UCC Meeting on 21st May 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-05-21



  • [MPT]
  • [TEC]
  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MVP]
  • [HET]
  • [BRD]
  • [AAA]


  • None


  • None

Other Attendees

  • [NTU]

Meeting opened at 19:37 AKA 7:37!

Circular Motions

  • Motion to budget $150 for 4G data sim card
  • 4/8 votes - didn't pass
  • Needed 5 votes

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • They exist, they are good

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Main thing: CHARITY UNVIGIL
  • Was a massive success!
  • Raised the most we've raised at a Charity Vigil probably ever
  • Nearly $1,800 for CHARITY!
  • Need to sort donations on Square
  • Costs incurred: $3.29 for the website domain
  • Ended up using our own servers for games - so no cost there
  • Subcommittee decided to top-up donations (ie. split costs of processing fees)
  • Less than $10 per club to cover the 2.2% processing fee!
  • Will talk more about this later
  • Also setup the 4G access point again so we have a backup link to the club again
  • Put both small SSDs in!
  • Didn't have time to install the big ones (the 2x 1TB ones)
  • Network deadlines... also to discuss later

Vice President's Report

  • Uni and exams, exams, exams, yay exams
  • In other news: mail is a huge hassle
  • Got in touch with Makers Committee about network changes
  • They seem to have accomodated the changes already...
  • Bre (Guild President) has said that the CIO will get the network team to have a look at it
  • Also will call in the morrow

Secretary's Report

  • 212 accounts due for renewal
  • ...SOC do not yet have a date for when Cameron Hall will reopen ;(
  • The tav has reopened however...
  • Membership is currently at 130
  • 53 Renewals / 80 New Members
  • Last year we had 265 members...
  • This equates to a membership revenue shortfall of ~$1,500 vs 2019
  • That amount is an estimate based off the difference of 130 memberships
    • (70% guild/student, 20% non-guild non-student, 10% other)
  • If everyone renewed: would be approximately $2,500
  • Have got a list of accounts to email
  • Would be nice to extend when account locking happens given UCC is still closed
  • Committee agrees that waiting until we have a reopening date is a good idea
  • Started drafting a media release for F@H; will put draft up for input soon

Treasurer's Report

  • Need a proper breakdown from Charity unVigil before donating
  • Tag/email reimbursement things to [email protected]
  • Helps treasurer...be treasurer...
  • Someone pls make mail work

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Hopes the clubroom opens soon
  • Happy to hear Charity unVigil went well
  • ...that's about it

OCM Reports


  • Had a good time doing stuff at the Charity Vigil UnCharity Unvigil
  • Had three accounts on charityunvigil.online
  • Second account was an accident...
  • ...but the third one was to annoy [MPT]
  • Decided not to prepare a rant
  • Things might come up later...
  • Unplanned rants incoming
  • 1 x Unplanned rant later occurs


  • Hello
  • I am here
  • Sorry for not voting on things
  • Has six assignments due in the next six days
  • Has not been doing any UCC-related things
  • Idea: Tag in/Tag out to the clubroom for social distancing things
  • Could set up a system to help us automate when the clubroom is "full"
  • Will help us show we can meet requirements
  • [MLG]: May just have to put it on paper ...
  • [MPT]: Might still have to wait until UWA reopens everything anyway


  • Charity UnVigil happened
  • No one attended SCP
  • Sad reaccs only
  • Haven't really done anything for the club apart from ...helping run charity unvigil

Machine Technical Reports


  • Servers!
  • Problems with webmail
  • Problems with things running on mussel
  • These problems are due to authentication...
  • Getting ever closer to upgrading things...
  • Likely to be discussed at the next Wheel meeting


  • Got the 4G linkup backup...
  • No matter what happens tomorrow or next week - we can still do things!
  • Tomorrow's U R G E N T T A S K:
  • Need to get properly in contact with IT
  • We have enetered "Work Around Mode"
  • Least breakage for us, least pain for them


  • Still folding
  • Still doing stuff
  • All spinning away
  • F@H Team Rank: 2,949
  • Nearly cracked the 1%


  • UCC Discord Bot Poll Motion to budget $150 for 12 month recharge of the Telstra 4G access point
  • Poll is still under consideration (as of 19/05)
  • Motion to reimburse [MPT] $150 for a 12 month recharge for a 4G sim
  • $12.50 a month...
  • Was the cheapest option at the time; had to purchase as the previous credit had expired
  • [MLG] seconds
  • [MPT] abstains
  • 7-0-1
  • Motion passes

New equipment

Samsung Pros 1TB

  • Have 2* Samsung 860 Pro 1 TB 2.5" SATA III SSDs
  • These are for Magikarp/Mudkip

Samsung EVO 250GB

  • Also have 2* Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB SATA III SSDs
  • System discs for the new Cisco server (H)
  • These were installed by [MPT]
  • Should be able to get them up and running
  • These were installed Mon 18/05!
    • Goodbye Fujitsu

External Entities


  • What mail
  • [MPT] tried to check Mon 18/05...
  • ...but Campus said no
  • Later they called back - No mail anyway!


  • Cameron Hall is still closed
  • Cameron Hall is still accessible to all students for some reason
  • Cameron Hall is dirty
  • Tenancy Lease Agreement has been updated (for future tenants)
  • Although the new version is not online yet...
  • SOC is looking at updating the reallocation policy
  • If you have suggestions for what the reallocation policy document should include
  • Now is the time to contact SOC!

Other Affairs

  • Social Distancing is now Physical Distancing


Tech Talks

Recent Talks

  • [MTL] Exploring the tinc VPN happened Thurs 14/05 17:30
  • [BOB] DIY Computer Building happened Tue 19/05 18:30
  • Success! Thank you for volunteering
  • Can view recorded talks via the same meeting link


  • [TEC] to do an interactive series
  • Four talks: Jun 23 / Jun 30 / Jul 7 / Jul 14
  • [MPT] apparently has ideas, but cannot remember them
  • Action: [MPT] to remember the things
  • Action: Committee to rope people in to do a talk
  • If everyone found one person...


  • When
  • Which clubs
  • Who wants on the subcommittee
  • How to do this with Physical Distancing
  • [MVP] happy to be on subcommittee
  • [MVP] + [TEC] + [MLG]
  • Everyone sounds interested
  • [MVP]: Can use Kahoot
  • Can set up subcommittee in Discord
  • Quizmittee will be formed

Charity UnVigil

  • Is done!
  • Donation Tracker: existed thanks to [FVP] and [MPT]
  • The success of the event was very much thanks to their hard work
  • Code will be open to other clubs so they can use for any future events

Formal Thanks

  • [TEC]: Motion to thank FVP for his work on the donation tracker!
  • 8-0-0
  • Thank you, Felix!
  • [MLG]: Motion to also thank [MPT]...
  • [AAA], [MVP]: Seconded
  • [MPT] Abstains from the motion to thank himself
  • 7-0-1
  • Motion Passes
  • Thank you, James!

Collected Donations

  • Things remaining: sort out monies
  • Need to sort costs, check amounts, & make the donation
  • Costs - domain
  • Costs - card processing fees: 2.2%
  • $10.57 in total!

Motion to cover transfer fees and domain for Charity unVigil

  • Motion to pay additional $10.57 to cover card processing and domain costs
  • Seconded: [PQZ]
  • Passed 8-0-0
  • Motion Passes
  • Can use our $10 set aside for hosting costs :D
  • Bank transfer to send the amount to Zonta House
  • Action: [MLG] to check out Square payments and report back before transferring


  • Almost all of our $50 budgeted for prizes has been spent
  • NERF guns: FREE!
  • $20 Steam voucher from Target
  • Samdisc USB-C Drive $18
  • USB Fan $11.98
  • Total of: 49.98 on prizes


  • We should talk about joint camp!
  • [MVP]: UniSFA and Unigames have asked about running a joint camp
  • [MPT]: Regular camp was cancelled last year due to low interest
  • [TEC]: On this - would like to see more development with other Tech clubs at UWA
  • Can explore making connections with clubs outside of Cameron Hall
  • [MVP]: Camp could be the big event for us and other clubs
  • [MPT]: Have to think about cool things to do for a camp

Camp ain't just LANs

  • Doesn't have to just be LANs...
  • University Camp Club
  • What does UCC want to be: UCC seems to have two identities
  • LAN world and Tech World
  • We can still be both
  • Everyone starts talking about missing the Camp Antenna

Camp as Identity

  • [MPT]: If we are seeking to improve our identity as a club, joint camp may dilute those efforts
  • People would still come either way

Camp as Unlikely

  • Usually runs in June/July between Semester breaks

Camp as Camptenna

  • Is it for the camp, or for cAMPTENNA?

Camp as a Cause

  • [MVP]: The people in the club aren't garbage

Camps against COVID

  • Difficult to plan for a camp given the COVID environment also...
  • Physical Distancing in a tent
  • 1 Tent pp
  • A lot of details to work through
  • Best way forward: We are interested
  • UCC is interested, [MVP] to follow up

Camp as ...Not A Camp

  • [PQZ]: Could organise a one-day summit joint event?
  • Talks/networking, could encourage CS students to do talks
  • Still hard to plan for events...

Action Items from previous meeting

All committee:

  • Charity UnVigil!


  • Purchase of 2* 500 GB/1TB SSDs (budgeted $1000 2019-10-04) has happened
  • Need to obtain receipt from [NTU] and refund purchase
  • Receipt obtained, payment transferred


  • Liase with [NTU] and [MPT] regarding installation of new SSDs
  • Has been Uni-ing


  • Account locking
  • Need to check whether the script/UCC needs memberships to be run through dispense (as well as MemberDB)
  • Has a list of emails

  • Make sure Westpac admin happens

  • ProCesSinG DeLayS
  • Have been manually added thanks to MLG + MPT

  • Reclaim...social...media

  • Drafting a media release for F@H
  • Still need to amp up tweeter and instagram
  • We are still ucc_status


  • Rant? about how the Charity unVigil donation tests went

General Business

Donation to Zonta House

  • $1771 raised for Charity :o
  • (Donation tracker only shows the pledged monies)

Media Release

  • Folding@Home media release is being drafted
  • [NTU] offers to help edit
  • We can also write a MR about the event/donation/Zonta House

Wheel Meeting

  • Is on Saturday at 14:00
  • People are invited if you're interested

Meeting closed at 20:59

Current Action Items

All Committee

  • Attend upcoming Wheel meeting and/or read Wheel minutes
  • Join Quizmittee, or don't join quizmittee


  • Call IT
  • Convince someone other than yourself to do a Tech Talk
  • Git Commit -all the talks


  • Call IT
  • Convince someone other than yourself to do a Tech Talk


  • Square report fun time x Charity UnVigil!


  • Report back about camp things (the ...2021 camp?)


  • Finish media release(s)

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