UCC Meeting on 23rd April 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-04-23








Meeting opened at 19:44

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-04-16

  • "All good."

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • This has certainly been a week
  • Been working a lot and doing a lot
  • Tech things with wheel over the weekend
  • We had a Tech Bonanza
  • Inspired by the upcoming UWA network changes
  • We now have a confirmed method of controlling our systems even if the network link breaks for some reason concerning 4G
  • Finally got a response back from UWA with some hard deadlines
    • Deadlines seem soon
  • Things are going to become very restricted on the way into UCC
    • From next week / week after
  • Charity vigil planning is going well
    • Thing about the $50 will be discussed later on
  • Talked to UWA Sports about eSports
    • Keen to work together
    • Could work out confirguations for games
    • Waiting receive a bit more information
    • Will forward on the email eSports

Vice President's Report

  • Will be back
  • is back
  • Is doing assignments
  • Has got stuff on
  • Thinks report for this week should be copied to report for last week
  • Is still eating dessert and still doing uni

Secretary's Report

  • Sent minutes to Chloe from Westpac about signatories
  • Uploaded events to Facebook and UWA Events page
  • Made graphics for Tech Talk 1/2/3
  • Missing going outside
  • Making a Star Trek Enterprise Jacket

Treasurer's Report

  • Sent apologies
  • Sent Report:
  • Regarding the Charity Vigil $50 cap for prizes
  • Thinks UCC shouldn't be losing money to give prizes given the loss in revenue this year
  • Not making much money at all this year
  • Not sustainable to spend lots of money this year

Fresher Rep's Report

  • I haven't attended the past few UCC socials
  • Lots of people in Voice Chat
  • We have a Fresher Role
    • About nine people have it on Discord
  • I've noticed that we don't have an announcement channel
  • Still keen to get committee into the Minecraft Server...
  • [MPT]: Tribes is a dead game and wants to stay dead
  • Good to look for free to play games for LANs
  • Keen to contribute to looking for games
  • Everyone starts chanting TF2

19:52 [TEC] appears

OCM Reports


  • Charity unvigil meeting was very short
  • Not much happening


  • Didn't realise apologies were sent to wrong email address
  • Made a spelling mistake in the email :(
  • [MPT]: We will add it to the alias


  • Asked to do a few things for UniGames Charity Unvigil
  • Haven't done a whole lot of UCC things

Machine Technical Reports


  • Wheel has been doing Server upgrades on pretty much everything we can get our hands on
  • Upgrading to the latest operating system
  • Upgrading to accomodate what UWA are doing with the network
  • We can fix things remotely now without having to send someone in to fix things physically now


  • UWA's network changes
    • Email to the [email protected] mailing list
    • Dropped the idea of paying for our cloudflare
    • ssh port 22 is being blocked and proxied
  • [MPT] doing ongoing work for wheel
  • Appreciates everyone's efforts towards all this
  • Not much for committee to decide on...
  • New requirements


  • Probably still sitting?


  • UWA blocking ports might stop Big Blue Button and Minecraft Servers from working
  • UWA probably worried about the ANU data breach
  • It would be good to get treated as something external to the University
  • Potential for the future - need to work out how viable that would be
  • Committee will need to look into that as it is likely we will spend money

New equipment

  • [MPT] did not go in

External Entities


  • Guild student centre was closed


  • Guild student centre was closed
  • Guild is still not really do anything

Clubroom Report

  • Collected all the misc things that had been asked for
  • Mousepad, other items returned

Other Affairs

  • UWA has now made examplify opt out
  • Can sit exams at a later date
  • Might be worth posting an announcement about that
  • Information from Tara from UWA Sport
    • Mostly console games - FIFA, Rocket League, Super Smash
    • Did mention UWA Anime played
    • Looking to start some free competition (open to anyone who has the game)
    • They are looking to have tournaments
    • They are looking for feedback on: What a tournament should look like
    • Setting up lobbies, configuring a tournament bracket in game
    • Looking for people to help out with that a few hours a week
  • Previous competition we did with them was 2018 (set up in the loft)
  • Can help out by sharing details for UWA eSports around
  • Like emails to the UCC list asking who might be interested
  • Could spread it around socials too
  • Some positions UWA Sports have might be renumerated


Tech Talks

  • [333] Dive into DNS Tech Talk on May 5
  • [MTL] TINC/VPN talk May 14 as a Chairty Unvigil event
  • [BOB] DIY Computer Building May 19
  • Could be good to have a few things in the winter holidays
  • Something fun

Charity Unvigil

  • Went with ZontaHouse Charity
  • For next week: UCC is putting in our EMP for this week
  • Ideally we set Friday (next week) as the goal to post our Facebook event
    • Having a draft schedule by then would be good
    • Would be good to work out today and tomorrow
  • Looked into how their portal system works
    • We could do something similar
    • Sorting out the donation platform will be done by [MPT]
  • Updated the subcommittee and said UCC was hesitant to spend more than $50
    • [MPT] frustrated given costs are the same but no income from vending machine
    • May also have to pay for network stuff
    • Our tech is depreciating - upgrades and replacements will cost money
    • Could defer upgrades for six months but then next year will have to start spending money again
    • If we get a room...
  • Logistics of getting people their prizes
  • Goal to give out raffle tickets when you donate to the charity at the event
  • Still need to work out logistics of prizes
  • Could use things in UCC that could add to the prize pool
  • Eg. Third place prizes as things from the clubroom

The Thursday

  • [MTL] 17:30 - 18:30 Tech Talk on tinc VPN
  • Tech talk follwed by Jank Talk
  • [MPT] I think an old game would be good for Thursday
  • So we're not doing Heck Taks?
  • Heck talks for Saturday
  • Has to be a Heck Talk TM

The Saturday

  • Minecraft on Saturday
  • All day Saturday Minecraft
  • Need a moderator for the lightning Heck Talks
  • Six or so 10 minute talks in a chunk of time
  • Donate for x time of creative
  • NoGriefSaturday

  • Donate for x time of Minecraft mentality
  • Creative mode & TNT
  • Advertise servers
  • Gotta keep the Team TM together
  • Come Play Screencheat
  • More stuff to come
  • 1:1 scale of Cameron Hall
  • Committee imagines High Res version of CH built in Minecraft

UCC Social

  • Played Drawful 2, some other Jackbox
  • Haven't bought JB games on Steam yet
  • Time seems to be speeding up

Other Events

  • Committee is busy with current events and current happenings

Action Items from 2020-04-16

[MPT]: Action items from last week either done or all ongoing.

  • Will update ucc.asn.au/talks
  • Hoping to get all Tech Talks in one place

General Business

  • No one really has any general buisiness

Current Action Items

All committee:
- Think about other things to run during Charity Unvigil
- Become familiar with network changes from UWA


  • Finalise schedule for Charity Unvigil by Friday


  • Conquer assignments


  • Update ucc.asn.au/talks
  • Add events to guild website

Meeting closed at 20:47

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