UCC Meeting on 07th May 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-05-07



  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]
  • [HET]
  • [MVP]
  • [MPT]




  • [BRD]


  • [TEC]

Other Attendees

  • [BOB]

Meeting opened at 19:41

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-04-30

  • [MLG] confirms minutes

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Things are on track for the Charity (un)Vigil
  • We have a set budget
  • Promo time for it!
  • Attended the SOC meeting
  • It was... prerecorded though
  • ...haven't yet received the link to watch it
  • Attended Dylan's Tech Talk
  • New attendees was good to see
  • UWA Network Deadline is coming up tomorrow...
    • Have sent them through a couple of questions
  • Will be busy with the charity vigil this week

Vice President's Report

  • [TEC] is still having dinner

Secretary's Report

  • Forgot to write report before submitting minutes
  • Busy time of Semester!

[AAA] appears 19:46

Treasurer's Report

  • Haven't had much money coming in apart from interest
  • Need to get the Cisco system up and running
  • $300 on Card
  • $5,100 in Community Account
  • $5,600 in Cash Reserve
  • Deposits 1 and 2 still exist

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Not here...Maybe he's in #welcome

OCM Reports


  • Got some free time


  • Been doing subcommittee stuff!
  • Will discuss a bit later on


  • Might put in a report later...

Machine Technical Reports


  • Want 2 (250 GB) SSDs for Cisco
  • Would want an Enterprise grade SSD
  • Possibly Samsung Evo...
  • Probably to each be 250 GB
  • Will need to invest in this...
  • Ones we are looking at are $99 each on MSY

  • [MPT]: Motion to put aside $250 to purchase a pair of SSDs for the Cisco Server.
    Seconded [TEC].
    Motion passed 7-0

[TEC] appears 19:55ish


  • Upgrades continuing
  • UWA's deadline is tomorrow
  • Alumni office is aware of the current issue
  • Suggested to contact Guild
  • Action: [TEC] / [MPT] to send by early morning


  • Still folding
  • Checking stat page
  • In the top 1.6% of teams~
  • Should aim to upgrade one this year...
  • Doing two might be less likely
  • [BOB]: Motsugo is due for an upgrade too...
  • It's 10 years old now...
  • Cobra: That ain't recent either...


New equipment

  • [MPT] has 128 GB SSD that is QLC that he is not using
  • Willing to give away for $30 or something
  • This offer is likely gone by the time you read this...

Drinks and Snacks

  • University Coke Club delivery service: Uber X Dispense

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • No one has been to uni in weeks...


  • Will need to contact them about tenancy

The SOC 'Meeting'

  • Trouble accessing the SOC Meeting Online Feedback form, UniGames also had trouble with it
  • Ended up being fixed the next day after they contacted Guild
  • Communication with SOC feels a bit difficult at the moment
    • Would like to know when the clubroom will be opened again
    • Also would like to give feedback to tenancy
    • Unclear how clubs can meet the standards for tenancy
    • Communication between clubs and tenancy important to help clubs that strive to meet standards
  • Club activities are difficult given the current COVID environment also
  • Normal running of the club already difficult
  • Help for clubs is important at this time, hoping

Action: [MPT] to get in touch with SOC

Other Affairs

Student Initiation Centre

  • Student Initiation Centre has gotten in touch with [email protected]
  • Student Grants to be available from them, organisation
  • Looking for clubs to be apart of their inaugural panel for the centre

Formalising UCC

  • Looking at formalising UCC to be more attractive to industry
  • A prospectus for UCC!
  • Documents to present to industry like what UCC does
  • Letters UCC has been sending to Alumni have carried a lot of information about UCC

Action: Committee to work on creating a prospectus for UCC. Target to create a draft by Semester 2.


Tech Talks

  • Thanks to [333] for his Dive into DNS talk on Tuesday
  • 'Tech Bites' talk by Mark Tearle on VPNs (next Thursday May 14)
  • DIY Computer building (Tuesday May 19)
  • On UWA Events/Facebook

Charity Unvigil

  • Schedule to come out Saturday
  • Subcommittee meeting yesterday
  • Donations running through UCC Account
  • Second subcommittee meeting Saturday
  • We have several servers ready in UCC...but...
  • Might break this week (fingers crossed this doesn't happen)
  • We can buy a VPS in the cloud!
    Motion [MPT]: Motion to $10 put aside for Server hosting on the night of the charity unvigil in case our servers break (due to UWA Network changes)
    [MVP] seconds
    Passed unanimously (7-0)

The Raffle

  • We don't have to talk about the Raffle prize budget again as...
  • ...our $50 budget was accepted
  • Some discussion still occurs

Donation Tracker

  • [MPT] will be moving The Final Solution of his homemade HTML on Saturday
  • Need 1-2 volunteers to help play a game around 2pm this Saturday
  • Minecraft, screencheat, artemis
  • [HET]: Let's test as many things as we can
  • [MVP] volunteers

UCC Social

  • [PQZ] was AFK all day
  • Next two weeks: volunteer gamers needed for Charity unvigil

Other Events

UWA Sports / eSports Event

  • Action: [MPT] to reply to Tara
  • Action: [PQZ] to make a channel for discussions in Discord

Action Items from 2020-04-30

All Committee:

  • Charity Unvigil: Will you be there?
  • Hit that "Attending" button on Facebook for our Tech Talks...
  • Read wheel minutes if you haven't already, lots going on behind the scenes there
  • Done/Ongoing

[PQZ] / [TEC]
- Check that administrator permission for Westpac has been added
- Westpac said (20/4) would take 5-10 business days to action
- Check own accounts work, etc.
- *Called Westpac as Admin online had not been added, should be by tomorrow 7/9)

- Do some of the tasks
- Also probably delegate some tasks
- Attend SOC meeting (1/5)
- Ongoing

- Think about cataloging the clubroom
- Make a list of the discs that need replacing
- Ongoing

General Business

  • Need to look at Mailing List access
  • Need to look over UCC Mailman archive
  • Also need to look at removing

Current Action Items

All committee
- Look over Mailman sometimes

- Is already doing all of the things
- To email SOC

- Decide on a Tech Talk
- Access Westpac account

- Will probably end up getting those SSDs

Meeting closed at 21:08

Next meeting to be rescheduled to Tuesday 5:30PM due to the Charity event

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