UCC Meeting on 24th March 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-03-24

Meeting opened 11:09








Confirmation of minutes from 2020-03-17

  • [MPT] confirmed minutes exist

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Helped with AGM minutes
    • Sent the rest to [PQZ] to finish
  • Worked on appeal
  • Just after submitting the appeal:
  • Received an email from Guild President stating Tenancy Reallocations are suspended for 6m
    • This includes the processing of Tenancy appeals
    • Still was good to have the appeal done

Vice President's Report

  • Helped draft and finalise appeal
  • Also added professional UCC header and footer
  • Sent UCC acnnounce email about club closure due to Covid-19
  • Made a new LinkedIn Group
  • Currently has 13 members
  • Action: to catalogue clubroom items

Secretary's Report

  • Tenancy outcome appeal: helped draft
  • Thanks to everyone who contributed
  • Teamwork is the best
  • Appeal was sent by the deadline 2020-03-20 by [TEC]/[MPT]
  • Also helped [TEC] draft UCC announce email sent 2020-03-22
  • Email contained important announcements on:
    • Club closure
    • Covid-19
    • Tenancy
    • How to support UCC
  • AGM minutes emailed and uploaded to web
  • Learned the difference between git mv and mv
  • Also accidentally Ctl+X the minutes from today
  • It's now 13:11 and minutes are in Sublime Text
  • Mistakes were made

Treasurer's Report

  • Been busy in assignment land
  • Assignment land is okay
  • Need O-Day invoice from [MPT]
  • Action: predict the fiscal year for UCC

Fresher Rep's Report

  • The clubroom is closed
  • Will advise on how to engage Freshers in these uncertain times

OCM Reports

  • Please update for next week :)

Machine Technical Reports


  • Still serving
  • If a fan is broken but no one is around to hear it, is it really broken?


  • [MPT]/@ wheel to investigate DNS stuff / cloudflare routing
  • Already actioning
  • Apparently needs to be sorted by 2020-04-03


  • We must find a way to remotely access all that raw power


  • Committee to review action items from the Wheel meeting 2020-03-21

New equipment

  • COVID-19
  • Be careful everyone

Drinks and Snacks

  • [PQZ] bought a carton of Coke
  • Receipt is quarantined in clubroom drawer
  • [MVP] checked the expiry of a lot of snack foods in UCC
  • Lots was due to expire within the next six monts
  • Unfortunately due to clubroom closure/strict social distancing measures, snacks are quarantined...
  • Budget for Drinks/Snacks likely to change given the closure of Cameron Hall
  • Treasurer to update us on snack attack

External Entities


  • Not checked
  • Action: [MLG] to check today


  • Tenancy Allocations suspended for six months
  • Cameron Hall closed for six months
  • [MPT]/[TEC] have access if necessary
  • Action: [MPT]/[TEC] to photograph and catalogue items in the clubroom

Other Affairs


There is a pandemic, please stay home if you can!

You can join us online :

Tech Talks

  • Tech Talk 1 to happen April
  • Advertising this week
  • Wonder how swr is going to happen

Charity Vigil

  • Planned for Semester 1
  • Cancelled in usual form
  • Online charity auctions/streams/games?
  • UniSFA wants us to elect reps to discuss
  • [MPT]/[TEC] to be reps

UCC Social

  • Weekly social time proposed
  • Details to be hashed out on discord
  • Vague plans to lock in Saturday from 3pm
  • Online interaction for a club hangout
  • Would be nice to see some streaming
  • Maybe even simultaneous movie watching

Action Items from 2020-03-24


  • To look at expenses of borrowing items
    Postponed due to limited clubroom access


  • Submit a list of valuable items to guild to be covered by contents insurance
  • Cancel not advertising Tech Talk
    Event to be rescheduled online for the week of April 6
  • Follow up with SOC re: alt space for clubroom
    Not much is happening in these uncertain times


  • Complete draft appeal for tenancy by Thursday
    Appeal sent


  • Drinks Run
  • AGM minutes
    Emailed and pubished
  • 2020 minutes also stuck in 2019 dir


  • Investigate potential rooms in ezone for clubroom
  • Due to clubroom closure, hard to negotiate
  • Time contraints lessened also

General Business

Review committee regulations


  • Review current regulations
    • Re-ratify new Joint Event Subcommittee Regulations
    • Rule additions:
      • Codify clubroom to close during general meetings
      • Maintaining a valuable item register?
      • Valuable item borrowing rules
    • Clubroom rules in response to COVID-19?
      • c.f. Unigames and UniSFA rules and announcements
      • Extra powers to allow restrictions to adapt to any freshly-announced
        government/uni/guild rules?

Door applications


  • Applications assessed, all added to door.


  • Didn't apply, and no one is sure if he ever will.



  • A friendly reminder to committee that https://wiki.ucc.asn.au/HowToCommittee exists
  • DNS error happened with wiki but mostly -
    • Tenancy Appeal and Covid-19 changed the handover a bit
    • Less chance for face-to-face discussions
    • Handover reportedly better than last year
    • [MPT] to follow up with a formal welcome to committee email


[MPT]: Clubroom to be formally recognised as closed until further notice.
Seconded , passed unanimously.

[MPT]: Committee to review current UCC regulations.
Seconded , passed unanimously.

Current Action Items

All [committee]:

  • To review joint subcommittee regulations & UCC regulations

    • Please submit suggestions to [email protected]
    • Suggestions will be collated for the next meeting
  • Westpac handover for [exec]

  • Action items from the Wheel meeting 2020-03-21

    • Committee to look at how to recruit more @wheel members
    • Could avertise on UCC socials


  • Organise Tech Talk 1 for week beginning April 6
    • Possibly pre Tech Talk next week for advertising
    • Make the FB event or delegate
  • Send committee any further details for handover
  • Start being a subcommittee rep for Charity Vigil
  • Contact Geoff from Uni IT about this cloudflare business
    • and/or coordinate with @wheel


  • Catalogue clubroom
  • From Wheel meeting:
  • Investigate getting a GPU/compute server up and running


  • Fix AGM minutes link on website
  • Update Web/Facebook/etc to state clubroom is closed
  • Also post things about letter writing for tenancy
  • Also look at updating socials to request @wheel applications ?
  • Investigate the membership registrar set up and ensure compliance



  • Accept subcommittee position for Charity VIGIL by making contact with relevant clubs
  • Present ideas next meeting for Charity Vigil
  • Present ideas on how to get Freshers involved in the club in these uncertain times


  • Also to present ideas for how to engage freshers online
  • ?

Meeting closed 12:19

Minutes uploaded by [PQZ] at 13:35 on 2020-03-24