UCC Meeting on 02nd April 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-04-02






Meeting opened 19:35

Confirmation of minutes from 2020-03-24

Minutes exist

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Met with Uni IT w/ [BOB], [TPG] & [NTU]
  • Cloudflare is HAPPENING
    • Wheel are working on it
    • Deadline for the change is tomorrow...
  • Apologies for absence over past week
  • Now in the charity unvigil subcommittee
  • Rule reforms! UCC Regulations...need to distribute joint regulations
  • Stay safe - committee is here for you
  • We can start doing good stuff again soon
  • Keep bringing up ideas for ways we can do things

Vice President's Report

  • Been busy last week and a half
  • Tenancy - had a conversation with UWA Alumni Relations Officer
  • A few testimonials have come in from UWA alumni
    • Alumni Relations wanted to bring the matter up with an executive
    • Following up tomorrow 2020-04-03

Secretary's Report

  • The first UCC Social was fun, please join us this Satuday from 16:00 in Discord
  • Seems like people are keen on another LAN
  • Advertised Tech Talk (Facebook, UWA Events, Guild page)
  • Briefly looked at UCC Regulations
    • Would like to add a 'Handover Meeting' to the regulations
    • To happen within 2 weeks of an AGM, as a special meeting for committee
    • Regulations are only listed for door/wheel
    • Will make suggestions for edits/formatting
  • UCC Wiki needs some love, will look over

Treasurer's Report

  • We still have money
  • Nothing dispensed for a week and a half
  • $306.77 in community account
  • About $10k in non-spending acc / cash reserve
  • Other term deposits exist
  • Still getting up to date with everything

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Regular events for freshers
  • Keen for LAN! LAN is good idea ...
  • "Everyone has free time"
  • Need more fresher engagement

OCM Reports


  • I don't have anything to say


  • Been busy
  • What the F has been going on with the world
  • Give me something to do
  • Apocalypse tenancy - ezone?


  • Have been a bit busy for last few weeks
  • Slowly trying to get used to no clubroom
  • Still on a massive losing streak for dominion
    • Wants stuff to do
  • Would like to gear LAN events to showcase something
    • Probably a bit hard to run an event like Artemis LAN atm without clubroom

Machine Technical Reports


  • Cloudflare...


  • Firewall nightmares. Cloudfire nightmare.
  • Get ready for UCC to break ;(
  • Priority 1 tomorrow.


  • Desktops are a lost cause at this point.


  • 4G backup link...

New equipment

  • Renewal (1yr) for universitycomputer.club
  • [MPT] moves that he is reimbursed $21.83 for the expense
  • Seconded [MLG], passed unanimously
  • [333] got new fans

Drinks and Snacks

  • Reminder that [MPT] / [TEC] can access the room
  • Cloudflare stuff might require in person attendance

Things to rescue from the clubroom

  • Receipts
  • Receipt for PQZ / coke carton
  • Mousepad for someone
  • Treasurer documents

External Entities


  • [MLG] checked mail from Westpac


  • Guild clubs in exile facebook group exists
  • Cross-post events in Exile Group

Other Affairs


  • Scheduled Westpac handover for Friday 2pm @ Claremont branch
    • Need to forward emails re: signatories from UWA Westpac
    • Can reschedule if no one can go
    • 2 person max at a time / each go individually


Tech Talks

  • UCC Tech Talk #1 Tue 2020-04-07 @ 13:00 by [MPT]
  • Will be recorded if you can't make it
  • How to use an SDR
    • Need to add link (zoom?)
    • Event added to wiki, fb, guild website, and UWA Events Page

Charity Vigil

  • Charity UNVIGIL
  • Burning question: What are we doing?
  • How do we apply $$
  • Usual sources of donations - pizza runs, gold coin donations
  • Suggestion: Twitch stream donations
  • Use dispense to donate?
    • Dispense via portal (link to username)
  • Need to sort out "where" everything will be happening (chats/vc)
    • Twitch sounds like the best move
    • 24 hour Minecraft challenge

UCC Social

  • Advertised for 3pm 2020-03-28
  • Went well, felt good to laugh again
  • Played cards against humanity (online) and skribbl.io
    • Realized eels are actually fishes
  • Changed time for future events to 16:00
  • Please join us from 16:00 2020-04-04 for some social time / games

Other Events

  • Would like to organise a "Meet Wheel" event (late May?)
  • EOI for Tech Talk 2 and 3
  • Date for Charity Vigil - undecided
  • Weekends / Out of Semester?
  • Probably some time in June then
  • Covid-19 putting pressure on students

Action Items from 2020-03-24


All [committee]

  • To review joint subcommittee regulations
  • To review UCC regulations
  • people did read
  • Westpac handover for [exec]
  • Scheduled meeting for Fri 2020-04-03

Action items from the Wheel meeting 2020-03-21
- Review UCC Regulations / privacy policy
- Committee to look at how to recruit more @wheel members
- Could avertise on UCC socials


  • Organise Tech Talk 1 for week beginning April 6
    Has been organised
  • Possibly pre Tech Talk next week for advertising
  • Make the FB event or delegate
    Talk scheduled for 2020-04-07 @ 1pm
  • Send committee any further details for handover
    will send out welcome to committee email
  • Start being a subcommittee rep for Charity Vigil
  • Contact Geoff from Uni IT about this cloudflare business
  • and/or coordinate with @wheel
    In progress/ongoing


  • Catalogue clubroom.
    [MPT] wants a companion to check out clubroom
    Social distancing companion
  • From Wheel meeting:
  • Investigate getting a GPU/compute server up and running
    Bob has been doing this woo
    First time doing some GPU crunching


  • Fix AGM minutes link on website
    Realized what .ucc does
  • Update Web/Facebook/etc to state clubroom is closed
    Updated homepage, 2020 membership, 2020 events
  • Also post things about letter writing for tenancy
    Posted on linkedin and facebook -- need to put on web
  • Also look at updating socials to request @wheel applications ?
    Action: send EOI to wheel for a meet wheel talk
  • Investigate the membership registrar set up and ensure compliance
    looking good


  • Check UCC mail
    Done - only some mail from Westpac
  • Create a treasured treasurers report to predict the fiscal year ahead
    Going to be losing revenue - income is just interest


  • Accept subcommittee position for Charity VIGIL by making contact with relevant clubs
  • Is a part of subcommittee


  • Fresher role discussion

[AAA] Left at 21:01

General Business

3D Printer Request from School of Engingeering

  • Is it possible to get our 3D printer to help out?
  • Will send email to reach out - no decision to make
  • ...Temporary solution to an unlikely scenario...
  • Looking at SIM plans. Money set aside from motion above if required.

Wireless 4G

  • If Network access went down completely from tomorrow...
  • SSH using help of ...prepaid mobile SIM for 4G connection


Subcommittee regulations

  • Seconded [MVP]
  • 2 Abstained [MLG] / [PQZ]
  • Passed 6-0-2

Motion to purchase $30 mobile data credit for wireless 4G

  • [HET] Seconded
  • Passed unanimously

Committee Regulations

  • Seconded MVP
  • Passed 7-0-1

Use of Discord UCC Poll Bot as a valid form as consent for motions regarding committee members' payments/purchases

  • [TEC] Seconded
  • Passed unanimously

Current Action Items

All [committee]

  • Review UCC regulations / joint committee regulations
  • Any updates/formatting to regulations


  • Fetch mousepad
  • Help [TEC] start cataloging clubroom items
  • Send/upload pics for SDR Talk
  • Choose platform for SDR Talk & update event link
  • CLOUDFLARE PRIORITY 1: prepare for impending doom
  • Send Westpac an email before 2pm 2020-04-03


  • Do Westpac handover signover


  • SAFEty issues to solve
  • 2k19 RIP mystery float money
  • At some point go into Claremont Westpac if required for signatory acc change


  • Send EOI email for UCC Tech Talk 2/3 / Meet Wheel
  • Look at member portal / user database
  • Do the Westpac thingy


  • Craft an email for ezone
  • Do things!


  • Find games for LAN/trial LAN
  • Make a task list for website / update wiki
  • Can delegate tasks to other committee members :)


  • To fresher role, or not to fresher role, is that still a question or

Meeting closed at 21:12

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