UCC Meeting on 16th April 2020






Other Attending


Meeting opened at 19:30

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-04-16

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-04-09


Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Went to the second charity vigil meeting
  • Need to work out a few details with clubs
  • Will discuss more in events
  • Guild have confirmed that filing for event grants a good idea
  • Will also look good for club activity reports
  • Put through [PQZ] reimbursement
  • Going to UCC tomorrow to
    • Install 4G box
    • Install fans bought by [333]
    • Action: reimburse [333] for fans
  • Will do some filing
  • Been doing some programming in own time

Vice President's Report

  • Is eating dessert
  • Report was deferred
  • Appears at 19:39
  • Has four assignments due really soon
  • A bit behind in everything

Secretary's Report

  • Tech Talks for first Tues of month
  • We have May locked in for a talk on DNS by [333]
  • Account locking to do - discussed later

Treasurer's Report

  • We are owed some money from PCS
  • Will follow up this week

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Not here yet, still is [BRD]'s birthday
  • [BRD] appears later

OCM Reports


  • Sorry for missing the meeting last week
  • Meeting from home still sucks
  • Missing being able to go to uni


  • Not sleepin good
  • Sorry for missing the meeting last week


  • Hey

Other Attendees


  • Asked about 4G installation / software
  • [MPT] to follow up

Machine Technical Reports


  • Linux machines now running folding at home
  • Our CPU/GPU cycles are contributing to fighting COVID-19 now
  • Action: to advertise this cool fact online!
  • Also can get people to get involved (contribute their own computer)
  • We don't have remote admin over our Windows PCs in UCC
  • Action: [MPT] to check mail & investigate setting up PCs


  • Wheel meeting this week


  • Sitting


New equipment

  • 10 fans are now available to be installed
  • Will get 6 from of the 10 from [333]
  • Will need to reimburse [333] for the 6
  • Fans to be used for the HP 360P servers

External Entities


  • [MPT] to check tomorrow


  • Nothing new since last week
  • We should continue filing EMPs for events

Other Affairs

  • Action: [MPT] to contact APNIC to update the official contacts


Tech Talks

  • [333] presenting "Dive into DNS: Basics, Buying, and Bind9" on May 5 at 18:30
  • Have two other volunteers so far, sent email to ucc-announce calling for more this week
  • Also looking for short (10 minute tops) Tech Talks for Charity Unvigil
  • Would be good to have a mix of both at charity vigil (both planned and volunteer)

Charity unVigil

  • Subcomittee reps confirm minutes
  • Dates locked in for 13th-16th of May 2020
  • Shortlist of charities is now an ordered list
  • Still need to choose charities

Attending Clubs

  • PCS now attending too!
  • Now have four clubs for the charity unvigil

Charities for donations

  • [MPT] reviewed charities
  • Domestic violence related charity likely recipient
  • Other clubs are leaning towards that
  • How much a charity spends on admin important for committee's choice
  • ACNC breakdown includes staff wages although does not show how much of that is admin
  • Handover notes from subcommittee meeting for charity vigil suggest to keep looking at charities before choosing
  • Action: [MPT] to discuss with subcommittee

Event Structure and Ideas

The Thursday

  • UCC will have a Thursday
  • That could be a good day for a serious talk
  • Could advertise it as a taster for what we'll have on Saturday
  • Thursday 'Preview' of our Saturday...

UCC Talks Ideas

  • Two types: lightning talks and... potentially nominated talks
  • How to structure talks: if we have nominated talks, use opt in system
  • Pick speakers from a pool of volunteers and ask them to speak on a topic (<5 mins)
  • Need to develop this idea more

The Saturday

  • Saturday joint day
  • Recalls HYPE event with battle zombie shooter survivor game
  • Conversation is lost in HYPE
  • Plan to have lightning talks and games - need to develop


  • UCC has a couple of minecraft servers
    • Could set up a new server for the event
    • Using ...emerald.ucc.ace
  • Turn on creative mode for a few hours for the game
  • Donation ideas for Minecraft stream
  • [MVG] idea to grant infinite tnt
    • people will pay for chaos
    • Whitelist in creative mode
    • Fairly easy to set up
  • Wolf ET as a LAN?

LAN city

  • Need to come up with LAN ideas
    • BZ Flag ?
    • SPC secret LAN
  • Could always play DOTA
    • Team squad could do moba and stream to discord
    • Where to find squad
  • [HET] use SCP - this has a creative commons licence
    • You can then donate to get a blessing (check site)
    • Admin terminal then can grant some thing of which you desire
  • Worst case scenario: set up a TF2 server

Event Donations

  • Donations for Charity
  • How are we going to do donations - still an ongoing discussion
  • No built in function for twitch

UCC Social

  • Haven't bought games
  • Been going okay, nice to socialise during quarantine

Other Events

  • Focusing on uncharity vigil and tech talks for now
  • Some talk about sponsorship below
  • Most guild grants deferred to Semester 2 (special guild grants different)

Other Items

Account locking

  • [MVP] idea to stream account locking
  • Could have this run on the Thursday of charity unvigil
  • Visual stream of account locking to encourage 2020 membership

At 20:08 a wild [BRD] appears


  • A bit difficult at the moment
  • Idea to contact companies we are in contact with regularly
  • Action committee: investigate sponsorship

Budget for charity vigil

  • Budget for charity vigil $100 per club for buying prizes
  • Might drop this amount to $50
  • Action: [MPT] to discuss amount for prizes with charity subcommittee

Action Items from 2020-04-09

All committee:

  • Check out charities for Charity Unvigil Event
    • *Charity unvigil subcomittee has narrowed down the list
    • Likely to pick a charity for domestic violence
  • Online Donation System for Charity Unvigil Event
    • Deferred to next week / ongoing
  • Wish [BRD] and [TEC] a very happy quarantine birthday
    • Done


  • Upload Tech Talk 1 recording to Facebook
    • Done - was recorded by BBB
  • Fetch mousepad
    • Will be going into UCC tomorrow
  • Contact guild about tenancy (fixed term agreement) / insurance for clubroom items
    • Will send email
  • Send EOI email for Tech Talk 2/3
    • Done


  • Grab secretary docs from [MPT] if required
    • Action MPT to send any relevant/needed docs by email
  • Help draft email to guild about expired tenancy / insurance of clubroom items
    • Sort of just waiting
  • Keep an eye out for the \$21 4G moneys to reimburse to [MPT]
    • Ongoing


  • Grab any treasured treasurer documents from [MPT] if needed
    • Action: MPT to send

General Business

  • Let the record state: "We're all terrible." - [MPT]

Joining UCC

  • [TEC] helped out someone sign up online
  • [MPT] calls for ideas
  • Check form of ID when account creation / when people want to change password
  • Quarantine sign up page on wiki

More game ideas

  • [MVP] Suggests Paladins
    • Free to play game
  • It's a thing
  • It has a somewhat player base
  • Could play at charity vigil
  • commitee imagines the sponsorship gains for playing
  • [MPT]: feels bad for high res studios because they made tribes
  • [MVP]: it's not their fault overwatch was just better
  • Battleborn is rip
  • Overwatch is godlike

Thoughts on TRIBES

  • [MPT]: We could set up a tribes server and play tribes
  • Tribes is apparently one of the best games
  • Tribes ascent is about sliding really really fast
  • [TEC]: You slide UPWARDS?
  • Tribes continues to dominate committee discussion
  • [MPT]: It's a game about sliding around and occasionally shooting at people

Current Action Items

All committee

  • Help look into charity details
  • Look into how we can get memebrships


  • Ask everyone how they do not know Space Ball 3D
  • Send treasurer docs to MLG / secretary things to PQZ by email if needed
  • Also add useful links to Tech Talk 1 video so people can find the software
  • Install fans / get things from UCC
  • Check mail at guild
  • Continue reporting back about charity subcommittee
  • Also discuss drop from $100 to $50 budget for prizes
  • To contact APNIC to update contact details


  • Is doing assignments


  • Quarantine sign up page on wiki
  • ID Checks for new sign ups
  • Also help with communication on account locking
  • Follow up with guild about tenancy
  • To advertise UCC / Covid19 efforts / Tech Talks / Charity Vigil on socials


  • To get all of committee in the minecraft server


  • Sponsorship ideas?

Meeting closed at 20:30 exactly

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 21:27 on 2020-04-16