UCC Meeting on 09th July 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-07-09



  • [MPT]
  • [\TEC]
  • [\PQZ]
  • [\MVP]
  • [HET]


  • [\MLG]


  • [\BRD]
  • [\AAA]


  • None

Other attending

  • [NTU]

Meeting opened at 19:30:59

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-07-02

  • Minutes exist and have been read

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Apologies for Running Away last week
  • It certainly has been a Week
  • Network changes: we have avoided breakage for most things (so far...)
  • UniIT have been helpful, some monitoring to do from now
  • Have started looking at Charity UnVigil, will be happening today
  • Attended first in a while Camperon Hall meeting
  • Has been in da club
  • Took home a server to play with
  • Things with that didn't go as hoped
  • More to report on below

Vice President's Report

  • Quiz night discussions: started, waiting to hear back
  • Action item: to follow up
  • TEC refers to his talks on emacs as esoteric
  • E S O T E R I C E M A C S M E M E S
  • Action items: extra advertising for next week's talk
  • Can't think of anything else to mention
  • Less than usual UCC-week for TEC

Secretary's Report

  • Extended EMPs for cleaning to Jul 13 12pm-10pm + Jul 18/19 9am-5pm
  • Waiting to hear back from UWA Media team about whether UWA would like to publish our [email protected] efforts
  • Will update soon
  • Will be in the clubroom over the weekend
  • Doing MHFA training tomorrow (Jul 10)
  • Doing SLT next week (Jul 14/15)
  • Has that exam soon (Jul 22)
  • Hasn't played Civ or Factorio in months ;-(
  • Account renewals: Monday of Week 2 as ze deadline
  • Renamed account locking to account renewals but was denied a motion to do so

Treasurer's Report

  • Send apologies for tonight
  • We presumably have money
  • Guild grants coming up
  • "If anyone has ideas for/events for semester 2 that require money, we should discuss and I'll write up a grant application on the weekend."
  • Committee to follow up on #committee

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Is going down south until next Wednesday 15/07
  • Looking forward to talking to more freshers when the clubroom for Semester 2

OCM Reports


  • arrived before 20:00
  • Has been here the whole time though
  • Telepathically tapped into [MPT]'s report
  • Talked to Samson about relay fo' lyf
  • Application will be sent in by the end of the week
  • "UwaAnime is the most organised club in UWA"
  • Title: UCCAnime Part 4: relay is unbreakable
  • Cool things we can do during the event:
    • Make a portable PC
  • Exam results came out: ezy


  • Waiting for guild minutes
  • Really been waitin for them meenutes
  • Thinkin' bout thos meens
  • Will be coming to do club stuff on the weekend


  • Is also disappearing down south
  • Things progress, things progress...

Machine Technical Reports

  • Wheel meeting Sunday 2020-07-05 minutes to be out soon


  • Well...
  • Boiiiii
  • [MPT]: Upgraded Murasoi to the latest version of Debian
  • Caused NO breakage despite rebooting the core rooter
  • Epic
  • Plan to use the spare server as the backup server
  • Will only take 2TB drives or smaller...


  • Somewhat in a state of flux
  • Transitioning from DNS to cloudflare has gone okay it seems
  • IT ticket raised with Paul from UniIT has been resolved


  • They see me foldin'
  • With them servers
  • Them exaflops running nice and sturdy
  • Added another server to [email protected]


  • Door dispense is enabled
  • Clubroom is not open for general access yet
  • Wait for the announcement
  • Second COVID wave in Vic...

New equipment

  • New DNS records?
  • Two Samsung SSDs [NTU] installed on the weekend
  • NTU: Keen to get the DNS matrix online

Drinks and Snacks

  • Coke machine lives
  • Everything lives
  • For a time...

External Entities


  • Mail from Westpac
  • However it wasn't...addressed to us
  • Will be returned
  • So technically...no mail


  • SOC meeting Tues Jul 14 in person
  • [MVP]: Wants great notes
  • Need to decide who will be attending
  • [MPT]: Will be attending
  • Action: committee to collate items to bring up

Application for SOC committee OCM are now open

  • This could be you

Club Carnival coming up Aug 4

Guild Grants

  • [MLG] requests committee to discuss ideas for Guild grants due soon
  • Action: committee to send this information to [MLG]
  • Before the weekend


  • Conflicing information here...
  • Will be following up the situation at SOC meeting next week (14/07)
  • Access to club spaces...will it happen, will we go back into lockdown...
  • Some changes to Phase 4/5 restrictions due to recent outbreak in Victoria

  • Motion to budget $200 for cleaning supplies for the various cleaning weekends and for general supplies

  • To be used from the UCC card
  • Seconded: [MVP]
  • Passed: 7-0-0

Other Affairs

  • It's hard to see past all these current ones rly


TEC Talks

  • Talk 4/6 next Tuesday from 6PM
  • TEc teCh talk on TeK coming up
  • Must see talk of the year
  • Last talk was on BBB, was recorded

Tech Talks, by Jarcus

  • Thinking of running these from Week 2 of Semester onwards
  • Idea for a talk on Systems programming
  • [MPT] to create titles/descriptions
  • Keen to engage students tackling these things in Sem 2
  • [PQZ] to put up on FaceSpace
  • [NTU]: Topic sounds great!
  • [NTU]: Michael has also volunteered to do a talk later Sem 2 on matrix
  • Infinite infrastructure

Quiz-mittees: 1 and 2

CHALL: Quiz-mittee 1

  • [MVP]: Still trying to sort a meeting time
  • The date has been put out there, but ...COVID....
  • Not really a social distance event
  • Simmering away...

TECHQUIZ: Quiz-mittee 2

  • Waiting to hear more from clubs...

Cameron Halloween 2019

  • [MVP] to speak to Jackie about this

Relay for Life

  • [AAA] has been on it
  • Info was above in report


  • [MVP]: to get food safety cert
  • List of banned members needs to happen
  • [MVP]: Do we have a fixed price pricing guideline for purchase of food and drink
  • [MPT]: Usually happy to purchase back items the clubroom would want at a reasonable price
  • Very close to finalising EMP

[TEC] disappears for five minutes

Charity UnVigil Payments

  • [MPT]: In progress still

Get a Prospectus

  • Ongoing

Account Renewals

  • Saturday

Action Items from 2020-07-02


  • Follow up Network Changes with Paul urgently tomorrow (Fri 3/07)
  • This ended up happening during the meeting - things are happening
  • Propose Tech Talk title(s) next meeting
  • Ongoing
  • Cameron Haunting-UCC-forever-oween 2019 financial reports
  • Ongoing
  • With [MLG]: Confirm monies for Charity UnVigil
  • Ongoing


  • Delegate tasks to [HET] things to do
  • Happening This. Weekend. Woo!
  • Possibly help [MVP] with the joint calendar...?
  • Ongoing


  • Confirm monies for Charity UnVigil (with [MPT])
  • Know requirements of the upcoming ACAN statement due Aug 31
    • Sent apologies
    • MPT to follow up


  • Finalise people wanting-First-Aid-cert list and arrange date
    • Have sent email to ask whether the course is running before Sem 2
    • Would suggest Week 2 or 3 to do the course
  • Look at new majors on UWA relevant to Computer Science
    • Ongoing
  • Follow up UWA page that lists relevant clubs and see if UCC can be included
    • Not done, ongoing
  • Send email to [email protected] about cleaning, clubroom (hopefully) reopening
    • Done!
  • Actually do account renewal things
    • A .csv exists, needs to be tidied and sent
  • Square fees: what are they
    • Remain 1.9% taken in person, 2.2% for everything else
  • Scanning and Prospectus
    • Will start this weekend
  • Dub over a Tech Talk
    • Audio has been recovered! Now to upload the video...


  • To follow up the quiz night / get chats started
    • Ongoing
  • Joint event calendar: create or find
    • Possibly follow up with [TEC]
    • Follow up in chat
  • Determine appropriate snackage buyback costs
    • Discussed


  • Report back re: R4L
    • Done
  • Become superhuman


  • Accept all the delegated tasks
    • Coming on


  • Prepare a report for next week's meeting
    • Done

Meeting closed 21:07

General Business

  • [NTU]: Please allocate a cloud-services budget, suggest $30/month, expected initial spend USD$5/month: offsite VMs, network traffic, storage
    • Keen to use network traffic
    • Acquire another network relay into UCC
    • $30 is enough to run more than one machine
    • Currently signed up with Amazon (currently have free usage from when we signed up)

Motion: [MPT] to budget up to $30 a month according to NTU's recommendation
Seconded: [AAA]
Passed: 6-1-0
$360 a year

  • Change meeting time from Thursday to a different day
  • Whenisgood will be put up
  • [MPT]'s recommendation: Tuesday evening

NTU: common memory doesn't last forever
- Review of regulations to do with groups
- New sign-up tweak, can be expelled
- Something to review in regulations procedure

Meeting closed 21:05

Current Action Items

All committee:
- Banned members list from UCC
- To help with clubroom cleaning EMPs when possible

- Tech Talks: Create titles, make brief descriptions
- Attend SOC meeting Tues 14/7
- Get cleaning supplies or pass on UCC card to a committee member to get

- Make sure FB advertising posts for next week's talk are up (at least two)
- Quiz?

- Media release
- List of recommended CS clubs on UWA website
- First aid certs/date
- Facebook posts/advertising
- MHFA to do

- Charity statement requirements
- Charity Unvigil payments
- Report back on grants
- Report back on your holiday down south

- Calendar for events?
- CH-quizmittee
- CH-halloween: follow up with Jackie?
- Also...report back on holiday?

- Relay the relay

- Report on the clurbroom
- Ask for more tasks

- Enjoy Margaret River!

Is everyone going to Margaret River?

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