UCC Meeting on 02nd July 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-07-02



  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [HET]


  • [MVP] 19:37
  • [BRD] Didn't announce arrival...arrived before 20:00?
  • [TEC] Is only on the late list due to doing a UCC Tech Talk ;)


  • None


  • [AAA]

Meeting opened at 19:33

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-06-25

  • Thanks to [MVP] for taking minutes last meeting!
  • They're posted now
  • Minutes are confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • First things first: The UWA Network changes...
  • Spent a lot of time over the weekend + Mon/Tue sorting things
  • The updated list sent to Uni didn't get used so a lot of things got blocked
  • Even with the Cloudflare proxy
  • Will follow up with Paul urgently
  • Paul later calls during the meeting...
  • Been a wild ride
  • Been staying on top of comings and goings of the tenancy things
  • It's not over
    • Tenancy: happening again
  • Also need to get back into running the club in Semester 2
  • Needs a Work Breakdown Structure for Networking stuff
  • Leaves meeting at 19:45 to speak with Paul from UWA about network changes

Vice President's Report

  • Just did a Tech Talk on Git
  • Due to UWA Network changes - couldn't use the normal link...
  • Only had six attendees, which was probably due to last minute change
  • In other news: we can talk about Action items and UWA network stuff later
  • Have been following up with Tech Clubs about quiz night
  • The conversation has been started!

Secretary's Report

  • Still studying for math exam
  • Contacted UWA about media release for [email protected]
    • Sent a draft through to the Media team
    • Will update once they get back to me
  • EMPs for cleaning/archiving clubroom approved
    • Please refer to separate [email protected] email about this
    • Email will also include details on CH reopening, Archiving/Cleaning, and Account Renewal
    • CH reopening 20th Jul (contingent on Phase 5 happening)
  • Suggest acc locking deadline Jul 31st or end of wk1 one
    • First round of emails for that to happen before next meeting
    • Committee later discusses and agrees that a deadline of the end of the first or second week of Semester is appropriate
    • That allows people to renew in person
  • Doin SLT and MHFA courses in the next two weeks
  • Prettttttty busy til late July
  • Wants to do a history of computing talk lol
    • Probably after October
    • Secretly wants to restart Journal of the University Computer Club
    • The 1990s newsletters were great
    • We can be great
  • In process of reviewing constitution and requirements under Associated Incorporations Act 2015 (WA)
    • Sure is a task and a half
    • Updates to follow

Treasurer's Report

  • I don't have much to report as treasurer today
  • We got our O-day grant today: $116
  • And we still have some money
  • Is looking forward to getting back to doing club things
  • Is going to Margaret River soon
  • Keen to apply for Semester 2 grants to help run certain events

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Appeared late, but when?
  • Forgot about the meeting, but made it
  • Report is: yep

OCM Reports


  • Things are happening
  • We're making progress camp-ways
  • Other than that - just have random video game brags...
  • Is good at card games
  • Brief MTG discussion ensues
  • At the moment the Teferi, Time Raveler card beats a lot of things


  • Can't compete with the 'yep' report
  • Exists
  • [TEC] offers to give [HET] things to do
  • [HET] is down


  • Not here
  • From Discord: Forgot about meeting but has been doing things for Relay for Life
  • Updates to follow

Machine Technical Reports


  • Servers tried to serve
  • Network issues affected the ability to actually serve


  • Further development with network DNS things has happened
  • Instead of whitelisting all of UCC's servers
  • ...which need to be externally accessible
  • UniIT did four of the servers - but the others were missed
  • [MPT] currently speaking with UniIT, hopefully this will be resolved soon
  • UniIT have been very helpful with the changes



  • [MVP]: We are but cogs within the machine

New equipment

  • All clear on that front
  • Backup drive discussion likely to happen in wheel meeting Sunday 2020-07-05

External Entities


  • Schrodinger's Mail
  • [TEC]: [MPT] planning to check it tomorrow 2020-07-03?


  • Approved cleaning EMPs for limited clubroom access for certain members of committee, wheel, and door to clean/archive clubroom items
  • [PQZ]: Confirms that campus is only open to campus card holders until July 20
  • However the EMPs provide an exemption for certain members who are non-campus card holders to come to the clubroom to clean!
  • Please note further info on the cleaning EMPs will be sent in a separate email
  • Common areas like CH reopening to all from 2020-07-20 (Monday)
  • Yay, clubroom set to be open for Semester 2!
  • An announcement will also be made closer to that date to all UCCans!

Club Carnival

  • Club Carnival: coming up on Aug 4
  • Volunteer shifts for committee to be determined in the coming weeks

Other Affairs

  • Charity Statement due Aug 31

Tech clubs at UWA

  • Still don't have anyone from Data Science
  • Hoping to get them in the Tech clubs Discord
  • [TEC]: We have new majors at UWA!
  • Would be nice to see UCC as a recommended club on that page
  • New Majors include Cyber Security
  • Starting from next year: https://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/majordetails?code=MJD-CYBER


Tech Talks? TEC Talks

  • The usual meeting link was down today
  • So was attendance
  • Couldn't update the link on Guild/UWA Events
  • Alt link on Facebook/Discord posted very close to event start
  • Hopefully access will be sorted with the network changes
  • TEC's Tech Talks continue next week on Tuesday at 6PM
  • Usual meeting link should be working by then
  • Check Facebook/Discord for confirmation on the day

Tech Talks, by Jarcus

  • [MPT] left early to speak with UWA about network changes
  • Likely to be discussed in the coming weeks

Quiz-mittees: 1 and 2

CHALL: Quiz-mittee 1

  • [MVP] Reports: Nothing has yet happened on The Chat on Facebook
    • Will follow up
  • Will be a tight deadline to meet early Semester 1
  • Wants to run the event the week before the study break
  • Would like it to happen Monday 28th of September
  • [MVP] wonders if we have a teamsquad event calendar

TECHQUIZ: Quiz-mittee 2

  • Delegating tasks within the Tech Clubs Discord is happening
  • Hoping to distribute writing of quizzes / hosting / etc between clubs
  • More updates to come on that front in the future
  • [MVP]/[TEC]: Would want the two quiz nights to not overlap
  • [TEC]: Might have to shift some events for Sem 1 2021

Cameron Halloween 2019

  • [MPT] away doing actual committee work
  • Has not been forgotten, stuff will happen

Relay for Life

  • Will wait to hear from [AAA] about this
  • Will be a joint event with UniGames


  • Subcommittee has submitted Camp EMP to Guild!

Itineray and Food Plan

  • Itinerary draft is:
  • Friday: Assassins, Book Club
  • Saturday: LARP, Console games, Quiz Night
  • Sunday: Board Games, Oneshot, Tech/TED/Rant
  • TEDxRant
  • Monday: Cleaning
  • Itinerary leaves room for extra activities
  • We don't have room for a LAN...so no Artemis at camp
  • Some budgeting for food still to happen
  • [MVP] to report back next week

[MLG] leaves at 20:34

  • [MVP]: Motions for committee to accept itinerary as it stands
  • [PQZ]: Seconds
  • Passes unanimously (5-0-0)

Camp talk continues

  • Still making budget decisions
  • [MVP]: Encourages all of committee to get certs like First Aid
  • [MVP]: What do do with the excess camp snacks
    • Usually bought back by the clubs
    • Some we could put in the vending machine
    • [PQZ]: Would be good to plan camp snacks around vending-machine-appropriate snackage...
  • Action item: [MVP] to determine appropriate snackage buyback

Camp Tickets

  • Tickets to be sold to current members of UCC only
  • However as it is a joint camp - need to make sure attendees are not banned from any of the clubs
  • Will require us to make a list

Action: [PQZ] / [MVP] to sort

General Business

Charity UnVigil Payments

  • [MPT] to confirm next week

Get a Prospectus

  • [MPT]: may have a draft somewhere
  • Can use some of the tenancy documents in this
  • [PQZ]: Keen to scan historical documents which may help with this

Account Renewals

  • Committee agreed that the end of week one or two of semester would be a suitable deadline
  • This allows people to renew in person
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emails to happen before next meeting

Square Fees

  • [MVP]: requested knowledge of Square processing fees
  • [PQZ]: had heard processing fees for Square have recently gone up
  • Action item: [PQZ]: to update committee with current Square fees

Merged June Action Items

All Committee

  • Have two weeks off
  • Yes
  • Any UCCans who want to do first aid - email [email protected]
  • Discussed during meeting - [TEC] / [HET] are tentatively thinking about saving your life


  • [MPT]/[MVP] to add [BRD] to C-Hall Quizmittee chat.
  • Done by MVP

Not (yet) Done:
- Email [email protected] about the 2x 12 TB drives (which ones)
- Note - NTU: had mentioned getting >12 TB
- Updates likely to come after wheel meeting
- Confirm Charity UnVigil Payment
- Check dates/clashes with PCS / other Tech Clubs for events
- MPT has been busy with Network Changes
- Some of these tasks to be delegated next meeting


  • To provide rough details on Itinerary and Food Plan to Committee-Confidential
  • Done
  • To Update SubCommittee with outcomes (Do Subcommittee things)
  • Done
  • [MPT]/[MVP] to add [BRD] to C-Hall Quizmittee chat.
  • Done


  • To Try to start a dialogue for Tech Club Quiz Night
  • Done


  • To speak with UWAnime about Relay4Life
  • Ongoing?


  • To do Guild Leadership Training + Guild MHFA Certs
  • Happening July!
  • Also get the ball rolling on membership locking before Jul 2 meeting
  • ;( ongoing
  • Sort out membership logs on dispense (clubroom closure fun times) + acc locking
  • To provide info to [email protected] before Sunday
  • Now that we sort of have a date for reopening - this will be happening before next meeting


  • Accept quizmittee nomination
  • Done

Meeting closed 21:07

Current Action Items


  • Follow up Network Changes with Paul urgently tomorrow (Fri 3/07)
  • This ended up happening during the meeting - things are happening
  • Propose Tech Talk title(s) next meeting
  • Cameron Haunting-UCC-forever-oween 2019 financial reports
  • With [MLG]: Confirm monies for Charity UnVigil


  • Delegate tasks to [HET] things to do
  • Possibly help [MVP] with the joint calendar...?


  • Confirm monies for Charity UnVigil (with [MPT])
  • Know requirements of the upcoming ACAN statement due Aug 31


  • Finalise people wanting-First-Aid-cert list and arrange date
  • Look at new majors on UWA relevant to Computer Science
  • Follow up UWA page that lists relevant clubs and see if UCC can be included
  • Send email to [email protected] about cleaning, clubroom (hopefully) reopening
  • Actually do account renewal things
  • Square fees: what are they
  • Scanning and Prospectus
  • Dub over a Tech Talk


  • To follow up the quiz night / get chats started
  • Joint event calendar: create or find
    • Possibly follow up with [TEC]
  • Determine appropriate snackage buyback costs


  • Report back re: R4L


  • Accept all the delegated tasks


  • Prepare a report for next week's meeting

Meeting closed 21:07

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 23:04 on 2020-07-02