UCC Meeting on 25th June 2020

Committee Meeting Minutes - Thursday 2020-06-25 19:30


  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [MVP]
  • [BRD]
  • [AAA]
  • [HET]


  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]

Meeting opened 19:52

Confirmation of Previous Minutes

  • ongoing (out as of 26/06, but we got 2x lots of minutes to be confirmed Jul 2)



  • Needs minutes to get things done
  • 2 weeks off has been 2 weeks off
  • Had some Technical issues in lead up to minutes
  • Been contacted about multiple things
  • Hopes everyone's exams have gone fine


  • Have done nothing since last meeting
  • Just done TEC-talk
  • Went well, but would appreciate more feedback. This tends to happen
  • Otherwise, holidays and have time to do stuff

Would like to see a conversation about Tenancy
- Processing Appeals?
- Wants to be proactive.
- Given whats been said...
- How do we expect to this go?
- What do we need to prepare for

Other Tech clubs discord
- Discord exists for Other tech clubs
- For the purpose of cross club collab
- PCS: https://pcs.org.au/
- CFC: https://codersforcauses.org/landing
- Hope this will foster further collaboration


  • Apologies sent
  • Crontab be unhashed
  • Will have to start account locking even tho clubroom closed :(
  • Hope you're feeling better soon
  • ty, stained neck is a weird injury
  • still studying for an exam in late july


  • Apologies sent


  • Not much going on.
  • COVID-19 restrictions being lifted
  • Hope it means room access soon.
  • Added to door but haven't been to clubroom since



  • Was only actioned to do well in exams
  • Can't say for certain
  • Drank 3L of milk today.
  • Keen for Relay4Life


  • Thinks did well in exam
  • Nothing for club
  • Built ARMA mod and it was a pain
  • Complains about ARMA modding


  • Has been doing things
  • Sub-Committees, Mostly
  • Wears a headset all day so looking forward to meetings in person

Machine Technical Reports


  • Sever weather warning all week


  • Further developments with Network DNS things have happened
  • Continued Progress
  • Better understanding with Uni IT
  • Thanks to Guild President Bre
  • Things are looking better for us
  • Have CloudFlare sub-account from Uni-IT
  • Will have fairly high level of control
  • Have been set up with accounts within broader UWA enterprise (edit: Cloudflare Enterprise) set up
  • Should be able to retain all domains


  • Quick check on webcams?
  • Still Present


New Equipment

  • New SSDs x 2
  • (edit: primarily for matrix storage, but can be added to for other use)
  • More details this week

External Entities


  • Still not checked
  • Planning a check on it tomorrow


  • Next Meeting: Aug 4
  • UPDATE: Possibly happening sooner - check Jul 2 minutes when out
  • Same day as Club Carnival
  • Access to clubroom unlikely to change (Phase 4 is happening though)
  • Advice from Leigh is that events planned for Sem 2 should happen
  • If we want access to clean/archive, we should lodge an EMP

Cameron Hall Access during COVID

  • UWAnime Room was found to be open...
  • Space was used as a study room
  • No-one has signed out the key
  • People have been using CAMERON HALL as a space
  • Students and clubs weren't told
  • Card access has still available.
  • Cardlocks are making the building less secure

Other Affairs

  • Charity Statement due Aug 31

Tech Clubs Discord

  • For Cross Promotion!
  • Encourage Committee to join


Tech Talks? TEC Talks

Tech Talks, by Jarcus

  • No New Updates
  • Will present proposal for the next meeting
  • Needs to just get around to doing it

Action Item: [MPT] to Have a proposal for Tech Talks for Next Meeting


CHALL: Still early stages

  • Add [BRD] to that chat.
  • Plan stuff and discuss feasiblity
  • 1st half of Sem 2

TECH: Idea getting throwing it around

  • Contact with Tech clubs is happening
  • See Collab Discord

Action Item: [TEC]: Try to start a dialogue for Tech Club Quiz Night

Cameron Halloween 2019

  • Has gone on for so long that new committee believe it is all finalised and has access to documents
  • [MPT]: Continue be all on that

Relay for Life


  • A lot of skeleton work done
  • Need more information before we can start locking things in.

In The Event of Loss

  • A discussion


  • Not deciding split, Deciding How it is managed
  • Feel the correct decision is to take it outside the subcommittees hands
  • They (subcommittee) cannot manage budgets for clubs, I feel they cannot agree to costs for other clubs
  • Few cases where it would be one clubs fault specifically
  • Only feel if there is a definitive answer.
  • Eftpos case is a good example.
  • Cautionary Tale for making sure actions taken are from subcommittee meetings


  • Want to take splitting costs back to the committee
  • Gives time to cool down, if tempers flare
  • Ensures that the most information is available
  • Subcommittee can't agree to costs for anything else
  • Also concerned about voting power
  • Not always practical to get replacement reps
  • There are rules for if members are not available, but they don't impart costs on clubs


  • advises that veto voting is problematic
  • clubs could push back on decisions that negatively impact them
  • won't resolve issues, and creates long dramas.
  • want it to be amiable
  • hoping the situation doesn't arise
  • if it does its something that can be split evenly

[MVP] shifts position
Minds can be changed

Splitting loss

In the case where a joint event runs at a loss:
- Subcommittee would be empowered to distribute costs between the clubs
- However, UCC would want decisions to be made by a full subcommittee
- In the case of CAMP, 3 reps per club present
- This does not have to be original subcommitte members
- If a decision is not reached promptly, case should be referred to committee

Using the Charity UnVigil Portal for camp

  • [MPT] thinks it could be done
  • Wants to get it double checked/cleaned up
  • Get it Peer-Reviewed
  • Major time committment

Supplementary Camp Roles

Extra RSA hands

  • [BRD] has a RSA
  • Would like to attend
  • [MVP] explains camp RSA role

Extra Food Hands

[MPT] Volunteers for Food
- Has Food Safety Cert
- Has COVID-19 Hygiene Cert

Extra healing hands

  • [HET] is prepared to get a First Aid

Itineray and Food Plan

  • Discussion ongoing
  • [MVP] to provide rough details to Committee-Confidential
  • (Still planning stages, all TBA)

Banned Members attending camp

  • If banned from one club, do we stop them from buying a ticket from another
  • We do not speculate or infer why people are banned (heads to defamation territory)
  • Subcommittee also to discuss
  • Committee in agreement that it is a joint event; a person banned from one club at a joint event cannot attend

Action Item: [MVP]: Update SubCommittee with outcomes

o7 General Business o7

Charity UnVigil Payments

[DIE]: Can we confirm the Charity UnVigil Payments?
- [MPT]: Can confirm. Will Confirm

Get a Prospectus

  • Threw out the idea of getting new sponsors
  • [MPT] may have a draft somewhere
  • Could grab stuff out of the tenancy docs
  • We agree it should be worked on but workload is high
  • Will come back to it

New Action Items


  • To Have a proposal for Tech Talks for Next Meeting
  • To Continue be all on Cameron Hall-oween 2019 financial reports
  • [MPT]/[MVP] to add [BRD] to C-Hall Quizmittee chat.
  • [MPT] to Confirm Charity UnVigil Payment


  • To provide rough details on Itinerary and Food Plan to Committee-Confidential
  • To Update SubCommittee with outcomes (Do Subcommittee things)
  • [MPT]/[MVP] to add [BRD] to C-Hall Quizmittee chat.


  • To Try to start a dialogue for Tech Club Quiz Night


  • To speak with UWAnime about Relay4Life


  • Will start acc locking process
  • Relay for life UCC event pages?


There were some from Prev Meeting

  • Can't confirm atm

Things that were listed in Prev meeting:


  • Email [email protected] about the 2x 12 TB HDD drives (which ones to get)
  • Make sure [MLG] has relevant infos for Charity unVigil
  • Check dates/clashes with PCS / other Tech Clubs for events
  • All committee can also do this!


  • Did first tech talk!


  • To do Guild Leadership Training + Guild MHFA Certs (Happening July!)
  • Also get the ball rolling on membership locking before Jul 2 meeting
  • Sort out membership logs on dispense (clubroom closure fun times)


  • Accept quizmittee nomination (done)

Thanks to [MVP] for taking Thursday's minutes

Meeting Closed at 21:38

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 12:23 on 2020-06-29