UCC Meeting on 04th June 2020

Attendance 2020-06-04


  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [MVP]
  • [AAA]
  • [HET]


  • [TEC]
  • [BRD]
  • [PQZ]

Meeting opened 19:37

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-05-28

  • Confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Will be finaizing the electronic donations and sending off the money
    for Charity unVigil tomorrow
  • Renewed the aberfoyle.net.au domain for the IP range, will need reimbursing
    later once it's all sorted
  • Went camping for a night on the weekend, that was nice I guess
  • That's about it this week
  • First camp subcommittee meeting this weekend

Vice President's Report

  • Apologies

Secretary's Report

  • Signed up for Leadership Training (Jul 14/15)
  • Completed COVID-19 Hygiene Course
  • Apologies

Treasurer's Report

  • Did nothing for UCC, busy prepping for exams
  • Got an exetension, yay!

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Apologies

OCM Reports


  • Also did nothing, forgot about last week's meeting
  • Exams are a thing
  • Nothing to report


  • Works is work is work is work
  • Am doing some UCC things, nothing's done yet, will cover later

Machine Technical Reports

  • Nothing new to report

New equipment

  • Nothing new to report

External Entities


  • Probably time to check again, not done yet
  • [MPT] will check tomorrow


  • No new developments, it's been rather quiet
  • Reminder to people to do SLT if they can

Other Affairs

  • Meeting with UWA IT & Bre (Guild Pres) is next Wednesday (10th)
    • [MPT] and [TPG] have been invited
    • Further discussion and preparation for the network changes
  • For anyone interested, there is a free COVID-19 Hygeine Course online
  • See https://hospitalityhygiene.com


Tech Talks

  • [TEC] to do a series: Streamlined Documents
  • All to be held online at:
  • https://meetings.ucc.asn.au/b/tec-mzh-h9w

  • [MPT] would like to do some in Sem 2, will send a proposal through

    • Plan to start the week after [TEC]'s in Week 2


  • Date: Thursday, June 25
  • Time: 18:00


  • Date: Thursday, July 2
  • Time: 18:00


  • Date: Tuesday, July 7
  • Time: 18:00


  • Date: Tuesday, July 14
  • Time: 18:00


  • Date: Tuesday, July 21
  • Time: 18:00

Workflow + Q&A

  • Date: Tuesday, July 28
  • Time: 18:00


  • [TEC] sent email 2020-05-28 to some Tech Clubs
  • PCS replied, haven't heard back from anyone else


  • Discord exists for campmittee
  • Haven't had first meeting, that's Saturday 12 pm
  • People have started supplying certs, shouldn't be struggling
  • EMP has been started

Winslade bounces out and back in at 19:56

Charity unVigil

  • Donation - to be done tomorrow
  • Need to verify the transactions against the Square account first
  • Apparently AWS RDS charges you for backups by default
    • [MPT] is grumpy about his $0.07, but will eat the cost :-)
  • Handover! Definitely needs documentation, as a very novel event
    • Especially the donations portal

[HET] arrives 20:02

Action Items from 2020-05-28

All committee:

  • Read wheel minutes
    • Ongoing

Quizmittee (Tech: TEC / MLG ; CH: MVP / BRD)

  • Report back on subcommittee formations and any happenings
    • No happenings yet

Campmittee (MVP / MPT / PQZ)

  • Report back with any happenings
    • Happening, see elsewhere


  • Attend MS Teams meeting with Bre/Geoff about network changes
    • Rescheduled
  • Email [email protected] about 2* 12 TB and other matters
    • Not done
  • Send MLG the information
    • Not done
  • Choose dates for Tech Talks in Semester 2 / ensure no clash with PCS
    • Not done


  • Make short descriptions of all TEC talks to help with online advertising
    • Done
  • Guild leadership training?
    • Not done? In progress?


  • Put wheel minutes online
    • Done 2020-06-01
  • Put TEC's TEC talks up as online events
    • Pending as drafts
  • Also look into the Guild Leadership training
    • Signed up for Jul 14/15 course
  • Sort out member logs on dispense
    • Not done


  • Transfer charity monies when the right info is received
    • Ongoing


  • Formally accept quizcommittee nomination over voice chat
    • Absent...


  • ...

General Business

First Aid Certificates

  • First aid course through Guild / Event Health Management
  • $85 each if we can get a group of 8

Next meeting

  • Exam time next two weeks
  • We'll suspend meetings for that time, unless anything specific comes up
  • (Minutes for meeting held 2020-06-25 to be sent shortly)

Committee wishes everyone good luck for exams!

Meeting closed 20:08

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 14:36 on 2020-06-26