UCC Meeting on 21st July 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-07-21



  • [MPT]
  • [PQZ]
  • [AAA]
  • [HET]
  • [TEC]


  • [MVP]
  • [MLG]


  • [BRD] arrived 19:49

Other Attending

  • [AJT]

Meeting opened 19:35

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • We have minutes

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Biggest thing: it is now past July 20th
  • We are allowed to now reopen UCC
  • Anticipate getting that set up
  • Ty to [MTL], [NTU], [LCY], [AJT], [MPT], [PQZ], [TEC], [HET], [DAA] for doing clubroom stuff
  • Sent an email to [email protected] 2020-07-20 about expectations for door
  • We have a COVID-Safe plan
  • Clubroom limit is 11 pax during Phase 4
  • An email to [email protected] will be sent after this meeting
  • Still a few things to do before we open, members will be able to be open to all by Friday
  • Door members will need to manage numbers effectively
  • UCC now has dual monitors!
  • We have a COVID-Safe plan
  • Will be meeting with Paul soon about UWA network changes
  • Donation has been made to Zonta House from Charity Unvigil
  • Still to confirm that split costs have been sorted through dispense and are correct (from Unigames/UniSFA)

Vice President's Report

  • Just did the last Tech Talk with actual planned content on emacs
  • Next week's talk is a Q&A session
  • Would like to organise Tech Talk slides in a way so it can be handed over to next year's committee
  • Could have Youtube as a possible target for Tech Talks
  • Visibility/accessibility
  • Club reopening: haven't been able to come in over the past few days
  • Looks like the clubroom is better than it was before the pandemic
  • Hope to sort a few more things over the next few days
  • Looking forward to [MPT]'s Tech Talks

Secretary's Report

  • Completed SLT!
  • Emailed receipt of Charity Vigil payment to Zonta House
  • Keyboard cleaned a bit
  • Started updating membership dispense logs
  • Will probably be around tomorrow/Friday for room/membership things
  • Had things come up over the weekend...
  • Also has an exam tomorrow...
  • Made two mistakes in crontab
  • Warning to future committees: there will be a meeting in (- -) fifty years on a Tuessday
  • FYI a 26588729 minute warning is 50 years, 214 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes, and 54 seconds
  • There'ss ssurely two misstakess in that esstimate alsso ^
  • I like to think of the dash dash as a plus so it's a future date
  • Might have some difficulties sending a message to UCC if <1974...
  • Also might need external help sending a message back that far in time...

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies
  • Has competetive laser tag on Tuesday evenings
  • Donation to Zonta house made ($1,781)
  • Receipt/Tax Invoice from Zonta House likely to come tomorrow
  • Went to the first meeting for CH quiz night: see events for updates
  • We still have money:
  • Westpac Community: $4,089.04
  • Cash Reserve: $5,634.08
  • Card: $229.04
  • 2 x Term Deposits still deposited
  • Unknown amount in safe
  • This will be updated when next in the clubroom
  • Easiest way to keep track of receipts is to email [email protected] for reimbursement
  • Encourages members to add relevant committee items to discuss to the agenda
  • Can add in vigenda on motsugo, email [email protected], or ask in discord
  • This helps committee keep track of requests for committee discussions

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Might forget about the meeting
  • Didn't though!
  • Is here
  • Was eating dinner
  • Had a meeting for quiz night
  • Is excited for that to happen...
  • Is back from down south
  • Should be able to hop into the clubroom
  • Thinks we should upload them to a UCC youtube channel

AAA disappears from 19:51 - 19:53

OCM Reports


  • Is here
  • Has not got anything to say
  • Remembers having something to say...


  • Hello
  • Haven't really done much
  • Haven't really done...anything
  • Been getting ready for Uni...


  • Sent apologies
  • Is away from 20/07 until 25/07
  • Sent updates about Camp - see Events

Machine Technical Reports


  • Pretty much unchanged from last week
  • We are getting a lot of log-in spam on motsugo
  • Failtoban needs to be adjusted/fixed from the upgrade
  • [MPT] to have a look at that
  • [email protected] mailing list has been notified


  • Really need to make an announcement about what's happened and what will happen in future
  • Wiki page creation of 2020 Network Changes might be needed


  • Desktops have been rearranged to comply with COVID Phase 4 guidelines
  • All of the computers along the West end have dual monitors
  • Other desktops are foldin'
  • Keyboards, mice, and other peripherals are packed away
  • Means that when a member uses a computer, they clean peripherals when taken out and put away
  • Shared headphones are not to be used at this point
  • Reduced capacity on desktops
  • Door to ensure computers are used according to club guidelines
  • If all six computers are being used, Uni work > gaming, etc


  • Coke machine is still off
  • Email needs to be sent about that

New equipment

  • Shopping trip to happen tomorrow to get more hand sanitiser
  • Probably need a few things to organise clubroom items
  • Eg. magazine holder, proper boxes

Reimbursements for cleaning supplies

  • $61.93 of $200 budget spent
  • Still need to get a few clubroom items
  • [MPT] to get with the club card


  • [AJT] purchase of cleaning supplies
  • Completed 2020-07-20 via bank transfer
  • Total: $17.55
  • Receipt is in /home/other/committee/docs/2020/receipts


  • [MTL] $5.00 for printer paper
  • [MPT] reimbursed via dispense on 2020-07-20
  • Total: $5.00
  • [MPT] has receipt and will upload or email to [email protected]


  • [NTU] purchase of cleaning supplies
  • Reimbursed 2020-07-20 via bank transfer
  • Total $43.93
  • Receipt is in /home/other/committee/docs/2020/receipts

Drinks and Snacks

  • Vending machine for SPG?
  • See Guild SP Grants below

External Entities


  • Not checked since last week


  • Opening date was going to be the 20th under COVID safety rules for Phase 4
  • Leigh from Guild events has confirmed access for non-student members following COVID rules
  • Tenancy process should have started again?
  • [MPT] will follow up with an email to SOC

Club Carnival

  • Is 2020-08-04 from 12-2pm
  • [HET] has nothing on Tuesday, Aug 4
  • Should be able to come
  • Signup link is: https://signup.com/go/PhvHdLu
  • You can add comments when you sign up
  • For eg., if you are non-committee but are on door, you can signup for an all day spot and say you'd like to be in the clubroom :)
  • This will help committee see who we expect to be around on the day
  • Can sign up with TLA
  • ...or message committee if you want to attend :)

Other Affairs

  • There's already a lot going on with current affairs...

Guild SP Grants

  • [AJT]: SPG could be for the vending machine
  • Idea to also use for a backup server as well
  • Will need to discuss budget with [MLG]


Tech Talks

  • [TEC] doing a talk right now on emacs
  • Almost finished: one to go
  • [TEC] and [HET] bond over org

[MPT]'s chooses Tech Talk titles

  1. Remote access: How to talk to UCC's systems
  2. Shell:
  3. Editing
  4. Version control
  5. Build systems (make or cmake)
  6. Debugging
  • Dates TBA
  • First talk likely to be in Week Two
  • Hopefully the people will be back in force
  • Could be tied in with a welcome event
  • Hoping to line up talks with Units at UWA and assessment timelines
  • Hoping to cross-promote talks with other Tech clubs
  • Workshop sessions may be included
  • In person livestream?
  • Could book a lecture theatre
  • Watch this space


Notes from MVP:

  • Next camp meeting is 2020-07-29
  • Are reevaluating the camp to see if we can have some LAN space
  • Traditional LAN might not be possible
  • Suggestion to set up a table or two for a smaller number of people (possibly between 6-10)
  • Suggestion to bring one or two UCC Desktops to relieve pressure on attendees
  • Need to figure out what questions to ask Ern Halliday about UCC's requirements for camp (like Powerpoints and Internet Access)
  • Would like committee to have a list of things to run at camp in like with how Oneshots are organised
  • Have a list of things we are looking to run (eg. Artemis or Warcraft 3 custom games, etc)


  • VR set up at camp?
  • [MPT]: probably not VR with COVID risk
  • [PQZ] remembers COVID is a thing
  • Can reevaluate later in the year
  • Would be a bit hard if second wave or Phase 4
  • Face sharing items bad


  • We have our own powerpoints, switches, desktops to bring
  • UCC can supply as much or as little equipment as needed
  • Could bring our 4G thing down or use their connection
  • UCC is used to having bad connectivity during camps...
  • LANing is for LAN games
  • Having things that can run on a laptop: is good
  • Suggestion is Minecraft as it's fun
  • Encourages committee to make a list of possible LAN games for next meeting


  • "I must leave."

TEC leaves 20:24 to eat food

Returned at end of meeting

Quiz Nights

CH Quizmittee

  • Quizmittee to contact the UWA Tavern about costs/dates
  • Will report back on last year's financial reports and minutes
  • [BRD] to email minutes to [email protected] so it isn't lost to Discord

Tech Quizmittee

  • Will return to this when TEC returns
  • To update next week

Action Items from previous meeting


  • Come to the clubroom over the weekend if possible to help get it ready for reopening
  • Ty to [MPT] / [NTU] / [AJT] this week for coming in and helping with COVID-19 Safety Plan and rearrangement of monitors


Not Ongoing:
- Banned member database

- Follow up with Westpac about club cards (ensure name is updated to current committee)

- Reimburse MTL for printer paper


- Sent a pres email to [email protected]
- Charity UnVigil payment confirmed and sent

- CamperonHalloween 2019?
- [email protected] email
- SPG for the coke machine?


- Help [MPT] with the things
- Streamline the cataloging process / help [PQZ]
- Get talks up on Facebook or Youtube


- Have sent a second email to the First Aid events team...
- Asked what information they need first to arrange a date mid/late August for training
- Obtained SLT Cert

- Learn how to do the acc locking Saturday
- Post social media pics for the engagements
- Fix dispense and membership payments (make sure they add up...)
- Follow up list of CompSci clubs

- Had something come up over the weekend
- Can do stuff post-exam
- Memberships post-AGM have been logged in dispense


Hasn't been in UCC yet but will be soon!:
- File loose receipts found in filing cabinet (have been placed in one blue folder and labelled)
- Charity Statement Aug 31
- Report back on Margaret River


- Help work out whether mini-camp-LAN is possible

- Has reported back on LAN and suggests we look at a reduced size LAN and/or bring UCC desktops to camp

General Business

[NTU]: Special Project Grants for Events or Initiatives:

  • SPG: opens 2020-07-31, submit by Friday 2020-08-14?
  • Answer is Fri 2020-08-14
  • Draft a document for revew and refinement in late July: upgrade of our backup server as a Special Project
  • Research and physical build or modification of the server
  • Ansible build of the software in a way other groups (such as Guild IT? could re-use)
  • Compare and contrast of the current rdiff-backup solution to a new borgbackup solution
  • Tech-talk or physical build/test sessions
  • Running over a simulated offsite network link with limited bandwidth


  • NTU (and committee): Upgrading the backup server as a Special Project sounds like a good idea
  • Requests budget the costs of that event (including a budget for the gear required)?
  • Can draft an application with that information


  • Homepage needs updating with opening date

[PQZ]: Motion to budget $100 for a 3x3 Gazebo for Club Carnival and Other Times

Meeting closed at 20:45

Current Action Items

All [committee]

Door Briefing

  • Get clubroom ready and watch [MPT]'s door briefing
  • Website update needed; please review homepage and make suggestions in committee-chat and/or edit if confident

Club Carnival Shifts

  • Sign up for club carnival shifts (Tue Aug 4)
  • Sign up link is: https://signup.com/go/PhvHdLu
  • Non-committee members welcome to sign up
  • If you want to attend but don't want to use sign up, please message committee or email [email protected]
  • Will need people at stall and door members in clubroom

Free Guild Workshop Sign Up

LAN games for camp

  • Report back on things to run during camp (what LAN games!)


  • Decide on the replacement HDD for motsugo and who to purchase...


  • The Westpac Card


  • Running door meeting Thur 2020-07-23
  • Add committee members to door as per 2020-03-24 minutes
  • Contact Paul and arrange a meeting to talk about non-ucc websites hosted at UCC
  • Send all the emails or convince [TEC] to (tenancy stuff, [email protected], [email protected])
  • Flesh out tech talks
  • Work out Failtoban things
  • Purchase more hand sanitiser for UCC opening with clubroom card
  • CH halloween 2019?
  • Network changes to be described/added to a page on wiki.ucc.asn.au


  • Do last Tech Talk!
  • Help [MPT] with the things
  • Put the talks on UTub


  • Account renewals
  • Social media/Media Release/UWA CompSci recommended clubs
  • Post [MPT]'s Tech Talks online
  • Follow up on First Aid email...
  • Get rdy for memberships!
  • Update socials once [email protected] email from pres is out
  • Poke [TEC] about UCC YouTube UpLoads
  • Plaintext the minutes page and add wheel meeting minute links


  • Confirm Charity Vigil Tax Invoice/Receipt from Zonta House
  • File loose receipts from 2017/2018/2019 (all in one blue folder) in appropriate spots
  • Charity Statement Aug 31
  • Draft SP grant for Backup Server and Coke Machine? (with help)


  • Give us the DOOM report

[BRD] + [HET]

  • Sign up for Club Carnival?



  • Prepare a rant
  • Come into UCC once back from your holiday! :)

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