UCC Meeting on 30th April 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-04-30



  • [HET]
  • [MLG]
  • [TEC]
  • [PQZ]
  • [MVP]
  • [MPT]
  • [AAA]


  • [BRD]





Meeting opened 19:40

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-04-23

Minutes confirmed, they are up.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Is still finishing dinner
  • Said he would come back to report but ignored steak and did report instead
  • Attended subcommittee meeting
    • Reached out to Nick (PCS) and Felix (UniSFA) to work on a donation portal
    • Has got a free VM going
    • For one-off events: it is viable to run a VM
    • Would be inexpensive to run
    • Idea to set aside a small incidentals budget for related
  • UWA managed to break the computer science site today
    • UCC helped to rehost course content!
  • Has missed some action items but wil get around to doing things today or tomorrow

Vice President's Report

  • No assignments til next week - hooray!
  • Draft email soon to be sent to UWA alumni
    • End result: hoping to shift Uni IT's attitute to UCC overhaul
  • Nothing UCC-related to report on
  • COVID Guild still have the original six month plan
    • Unsure if Guild will stick with that

Secretary's Report

  • Added Wheel minutes from 18/04 online
  • Emailed Guild about tenancy documents (as our lease is expired)
  • Drafting email to send to ucc@ with Tech Talks & Account Locking
  • Drafting a media release to UWA about our Folding@Home efforts
    • We're in the top 3% of teams!

Treasurer's Report

  • Have not done a lot this week
  • We have money
  • Passed midsems
  • Already submitted an essay due tonight!
  • Casually slaying at Uni
  • "All great thinkers are depressed."

Fresher Rep's Report

  • No [BRD]
  • A wild birb Later Appears
  • What would this report have been? We will never know

OCM Reports


  • There is a lot to say about the Charity UnVigil
  • Will discuss later


  • Is Living Through That University Life


  • Asked for a bit of time off work to help with Charity UnVigil
  • Should be available for most of Charity UnVigil to help out

Machine Technical Reports


  • We have heaps of discs that are failing or have failed
  • We should look at replacing them in the coming weeks
  • Also should look at system discs
  • WD Black 2TB HD 2 1/2"
    • Has been going nine years strong
  • Will need to budget for drives in the next few months
    • Will be in the $100s
    • Mooneye is dying...
    • Motsugo isn't bad but it's old
  • Backup machine at Christchurch that may also need updating

  • [MPT] requests [TEC] to make list of discs that need upgrading

  • ACTION: [TEC] to be actioned to do this even if he does not do this


  • Cloudflare: impending network deadlines from UWA


  • Waiting for us to come home


  • If someone makes a star gate, [MLG] will give you $1000

New equipment

  • Nothing to report!

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • [MPT] to check next time at UWA


  • SOC meeting tomorrow at 5:30 PM (1/5)
  • [MPT] to attend tomorrow
  • Meeting is prerecorded though...
  • If a meeting is prerecorded, is it really a meeting...
  • No penalties for lack of attendance
  • Not enough notice for UCC to raise questions in time for tomorrow
  • Can still send questions through online
  • No one seems to be able to access the relevant forms for the meeting...
    • Everyone Loves Microsoft Forms

Other Affairs

  • Can now meet with up to 10 people (COVID-19 Restrictions)
  • UWA still staying online, Guild spaces still not open


Tech Talks

  • Email to be sent tomorrow about our 3 upcoming talks
  • Now on UWA Events and Facebook
  • [MLG]: Would be nice to get a non-student speaker
    • Might be hard to do this semester, as we only have a 2 week window open before exams start
    • Could look at for Semester break or Semester 2?

Charity Unvigil

  • [HET]: Well...
  • Working prototype for donation framework will need to happen within a week
  • Artemis LAN test needed
    • Is a good option as it a good cross section between the clubs
  • Other vLAN test runs would also be a good idea
  • Next subcommittee meeting next Wednesday
  • Will be making a hour-by-hour schedule by end of next week

The Raffle

  • Committee hoping to put forward $50
  • This is since our revenue for 2020 is likely to be <1/3 of 2019
  • Could add in a UCC shirt! Or other prizes
  • We have a crate of shirts still...
  • Or... we could sell people kettle cords

Charity UnVigil

  • EMPs have been added to Guild
  • MLG Chants to Bring Back MS Paint Banners for Events
  • Would like to have a banner out for the Thursday night of the event

UCC Social

  • Had a break for Anzac Day

Other Events

UWA Sports / eSports Event

  • UWA Sports still want to run a thing
  • Need volunteers...
    • Recruit from Discord...
    • RFLAN people know how to do it...
  • Might be too difficult to hold within the next few weeks
    • Given network changes, Tech Talks, and Charity Unvigil, and End of Semester
  • Might defer event
  • Could be good to run in June/July
  • This would give us time to sort out the network changes and expected breakages

  • Tomorrow morning deadline for named UWA services

    • Would be good to arrange eSPORTS as a timely measure
  • Half of UCC's services will be blocked in the next few weeks
  • Idea to stream from the clubroom
    • Can host servers there
    • Lots of space
  • Event could need at least four volunteers to run on the day
    • Two people need to work together to tag team

[MPT]: Will need to work on this
- Sort of need to work on what UWA Sports is after, and what we could offer from our clubroom for eSports events generally
- Committee to follow up

Action Items from 2020-04-23

All committee:

  • Think about other things to run during Charity Unvigil
  • Become familiar with network changes from UWA
    • Ongoing
    • Deadlines approaching for network changes over the coming weeks


  • Finalise schedule for Charity Unvigil by Friday
    • EMPs submitted
    • Ongoing discussion for hour-by-hour schedule of events


  • Conquer assignments
    • No assignments due for a bit - hooray!


  • Update ucc.asn.au/talks
    • Not done - ongoing
  • Add events to guild website
    • Events added to Facebook and UWA Events
    • Adding online events to Guild Site is a lengthy process

General Business

Domain Renewal

  • [MPT]: Motion to reimburse [BOB] $74.75 for 5 year domain renewal for ucc.asn.au
  • [PQZ]: Seconded
  • Passed unanimously

Current Action Items

All Committee:

  • Charity Unvigil: Will you be there?
  • Hit that "Attending" button on Facebook for our Tech Talks...
  • Read wheel minutes if you haven't already, lots going on behind the scenes there

[PQZ] / [TEC]
- Check that administrator permission for Westpac has been added
- Westpac said (20/4) would take 5-10 business days to action
- Check own accounts work, etc

- Do some of the tasks
- Also probably delegate some tasks
- Attend SOC meeting (1/5)

- Think about cataloging the clubroom
- Make a list of the discs that need replacing

Meeting closed at 21:20

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 22:01 on 2020-04-30