UCC Meeting on 12th May 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-05-12



  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [HET]
  • [TEC]


  • [MPT]


  • [BRD]
  • [MVP]


  • [AAA]

Other Attending

  • [NTU]

Meeting opened 17:33

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-05-07

  • Yes

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Not here
  • Sent apologies
  • Doing the Charity unVigil donation tracker
  • President is busy doing actual UCC work

Vice President's Report

  • Is in a tutorial
  • Is actually not in a tutorial
  • Is in a very busy week of uni
  • Will be doing a few Tech Talks...
  • Would like to reach out to other computer clubs (like PCS)
  • Techy Computer Club Quiz Night idea
  • Would be good to form a subcommittee

Secretary's Report

  • Still no access to Westpac accounts
  • Have got [TEC] for a TECh Talk in July
  • Account locking: need to start doing
  • Possibly? Eligible for a Lotterywest grant - due tomorrow however
  • $1000 budgeted in Oct for 2 x 500 GB / 1TB drives has been purchased by [NTU]
  • Club also might be covered by some COVID-19 Acts
  • Unsure what applies due to lease expiry/handover

Treasurer's Report

  • Have not had much to do
  • It's good and bad
  • Looking forward to next semester
  • Books are still in order

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Not here
  • No apologies this week
  • Sent belated apologies last week
  • Appears way later

OCM Reports


  • The countdown is real
  • The event starts in less than 24 hours
  • It's been an event
  • Just finished a meeting with the subcommittee for Charity unVigil
  • Will have another meeting tomorrow
  • Is actually excited


  • Is at work
  • Later appears
  • Appeared as soon as he could
  • UCC's Leaderboard for the Charity UnVigil
  • Will give someone donation money to test it out


  • Not here

Machine Technical Reports


  • We have new hardware
  • No technical issues that are apparent


  • UWA deadlines still exist...
  • UWA IT is running two weeks behind...
  • Still waiting to hear back from them...


  • No changes
  • Happily sitting


  • Covid19 continues

New equipment

  • SSDs!
  • [NTU]: 2* 1TB Samsung Evo Pros purchased
  • SSDs are eligible for the Rainbow Siege prize
  • (Need to create an account online to reclaim)
  • Can do that after getting the receipt
  • [PQZ]: to get the 2* 250GB EVOs

External Entities


  • Can't really check that


  • Have received copy of our tenancy agreement
  • Alumni forwarded our concerns with IT about the network changes/deadlines
  • Still waiting to hear back from IT

Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • ucc.asn.au/talks updated
  • [BOB] to give a Tech Talk on DIY Computer building
  • [TEC] to give a talk July 7, 6:30pm
  • Would like to schedule talks for July 21 / Start of Semester 2
  • Some other volunteers will be picking topics soon

Charity Unvigil

  • Donation should be online soon
  • [HET]: [MPT] to hibernate afterwards...
  • (Lots of work has been done!)

It's long

  • Runs from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...
  • Thursday ...that's our day to shine
  • (Saturday is the big day for all clubs)
  • Sign up for PCS to participate in their programming challenge
  • They will be running it through the week in the background
  • UCC has made a site for the Charity unVigil
  • More details to come from 12pm tomorrow (Wed 12/05)

UCC Social

  • 'Happening' as a part of the Charity (Un)Vigil this week

Other Events

UWA Sports / eSports Event

  • UWA Sports are running console-only tournament (PS4/XBOX)
  • Won't really need our help

Action Items from 2020-05-07

All committee
- Check Mailman to ensure old unmoderated messages aren't piling up
- Moderate Mailman
- Happening

- Is already doing all of the things
- To email SOC
- Done

- Access Westpac account
Still can't access account*

- Will probably end up getting those SSDs
- Will happen

A [BRD] chirps in around 18:03

[MVP] appears at 18:07

Current Action Items

All committee:
- Charity UnVigil
- That's happening
- Happening now

- Purchase of 2* 500 GB/1TB SSDs (budgeted $1000 2019-10-04) has happened
- Need to obtain receipt from [NTU] and refund purchase


  • Liase with [NTU] and [MPT] regarding installation of new SSDs


  • Account locking
  • Make sure Westpac admin happens
  • Reclaim...social...media


  • Rant? about how the Charity unVigil donation tests went

Meeting closed 18:12

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 18:44 on 2020-05-12