UCC Meeting on 09th April 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-04-09



  • [HET]
  • [MPT]
  • [MLG]
  • [PQZ]


  • [BRD]


  • [MVT]
  • [AAA]


  • [BOB]

Meeting opened 19:33

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-04-02

Confirmed by [MPT]

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Did Tech Talk 1!
  • Has been recorded, will be uploaded soon
  • Bought a Telstra sim card for the 4G Access Point
    • For the backup internet plan
    • Not a replacement connection for the club
    • But if a config change breaks the network
    • Can remote in via that connection so we can still have access
  • Discussions re: Cloudflare / UWA DNS network changes are ongoing
  • Attended preliminary subcommitte meeting for charity unvigil
    • Will talk about in Events
  • Grabbed all of UCC's critical documents from the clubroom
    • Will arrange for those to be distributed
    • Stuff for secretary / treasurer

Vice President's Report

  • Tech Talk page could be set up to help match
  • Has many concerns about the online exam set up for this semester
  • Is actually having a birthday but felt it was his duty to attend

Secretary's Report

  • Bit of a weird week (month? decade?)
  • A bit behind this week

Treasurer's Report

  • From all Term Deposits collectively get $1000 in interest per year
  • Usually 1/3 of that interest goes back into the Term Deposits
  • Facebook Advertising / more advertising for Tech Talks

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Happy birthday to birb also

OCM Reports

- Went to the subcommittee meeting



Machine Technical Reports


  • Wheel is continuing to save the club
  • Preparing for UWA's upcoming network changes
  • "It's getting handled" - [MPT]


  • 4G backup is waiting for installments


  • Lonely


  • MPT heard the fans screaming from afar.

New equipment

  • All of the replacement server fans have arrived to [333]
  • 4G sim was under budget ($21)
  • [MPT] to forward receipt to committee

Drinks and Snacks

  • Coke carton receipt to reimburse [PQZ]
  • Say goodbye to drinks and snacks on the agenda

External Entities


  • We aren't expecting anything urgent
  • Might not check for a while...
  • If anyone is on campus...
  • Not really the right time to send people to campus given pandemic


  • Semester 1 Grants not going through (pushed through to Semester 2)
  • Special Grants are going through
    • If we can think of a project that will make the club materially better
  • Some ideas for special grants:
  • Dedicated GPU style server / run at home / one of the other distributed computing networks
  • Could make our UCC VPN better?
  • Could use GPUs to help research on Covid?

[TEC] leaves at 19:55

Other Affairs

Westpac - Signatories for UCC Accounts

  • Executive members went in person to the Claremont Westpac Branch on Friday 2020-04-03 to be added as signatories and administrators to UCC's Westpac accounts.
  • Meeting was arranged at Westpac due to the temporary closure of the UWA branch due to Covid-19
  • Usually AGM minutes are ok for UWA Westpac
  • UCC was advised that Westpac Claremont will require minutes approving who is to be added as signatories

Motion by [MPT]:

All executive committee members to be added to the UCC Westpac accounts as administrators and signatories, removing any previous executives from the accounts who are no longer serving as a UCC executive.

Executive Members:
- James Arcus (UCC President)
- Timothoy Chapman (UCC Vice President)
- Alexie Wallace (UCC Secretary)
- Grace Rosario (UCC Treasurer)

Motion Seconded by [MLG]
Motion Passed Unanimously 4-0


Tech Talks

  • Need volunteers for Tech Talk 2 and 3
  • Would be nice to schedule monthly
    • 1st Tuesday of each month?
    • Might be hard in June because of exams

Charity unVigil

Attending Clubs

  • Will be with UniSFA and Unigames
  • PTS didn't respond

Charities for donations

 - Have a think about what charities to advocate for 
 - Shortlist of charities will be sent out soon

Event Structure and Ideas

  • No date currently set
  • Idea is to hold the unVigil over several nights
  • Main event to be held on the Saturday (hoping to engage all clubs attending)
  • Leading up to the main event on the Saturday, each club will have a different event per night
    • UCC's 'Event Night' likely to be a Thursday
    • Main vigil will be on the Saturday afternoon/eve/night into Sunday morning
  • Need to decide on what UCC will be doing as the "one thing" for our event
    • Screencheat at one of the previous LANS worked well
    • Looking for more ideas
  • [BOB]: Idea for Lightning Talks / Tech Talks at the unVigil
    • Agreed could work really well
    • [MPT]: could be as a series of 'Lightning Talks' Through the night/main event
    • Short talks to break up games/overall structure

Event Donations

  • Need to sort out an Online Donation system
    • Do we want to link to dispense?
    • Need to find a system that will work for all clubs involved
    • [HET]: people could purchase tokens (Gold Coins)
    • Discord bot?

UCC Social

  • Quiplash for Easter Saturday!
  • Last week sort of happened but not on time
  • Join us for Jackbox games again this Saturday from 16:00 (2020-04-11)

Other Events

  • Need to run some more advertised LANS
  • Need to advertise in advance
  • Increase engagement on socials
    • Will be good to have the Tech Talk uploaded

Action Items from 2020-04-02

All committee:

- Review UCC regulations / joint committee regulations
Need to fix some typos
- Any updates/formatting to regulations
Will look at again later in the year


- Send/upload pics for SDR Talk
- Choose platform for SDR Talk & update event link
- Send Westpac an email before 2pm 2020-04-03

- CLOUDFLARE PRIORITY 1: prepare for impending doom
- Help [TEC] start cataloging clubroom items


- Do Westpac handover signover


- SAFEty issues to solve
- 2k19 RIP mystery float money
- At some point go into Claremont Westpac if required for signatory acc change



- Westpac
Also updated 2020 member page on site


  • Volunteers for UCC Tech Talk 2/3 / Meet Wheel
  • Look at member portal / user database


Probably Ongoing:?
- Craft an email for ezone
- Do things!


Probably ongoing?
- Find games for LAN/trial LAN
- Make a task list for website / update wiki
- Can delegate tasks to other committee members :)


- To fresher role, or not to fresher role, is that still a question or

- be saying hi in #welcome

General Business


Jackbox Games


  • $100 set aside for party room games for online events
  • Budget is to purchase the games during a sale before the event
  • Seconded: [PQZ]
  • Passed unanimously
  • 4-0

Current Action Items

All committee:

  • Check out charities for Charity Unvigil Event
  • Online Donation System for Charity Unvigil Event
    • Discord ?
    • Dispense?
  • Wish [BRD] and [TEC] a very happy quarantine birthday


  • Upload Tech Talk 1 recording to Facebook
    • Also add useful links to help people enter the SDR realm
  • Fetch mousepad
  • Contact guild about tenancy (fixed term agreement) / insurance for clubroom items
    • and/or delegate to [PQZ]
  • Send EOI email for Tech Talk 2/3


  • Grab secretary docs from [MPT] if required
  • Help draft email to guild about expired tenancy / insurance of clubroom items
  • Keep an eye out for the $21 4G moneys to reimburse to [MPT]


  • Grab any treasured treasurer documents from [MPT] if needed

Meeting Closed at 20:23

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 21:14 on 2020-04-09