UCC Meeting on 28th July 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-07-28



  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [MVP]
  • [AAA]


  • [PQZ]
  • [MLG]


  • [BRD]

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-07-21

  • Yeah, they look good.
  • Detailed
  • Good stuff
  • - Jarcus, 2020

Meeting Opened 19:46

[BRD] Arrives 19:47

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • My Report: Immediately cuts out
  • Sets up Hotspot on phone
  • Thanks for putting up with Spam Emails
  • Especially [TEC], but he also hasn't done the thing
  • Clubroom all set to go!
  • Done a lot of work
  • Non-Students: still not allowed on campus
  • We'll take it as it comes
  • We can probs still explore options (EMPs)

Network breakages

  • Another set of changes relating to ssh access.
  • More Phone Calls to come
  • Remarkably few things have broken but a few things have broken

Door Meeting

  • Only 1 person showed in person.
  • Details covered via email.
  • Main Thing: door members need to get COVID Certs (AHA Course)
  • Needed before they can hold the room.

Other things

  • Have bought cleanliness things for the club
  • Uncharity is fully sorted
  • We have a 3x3 gazebo
  • In the Machine Room
  • That should be everything

That should be everything for the meeting...

Vice President's Report

  • Has spoken to some people
  • Done action items
  • "Maybe I should help James with the odd thing..?"
  • Regarding Tec Clubs Quiz night: other clubs are quiet
  • UCC being open is cool and nice
  • Hoping for Stage 5 and guild changing their rules
  • Will people even be at uni?

Secretary's Report

  • Cleaned some stuff
  • Been busy
  • It hasn't even been a week but it's been a week
  • Physics assignment came early
  • 10 Mathematics lectures also?
  • Sent apologies but might turn up, unsure
  • Didn't show up


  • Donated ISBN 0-306-45621-4
      1. Life on other planets. I. Title: After Contact.
  • Donated ISBN 0-9586917-7-0
      1. Applicable Mathematics. I. Lee, O.T. (Oon Teik)

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies
  • Can't do Tuesdays

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Clubroom open again, hooray
  • Will try and attend tomorrow
  • Shame can get non students in
  • There is ONE FRESHER who is a non-student (so its relevant)
  • Still waiting on confirmation for Quiz night

OCM Reports


  • Not Done much
  • Waiting on Relay 4 Life
  • Been partnered with the same dude again, as with all other 3rd yr units


  • Things exist
  • Time off was good

Machine Technical Reports


  • Backup Server appeared to have just died
  • Latest is apparent Disc Problem
  • Probs need an SSD For replacement
  • Up the timetable on replacing it
  • Wheel Meeting this weekend


  • Network things happening
  • UWA is UWA
  • See [MPT]'s report


  • Some problems with power up yesterday
  • Some Members were struggling

Action Item
- [MPT]: poke [DIE] about this


  • [MVP]: Dead Webcam
  • We are out of excuses not to get that fixed
  • [MPT] doesn't want to be the only one doing things
  • There should be webcams in the box
  • If someone wants to check on that...
  • [AAA] Volunteers

New equipment

  • [MPT]: Cleaning Supplies
  • Has receipts, will be delivered to committee promptly
  • Spirits, Turps and Something Else I missed
  • Lge bottle of Iso-propyl Alcohol
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Surface Wipes
  • Total: $151.53
  • Does take us over budget,
  • Bought largest volumes, as it will be used and is necessary

Motion: To Approve purchase additional cleaning supplies above the budget

  • [MPT] Raised
  • [AAA] Seconded
  • No Objections
  • Passes 5-0-0

Drinks and Snacks

  • Coke machine still needs emptying
  • No milk crates were around

External Entities


  • Not Checked


  • Club Carnival is Tues 04/08 10am-2pm
  • Need Ppl to Man the stall
  • Will need help setting up, packing up
  • Who will be free?
  • Guild is requiring Campus Card Holders for Cameron Hall

Tenancy Allocation Process

  • Been over a week since they said it could resume
  • No Updates
  • Should we ask?
  • Suggested that we can ask for updates to take back to the committee/club?

Other Affairs

  • Confirmed Tax Statement of UnCharity Donation
  • Just need to chase up minor operational costs
  • (MPT: This Was a good event and happy with how it ran)


Tech Talks

[MPT]'s chooses Tech Talk titles

  • Coming Up
  • Topics Set
  • Will be Online
  • Not sure if presenting in the clubroom
  • Next Step is Advertising
  • Workshops can be in person
  • Would be limited though


  • Wanted to talk more on LAN
  • We are good to bring a server box -> Main PC to host games.
  • Not A question of feasibility anymore
  • Could Run Minecraft, Screen Cheat, Enemy Territory, Artermis
  • Will probs need a little more to iron out
  • ...To be Continued

Quiz Nights

  • [MPT] experiencing 30% Packet loss
  • Press F to Pay Respects

Tech Quizmittee

  • Need to hear back from other clubs
  • Have provided information
  • Some poking is in order

Rest of Committee realizes it lost quorum

...Meeting Closed?

Committee proceeeds to spam F in Chat

Meeting Closed due to loss of quorum: 20:38

We were not able to discuss:

CH Quizmittee

General Business

  • Meeting times?

Action Items from 2020-07-21

All [committee]

Door Briefing

  • Committee members who were briefed:
  • ...

- Get clubroom ready and watch [MPT]'s door briefing
- If you are door, please get the AHA cert!

- Website update needed; please review homepage and make suggestions in committee-chat and/or edit if confident

Club Carnival Shifts

  • Sign up for club carnival shifts (Tue Aug 4)
  • Sign up link is: https://signup.com/go/PhvHdLu
  • Non-committee members welcome to sign up
  • If you want to attend but don't want to use sign up, please message committee or email [email protected]
  • Will need people at stall and door members in clubroom
  • Everyone ended up being busy

Free Guild Workshop Sign Up

Committee who have RSVP'd:
- [PQZ]
- [MPT]
- ?

LAN games for camp

  • Report back on things to run during camp (what LAN games!)


  • Complete:
  • Decide on the replacement HDD for motsugo and who to purchase...


  • The Westpac Card


- Running door meeting Thur 2020-07-23

- Add committee members to door as per 2020-03-24 minutes
- Contact Paul and arrange a meeting to talk about non-ucc websites hosted at UCC
- Send all the emails or convince [TEC] to (tenancy stuff, [email protected], [email protected])
- Flesh out tech talks
- Work out Failtoban things
- Purchase more hand sanitiser for UCC opening with clubroom card
- CH halloween 2019?
- Network changes to be described/added to a page on wiki.ucc.asn.au


  • Do last Tech Talk!
  • Help [MPT] with the things
  • Put the talks on UTub


- Follow up on First Aid email...
- Still waiting...

- Account renewals
- Social media/Media Release/UWA CompSci recommended clubs
- Post [MPT]'s Tech Talks online
- Get rdy for memberships!
- Update socials once [email protected] email from pres is out
- Poke [TEC] about UCC YouTube UpLoads
- Plaintext the minutes page and add wheel meeting minute links


  • Confirm Charity Vigil Tax Invoice/Receipt from Zonta House
  • File loose receipts from 2017/2018/2019 (all in one blue folder) in appropriate spots
  • Charity Statement Aug 31
  • Draft SP grant for Backup Server and Coke Machine? (with help)


  • Give us the DOOM report

[BRD] + [HET]

  • Sign up for Club Carnival?



  • Prepare a rant
  • Come into UCC once back from your holiday! :)

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