Shared areas

  • Shared areas: Cleaning contract was brought up again by [TAY]
  • Omar has confirmed Tenancy will be taking control of shared areas
  • Tenancy policy also states Guild to clean shared areas

[MVP] On shared areas:

  • Tenancy tries to make common areas cleaned by specific clubs
  • Trying to push that back onto clubs is not fair
  • ...especially if there is a busy bee every week
  • Would like to just focus on making sure UCC is good

Tenancy/SOC Communications

  • Facebook confirmed as not the official channel
  • Emails should be sent
  • Hopefully this happens so we are all in the loop in this trying time


  • Had been allocated a room
  • Deallocated a locker...

The Point

  • Reallocations are causing tensions between clubs who have been told they will have a clubroom
  • However clubs haven't been given even the tentative plans
  • That is, clubs have to find out from other clubs which clubs have been allocated a room and where
  • Rather than it coming directly from tenancy
  • More information may follow

Other Affairs

  • Learned a bit more about the Associations Act
  • Information Statement: Not just finances but involves finances
  • [MPT] to send example to [MLG]


  • M O R E. O F. T H E M.
  • Ad hoc events
  • Have things happening
  • Let's make have things happen
  • We can happen things

Tech Talks

  • [MPT] will publish them tonight
  • Will start next week

UCCatch up by [MVP]

  • Wednesday or Thursday (DATE TBA)
  • Sort of like a belated welcome back
  • Find the source
  • The SAUCE
  • Stream twitch on our superior internet connection
  • Need to make this happen soon

Game Night

  • Committee to just be in the club more

Movie Night

  • Let's restart this
  • Thursday/Friday nights

Other event ideas

  • Zak suggested to run a security challenge event
  • Could collaborate with other clubs
  • Committee agrees this is a good move

[PQZ]: Wants to play Geoguessr on the Projector
- And stream this
- Instead of studying for MATH


  • Did not have a meeting last week as we are still waiting on budget breakdowns
  • Still waiting on updates about camp meetings
  • It continues...

Quiz Nights

Tech Quizmittee

  • [TEC]: Updates to come...maybe this month

CH Quizmittee

  • Thursday, 22nd of October is go time
  • Booked a venue
  • Need $110 for venue-hire
  • Have submitted an EMP
  • [BRD] is on light-mittee (org-side)
  • [MLG] is on dark-mittee (quiz-side)

[MLG]: Motion to put $110 towards venue hire

  • [MPT]: Seconds
  • Passes 7-0-0

[MLG]: Motion for $50 prize item for CH quiz night

  • [MVP]: Seconds
  • Passes 7-0-0

Action Items from 2020-08-11


- Think of an event we can run


- Will take charge of compliance related things
- Info statements, constitution, Charity statement


- Following up on the webcam
- Can get wholesale from Leader if we want a new one
- Help re: past Information statements


- ACAN Charity Statement Due: Aug 31
- Help with financial things for Info Statement


Empty vending machine


- Vending machine details for SPG
- SPG for vending machine submitted Fri Aug 14

General Business

  • Landline: Discussion $22 / month
  • Do we want this
  • Number is Well known
  • Number is Practical
  • Number is a UWA extension: 6488
  • Having a phone: people call to get let in
  • Internal calls: aren't charged

- Do we value the phone, or the number...
- Can call the security extension
- Simplifies the process
- Against having a mobile phone for the club (in place of the landline)
- Mobile phone: harder to keep track
- Ease of calling the clubroom rather than knowing someone who is already there
- Recommendation is to leave it alone until we are forced to get rid of it

[PQZ]: Generally agree is worth

Meeting closed 21:49

Current Action Items


  • Get AHA COVID Cert
  • No Food Eatings in clubroom
  • Knife and fork? No
  • Greasy things? No
  • Things requiring a napkin? Do not
  • Drinks are okay
  • Find the door briefing
  • Please take care with heaters if you are cold
  • Make sure they are put away after use


  • Plan minor events and advertise them to give [LCY] time to adapt
  • In person meeting next week?


  • Info statements
  • Tech Talk: Publish the first one
  • Is it in person? At UCC? Online? Date? Time?


  • Follow up with Guild about Tenancy


  • Webcam quotes
  • Account renewals
  • Ad hoc in person event(s)
  • Will be around Mondays generally


  • To do Charity ACAN statement
  • And help with info statements


  • Hype the Relayforlife train
  • Get the Relay team happening
  • Who on the team


  • Come into the clubroom


  • Help with $50 quiz item decision

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